Dienstag, 31. August 2010


BATTALION 86 - "AND THE SPIRIT SURVIVES..." ("Reality Clash Records"; CD):
Yes, this fine piece of American Oi! music is already a little bit older right now, I know. But the band decided to quit soon after the release of this record, but- praise the lord or whom or what-ever...- it seems that they are these days together again and also working on a new record, and that would really be more than just great!!! And yes, to introduce them to you and also this record I don't give a single damn about how old this record today now is, hm, maybe just take it as another little 'classical record' that's being reviewed here by me. This patriotic U.S. guys are playing dustdry and massive and heavy American Oi! on a pretty high level of quality. Basically inspired by old british Oi! legends like THE LAST RESORT (BATTALION 86 do also cover "VIOLENCE IN OUR MINDS" of them in a pretty cool way) and CONDEMNED 84, as well as by some few old tyme U.S. Hardcore roughnecks like WARZONE and SLAPSHOT and AGNOSTIC FRONT, and also by a lot of good ol' American Oi! music, and they do it all already pretty unique, and that's really cool and damn good!!! Especially the damn good and interesting songwriting as well as the very well-versed guitar work and the brutal yet smart vocals really knew and know to convince me (and that right from the start). And knowing how to play their instruments they also know for sure!!! If you like FEAR CITY, TOTAL ANNIHILATION, CRUCIAL CHANGE, and COUNTERATTACK, and if you imagine a pretty much alone standing mixture out of all these bands, then BATTALION 86 are really a 'listening-duty' to ya. It all comes in a great designed artwork, with first class (very militant) lyrics, and in pretty dirty and very good production sound. If you still don't have it, then waste no more time any longer and try to get it!!! Damn good stuff!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

Montag, 30. August 2010


Hey folks,

here's a video coming for ya, it's a cover of the great and legendary WARZONE and one of their fantastic larger than life anthems, the well-known "THE SOUND OF REVOLUTION", yes, the track I've also already posted the original video of it some weeks or so ago. The cover is done by the band S.O.T.S. (a.k.a. SURVIVAL OF THE STREETS) and it was more of an accident that I found this great piece on the web floating around, but hey, that's the proof that accidents can sometimes be a good thing!!! Ha;-)!!! Currently I don't really know anything more about this band, but I will search for more informations about them, but some day later 'cause right now I'm pretty tired and just looking forward to go to bed and sleep. Ah, but it's a great cover of this great song, and it's also done very individually by S.O.T.S., just listen to the great guitar solo at the end of the song. What's also pretty cool is the Rap/Hip Hop track sample that follows the cover tune, good stuff!!! I really need to get to know more about this band, a really damn good one!!! For now, just enjoy the video and I'll go to bed very soon, I'm getting old, damn it, haha;-)!!!



"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 31

Fee: 2,50 Euro
(plus gratis bonus CD sampler on top of it)
Here it is, the currently newest issue of the "ONE & ONLY AUSTRIAN DRINKINGCLASS FANZINE", the mighty "Oi! THE PRINT", from straight out of the city named Vienna. Yes, after some serious computer troubles (read the introduction words) Bomml and his sidekicks Melanie and Hinkel (of the great german Oi! band VOLXSTURM) had finally finished the work and are giving us their newest issue to read. Something I really just can't understand these days is the fact that over the last months especially in Germany a big bunch of the so called and self proclaimed Skinhead and/or Oi! fanzine elite had started hustleing against the "Oi! THE PRINT". Okay, we all know latest since the 1930 years that it's a special relationship that we Germans do have going on with the guys wearing cherished moustaches and are coming from Austria;-), but I'm really asking myself: "WTF?!?" do all these stupid fucks have for problems with it... It's one of the very, very best fanzines around, still after all this years done with a lot of passion and pure dedication to the bands and the music, and if you're into Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock, and also (especially Old School) Hardcore, SKA, Soul, (Skinhead) Reggae, and Psychobilly, than you won't find any better zine that is able to serve your needs better than this one here. Point and fact!!! Let them ran their big mouths about that you find no radical and/or extreme right wing bullshit in it, let them think that it's a lack of what-ever that you find no bullshit stories about stupid drinking 'action' or redundant and retarded gig reports 'impregnated by alcohol', no (mostly stupid and unreflected more or less radical right wing crap) political garbage that's being preached by zines that won't get tired to call themselves still unpolitical all the time, let them ran their oh so big mouths no matter if 'they' call themselves "S**** & S***", "F***********", or "M***************", just to name three of this crappy zines (especially compared with the "Oi! THEPRINT" and the level it's done on and especially also how it's done), and forget about also stupid fucks like the guys that are doing the "P*******!" zine and their ridiculous left wing hustle against and because of the oh so shady political agenda of the "Oi! THE PRINT", fuck them all!!! Sometimes I really ask myself if the so called 'scene' (what ever this may be or mean...) is only here in Germany flooded by this at least intellectual incestuous jackasses and faggots from the left to the right and vice versa, or is this a sickness that needs to be cured in more countries and 'scenes'... From the right you get to hear you're P.C. (which means, for example you're something like an AFA-faggot) just because you don't give a fuck about racism or what-so-ever, and from the left you get to hear you're not-P.C. (which means that you are, for example, open to the radical and/or extreme right wing political movement and their ideas) just because you're not interested in this stupid AFA-games. It's really damn annoying!!! How-ever, now back to the topic, the review of this issue here: As usual it starts with some introduction words of Bomml and also of Hinkel, and then we do get a ton of content to read through here. Interviews (done also pretty different and fresh) with "STAY GOLD FX" (design and grafix, very interesting), with the legendary PATRIOT (great, great band, one of my all time favorite groups, and also a really damn good and interesting interview, thumbs up), with the german Oi! Punk band PÖBEL & GESOCKS (brrr, totally not my band and I still think- today more than ever-, that this is a pretty embarassing band, haha;-), but okay taste and perception can do differ quite a bit when it comes to music, like we all do know, haha;-)...), a fantstic interview with the great Hardcore band WORD FOR WORD (great band, great music, brilliant interview), with the german Oi! Punk band SUSPEKT (nice stuff, even also this band didn't managed to convince me of German Oi! music... but a really great-to-read-interview), with the 'smart scotsmen' ON FILE (it's damn good that they are back on track, and also this interview is really and truly damn good, again, thumbs up), and also interviews with the Powerpop band THE PIKES (brrr...) and THE PISSTONES (very good young band from Germany, even it's a shame that also this guys seem not to dare to call themselves Oi! and choose to call themselves Punkrock instead... WTF?!?), and all interviews are pretty good stuff, and it doesn't really matter if you like the interviewed bands or not, but the interviews are all really very good stuff, and that's all what you can ask for of an interview. Beside this we do get some tour diaries (or something like this;-)...) of VOLXSTURM and SUPERYOB, and both are really fun to read, then the great GIMP FIST introduce the songs of their current record to us, we get a new very good part of the "TATTOO REPORT" (thumbs up!!!), Karsten of the NAZI DOGS is presenting his record collection to us, "ANFIBIO RECORDS" gets introduced to us, we get a nice special feature to the ENGLISH BULLDOG (but don't take it all that serious if you're wanting to become an ENGLISH BULLDOG as your mate, 'cause it's very, hm, let us call it: subjectively done and the race of this great, active and powerful dogs gets not portrayed that much correctly at all), some austrian DJ's do get some room to introduce themselves to us (here comes especially (Skinhead) Reggae and some SKA and Soul into play), tribute is payed to the old austrian Hardcore/Punk band EXTREM, and the London Crime Scene of the 1950's and 1960's and their C.E.O.'s the KRAY BROTHERS get introduced to us (to find out what's the meaning of and the story behind the old THE WARRIORS hymn "FREE REGGIE KRAY", and that's really a brilliant one, great to read, thumbs up!!!), and beside this all the bands that are featured on the zine compilation get introduced to us. Further more we get a big load of record and fanzine reviews, yes, and the already mentioned fanzine sampler on top of it. Like you see, we do get a lot of really good and interesting and grapping content to read and discover, and it's all done very, very passionated and dedicated, and that's just great!!! It's coming in a fantastic black and white layout, wrapped by some colored back- and frontcover (the frontcover motif looks great, really!!!), with brilliant grey contrasts and picture quality, and all witten in grapping and sheer great tonguing and completly in german. Yes, as usual this fanzine is really just great and a sheer must-read, so go and get it, great work, again: Thumbs up!!! And on top of it we do get the mentioned CD that as usual gives us a lot of cool stuff to discover, for example an unreleased new PERKELE song, and much more interesting bands and good and grapping songs. So, again, also the CD is one argument more to get this new issue here. So, there' not much left to say about it anymore, but: Get it!!! With the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" the very best fanzine around, trust me!!! So go and get it, and I'm also looking really forward to th next issue, 'cause that will be something like a little 'special one' 'cause it will not only the new upcoming issue of the "Oi! THE PRINT" fanzine but also something like the farewell issue of the great "VOICE OF THE STREETS" fanzine, so watch out and be prepared for it!!! In the meantime, enjoy this one here, it's great!!!
Now, that's a good option to give you a video of the great and legendary PATRIOT here, after they are also featured in this current issue of the "Oi! THE PRINT" here. I love this band, their music, their records, their lyrics, their message, their attitude and their mentality, and as soon as the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this very blog finally reached the 1990's they will also be featured here, hm, and I'm also thinking about to do an interview with them, time will tell, so for now, enjoy the song!!! It's a nice littel clip to their hymn "TWO FACED TIMES" that you can find on their great second full length record "ANOTHER DEAD GENERATION" released back in- I think- 1996 via "G.M.M. Records". As usual, at first you now get the lyrics, and then the video clip. So, now, here we do go:
I always get a sick feeling, a feeling deep down inside.
A faceless judge and jury, condemning me to black and white.
Who are you to sit so high, sit and be my judge.
Your gonna learn the hard way, on the streets we hold a grudge!
Your kind of work for sales and profits, your papers full of media lies.
Whatever it takes to make the news, never mind the ones who died.
Sensationalism is all you know, as every word the plot thickens.
The facts seem so falter and change, the ruth dies withered and sickened.
They say the proverbial pen is mightier than the sword.
But where's that gonna get you, when your blood starts to pour.
Cause you don't know a thing about the kids on the street.
Next time you'd better think again, 'cause you print the lies that we don't need!

Sonntag, 29. August 2010


"JUDAS & JESUS" ("Distant Dreams"; DVD):
The next movie review is coming here for ya, and it's of a cartoon movie with some huge subcultural spirit (music, aesthetics, etc.), that was a gift that I got this year as a birthday present. (Thanks to Ossi!!!) This movie is pretty new, it's from 2009. It just got a running time of 15 minutes, so yes, you can say it's a short-movie, without any 'real' dialogs. (Beside some fleshly lute.) It's a movie by OLAF ENCKE und CLAUDIA ROMERO, but don't ask me anything about them.
Like you all might already have thought, the story of the movie is pretty much the story you might know from out of the so called holy bible. Okay, it's that story and not the story... It starts with the birth of JESUS CHRIST in the barnstable building with the three holy kings and all the other stuff you should know about it. Then the picture moves ahead and onward with some brute Roman soldiers we finally come to the house that was the place of the birth of JUDAS ISCARIOT. His father, believe me, you can see it, is or was the devil himself (or a pretty good look-a-like of the horned one), letting his peter fly free, and owning a house- more something like a temple building- full of naked chicks with big 'eyes' and one of them is giving birth to little JUDAS ISCARIOT that as soon as he came to earth discovered his passion for the already mentioned big 'eyes'. And this all is given to you supported by some wreckin' Psychobilly Music, to point it out more precise by THE METEORS, 'cause that band made the soundtrack to this little cartoon movie. After this birth scenes the movie covers a pretty wide distance of years, compressed into compact 15 minutes. We get to know about the difficult 'love' triangle between JESUS CHRIST, JUDAS ISCARIOT, and MARIA MAGDALENA, and how the trouble starts already very early in the elementary school. JUDAS turns out to be a horny peeping tom that's given himself baclays on some pictures that he had taken of MARIA, uses to smoke and drink and listen to some Rock & Billy noize, and that JESUS was the first stupid fucking hippie faggot on planet earth, preaching about love and peace, but he is itself just a sexual frustrated despot that loves to ran his mouth about others (especially about JUDAS). JUDAS turns out to be a heavy drinker that ruins JESUS' 'last supper', by the way he wasn't invited at all, by drinking wine, looking MARIA right at her 'eyes', and kickin' JESUS' ass, spoiling him with some of the cheap italian pizzeria wine. Ah, yes, by the way, the 'last supper' takes place in an italian pizzeria, and that's just great, haha;-)!!! Further on we can discover that MARIA was living a 'double-life' as a disciple of JESUS CHRIST and his doctrines at day, and living the life of the towns best known and best fuckin' whore at night, and after watching this movie you know the real story behind the motifs of the betrayal of JESUS CHRIST by JUDAS ISCARAIOT and which role MARIA MAGDALENA truly played in this whole scenery. But that you better discover by yourself, haha;-)!!! Ah, all are sheeps and goats, and MARIA is a hot doe, haha;-)!!! And yes, JUDAS was in some ways the first Rock & Roller on earth, at least if you can trust this movie. And like every good boy does fine, JUDAS wasn't only the firts Rock & Roller on earth, but he was also the first 'Rebel with a Cause' on earth, and that you'll see by watching this little movie here, haha;-)!!! Hm, and like we all should know today, the T.V. and movies never lie to us, haha;-)!!!
It's a funny little movie that got some big potential, and I think that the movie could also be only a little bit longer than just 15 minutes, and yes, it would still be a pretty entertaining movie. Good drawings and very good animations, full colors, good sounds, more or less good music (you know about me and Psychobilly in general...), and yes, it's truly a pretty good short-movie that's pretty well done and also really entertaining (even it's just too short, as mentioned above), so yes, get it, grab some cans of brew, call up some good friends, turn the speakers loud, and then just press play and let your screen and speakers being wrecked. Hell Yeahr!!! (8 of 10 points)
Now you get the short-movie in a pretty much complete version to see, and if you like what you see then get your lazy ass up and damn fucking buy this movie!!! For example via http://www.judasandjesus.com/ and then give it some good rounds in a row!!! So now, enjoy it:


Freitag, 27. August 2010


Hey folks,

it's late night and what do you watch on your screen at late night?!? Right!!! Videos!!! Ah, nah, sorry to all the lonesome hearts and souls out there, *cry*;-), you'll get no xxx Pornro xxx movie right now, but you get a great video clip of the fantastic Hardcore band called the NORTH SIDE KINGS, and it's the video to their song "BAD GUY"... and it's really just fantastic, I just say: "There are Emos everywhere!" Great, hahaha;-)!!! I won't say more right now, 'cause I want to feature them- the NORTH SIDE KINGS, not the Emos;-)...- in the future some day soon with some more 'weighty' posting here on this very blog, so for now just fuckin' enjoy the great clip!!! By the way, you love WISDOM IN CHAINS and BLOOD FOR BLOOD, and you also like BARCODE?!? (How could ya not?!?) Then the NORTH SIDE KINGS will be exactly your favorite choice. Great and real Hardcore!!!


Donnerstag, 26. August 2010


"REFLIX" Issue No. ' 2
(June 2010)
Fee: Free (gratis garnish of the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" fanzine)
With the curent issue of the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" fanzine also the new issue of the new "REFLIX" movie or cinema (fan)zine is coming. Coming again, after already the first issue of the "REFLIX" was released before as the gratis garnish of the former "DER ZWERGPIRAT" fanzine issue. Ah, and the "REFLIX" mastermind is also regulary with articles featured in the "DER ZWERGPIRAT", with articles also about movies but also about music and other stuff. Like before we do ge a big load of several underground movies, now-a-days with a lot of Splatter-, Gore-, Torture-, and/or Horrormovies, covering a time period from the 1960's to the present day. Starting with some words to the introduction of or in this issue, but just some short words, and on and ahead on the journey into the politically uncorrect world of movies and cinema we go. Introduction(s) of and tributes to movies like "DEATH SCENES I-III" (if I understood it right it's comparable to this "FACES OF DEATH" bullshit, who needs crap like this...). They feature also some 'prominent guys' that fall victim to 'violent assaults'(and stuff like this) and stupid jackasses like Anton LaVey (hahahahaha) that are speaking some introduction words or what-so-ever, yehp, crap that I don't need!!! Do you need it?!? Oh, come on... Also we get a very, very well-done tribute to the legendary brazilian Horrormovie regisseur Josè Mojica Marins and his work(s), and that's really great to read, thumbs up!!! Then we do get also a big bunch of movie reviews from "THOU SHALL NOT KILL, EXCEPT..." to "MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN" and "BUBBA HO-TEP" (two great movies, for sure, and yes Bruce Campbell is the greatest) over "A GUN FOR JENNIFER", "THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN", "THE BLACK GESTAPO" (damn it, I really NEED to see this one!!!), "THE UNDERTAKER & HIS PALS" (sounds weird... weird and great), and "TRAILER PARK OF TERROR" (bah...). The reviews as well as the introductions and the tribute(s) are also always interpretations of the reviewed works, and all done pretty interesting at all. Okay, you really don't have to agree on everything, not even on a lot of this things, but where is that the case... Really ridiculous and stupid is from my point of view this bullshit like: "The stupid Americans and their global culture that's eliminating all the own country-specific cultures!" Come on, how stupid can it get!!! But I don't feel the need to write more about it, 'cause this is a fanzine review and not a debate on politics, so let us forget about it. And yes, like I've already said, you really don't have to agree on a lot of the 'interpretation-things' here, but hey, where is this the case at all?!? And you know what, that's also a good thing after all, maybe we can call it freedom of speech and also 'freedom of ideas', something that becomes more and more extinct these days, so let us allow it to still breath and live in freedom here on this very blog. Yes, after this 'pathos-stuff', let me point out one last thing: The "REFLIX" is a great read, it's grapping and it really is enjoying, very well-done, profound and spirited, and so it's also one arument more to go and get the newest issue of the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" fanzine and with it this little brilliant piece of passionated work called "REFLIX". Go and get it!!! Ah, to complete it, great writing, completly in german, very good black and white layout, with nice grey contrasts and sharp picture quality. I really hope that there will be coming a new issue of the "REFLIX" zine, truly a unicum of a damn good kind!!!
(http://www.myspace.com/januschristus) (I think that's the guy who's doing the "REFLIX"...)
Now, just for the fun of it and because of the relation to this "REFLIX" issue you get the original trailer of the great "BUBBA HO-TEP" movie with the great and legendary Bruce Campbell, so just enjoy it!!! Here it comes:

BUBBA HO-TEP (official trailer)


"DER ZWERGPIRAT" Issue No. # 13
(July 2010)
(Fee: ca. 2,00 Euro)
Hell Yeahr, after one fuckin' long year of waiting for it here it finally is, the newest issue of the mighty "DER ZWERGPIRAT" (you may can translate it as "THE DWARFPIRATE") fanzine. Anchors aweigh, set the sails, onward on the seven seas, no matter if we end up in Tortuga Bay or in Walhalla or in Bikini Bottom, as long as we're riding the seven seas of fate we can't go wrong!!! Ah, okay, okay, I was lead astray, I'm sorry guys, so back to the topic;-)!!! It was a year without a new "DER ZWERGPIRAT" came out, and this year left it's traces. Carsten, the Cpt. of the "ZWERGPIRAT"shallop is today nearly alone on deck, after his buddy Leiche had to abondon it's service. And the newest issue is much more slight then the two former issues. Carsten is telling us the story and the reasons behind it in it's words of introduction to this very issue here. And at least I do really understand it, a fanzine is a hell of a lot work and you really have to decide when you're growing on if all the work and the effort you have to put in it is really that justified at the end of the day. That's the reason why I'm truly really happy with 'just' running this blog and not my printfanzine (and damn it, it was never on the lvel of the "DER ZWERGPIRAT", trust me) anymore. And the introduction words are again one of my early highlights of this issue, so take the time and read them. So, what do we get else?!? First of all still really a lot exciting stuff, 'cause even this issue is slight compared with it's ancestors, it still carries a lot of content in it, so calm down, 'cause you truly can be sure about it!!! So, we get a really long and intersting interview with the german Psychobilly warhorses of THEE FLANDERS (great interview, really, also covering the topics of "Halb 7 Records" and the- if you ask me totally overrated- "PSYCHOMANIA" fanzine, really good job), short interviews with the new Vikingrock band from Sverige of the name of SVA HJÄLTAR and the Oi! Punk band of RAUFHANDEL from Switzerland (both are nice introductions to this young bands), a double 'crosstalk' interview with the canadian Oi! band SKUNX and the candian Psychobilly band R.I.P. (both bands share the same members... and what maybe sounds now a little bit weird to you sounds really good at all, both bands, and the interview is really good, thumbs up for it), a interview that's taken 'round a year at all to have it completly done and it's with the french Punkrock band PADD' PANIK (good stuff, even Carsten seems to be a little disappointed with it, but it's really more than just 'okay', at least if you ask me, and yes, you all already know that you can trust me, haha;-)...), and also an interview with the austrian Psychobilly spitfires of SIR PSYKO & HIS MONSTERS. Okay, even I will never understand what anyone can somehow like that much about this whole childish retarded Billy music stuff, especially this goofy Psychobilly parish fair, all the Billy stuff here is really 'awsomely' (by the way, is this word anyhow really existing, haha;-)...?!?) done, so that it really graps you while you are reading it, and that's what counts when it comes to interviews, and at least SIR PSYKO & HIS MONSTERS, yes, I started to like them at least a little bit after some more intense activity with trying to getting worked into their music after becoming prying about them after reading this interview here. And damn it, what more can you ask for what an interview can do!!!???!!! Beside this interview artillery you also get a lot of record and band introductions written by the bands themselves, sometimes aligned with short interview questions, and this you get with the likes of KRAFTHEIM (great german Vikingrock band, and they are one of my favorite bands when it comes to this genre, so check them out), DONARS GROLL (also Vikingrock, also from Germany, not as good as KRAFTHEIM, but also a good band that you should give a try, and they are also answering some questions, for example they tell us something about the reasons why they've changed the label to release their record again so soon), LAMMKOTZE (german Oi! band, really good stuff, the band, the lyrics, the music, so support them), and also with MR. IRISH BASTARD (Irish Folk Punk from Germany, nice band, and they also tell us about their experiences and of their impressions they've won from their Japan tour). A lot of very good and also very interesting stuff to read, you see. But that wasn't all!!! Really?!? Really!!! Beside this all we still do get great reviews of records, fanzines, books, comics, and movies (and the reviews are also always a reason why I look forward to each single new issue of the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" fanzine, just great work and not the usual crap you get nowadays to read in most of all the printed fanzines at least here in Germany), the category of weird pets and their owners is continued with a guy named Slowmo and his snails (incredible, haha;-)...), the sick piece of human thrash named FRANCOIS L'OLLONAIS is introduced to us, the readers (yeahr, a new pirate introduction, and it's a great one, really detailed and intense work, thumbs up... but uh, I hope the guys that done the P.C. game "Pirates" will never see it, haha;-)...), and we do get also still a good big bunch of damn good written gig reports. You all should see now, that we do get a really 'rich' and really intersting and pretty unique content, the only thing that is a little bit pity is that Carsten did not continued the series of interviews with old and now defunct fanzines, hm, but maybe in the future again. I hope the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" will go on his piracy runs also in the future for quite a long while, 'cause it would really be big gap that would be left if it would get defunct. Ah, if you still did not get it, it's a print fanzine, coming wrapped in a colored front- and backcover, in a great looking black/white layout with fantastic grey contrasts and great picture quality, and all written in damn good tonguing, all written in german. And if you also still did not get it, then let me point it out: You have to read it, it's a must-read!!! Together with the "Oi! THE PRINT" the very best fanzine around you just can get!!! Get it!!! Read it!!! (Ah, and also the issue no. # 02 of the "REFLIX" movie zine is coming with this issue here again, but I will review it solely soon.)
(PS: I've taken the headline of this post from an also already pretty old song of the german Heavy Metal band RUNNING WILD, but don't think because of that this would be a Heavy Metal fanzine, haha, nah, I though just that this lines would be somehow fitting to this fanzine review pretty good, haha;-)!!!)
So, now you get a video of the ULTIMA THULE side'band' of HOT ROD FRANKIE, playing some Psychobilly music for ya, and this time it's their song "HIGHWAY 69" that you can find on their second (?) full length release "LOST IN LYNCHLAND", so enjoy it, one of the bette Psychobilly bands out there.



Hey folks,

up and coming is now a video of the great strong going American Oi! band from Seattle of the name of CRUCIAL CHANGE. You know that I usually write some words to introduce the bands of that I post video clips a little bit to you, and normally I would also do that with CRUCIAL CHANGE not at least because they are a damn great and also a very important band to me, one of the very leading forces in American Oi! today, but I won't tell ya here that much about them, because I've written with Tyler of CRUCIAL CHANGE the last days and pretty soon you'll be able to read the interview with them here on this very blog, and there will all be told to ya I cold tell ya, and also much, much more, so don't expect here any more words and just take it as a little appetizer for the upcoming interview with them!!! You get a video clip to their fantastic anthem "PATRIOTIC PRIZE" that you can find on their current record "33" of CRUCIAL CHANGE. A great song, lyrically as well as musically. Before you get the video clip you get the great lyrics, and yes, that's all, so just enjoy it!!! Here we go:
Some men are born
To fight 'til the end
Some men are born
To stand and defend
They sacrifice all
A cause greater than self
Striving for a better world
No matter the crads dealt
Some men are born
Wickedness in their veins
Never to know courage
Or honor in their name
With scheming plans of evil
They thrust upon our land
But the righteous stand in combat
Dealing justice with their hands
Do you hear the call?
Of the fallen in our past
Do you hear the voices?
Their spirit forever lasts
We stand here today
To carry on their fight
We may pay the price
Not aburden it's a right
(CRUCIAL CHANGE - "PATRIOTIC PRICE"; taken from the "33" full length record of CRUCIAL CHANGE released by "Dim Records" in 2009)

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THE GUV'NORS - "THE PINT OF NO RETURN" ("Longshot Music"/"Contra Records"/"True Force Records"; LP + CD):
Here are THE GUV'NORS rocking and rolling straight out of Denmark. To be honest I must admit that this is the first release that I've heard of them. Hm, and I'm thinking about it, but currently just the Death Metal band of the name of ILLDISPOSED is coming to my mind as another danish band, hm, and when I'm not totally wrong then also the great Hardcore roughnecks of BARCODE and the well-oiled Metal machine of HATESPHERE are also coming from Denmark. So, that's all, but beside the fact that they are coming from Denmark and also play some guitar dominated and heavy rocking music there aren't many more crosstalks between THE GUV'NORS and the mentioned bands, 'cause they sure not play Hardcore and also no kind of what-so-ever Metal music stuff. Hm, and when I'm correctly informed than some guys of THE GUV'NORS had once been involved in the band the HOOLIES from, right, also from Denmark (as if this would have been this hard to guess, right, haha;-)...), they shall be something like a legend or so, but I just don't know anything of them. So maybe I just missed a legend or they aren't that legendary at all, but what-so-ever, haha;-). So, finally now to this record here: First of all, "THE PINT OF NO RETURN", what a great record title, thumbs up!!! And damn it, but back in the days I took this pint for far too often, or at least I think so today, haha;-)!!! So, what are THE GUV'NORS playing?!? Music!!! (Ha, am I not funny today;-)...) I would describe them as a through and through Rock & Roll band, okay, okay, let us call them a Street Rock & Roll band to get this straight. A lot of hard and heavy, yet straight but also diverse rockin' and rollin' guitar work, full of power and energy and forceful guitar riffs, yet also completly filled with great melodies (just listen to the leads, sometimes really awesome) and really good guitar solos. Made round by a very crunchy and forceful rhythmsection, very loud and full crew back ups, and the cheeky and fresh, yet with a lot of power cantillated lead vocals by the singer, a danish Skinhead veteran if you ask me, are really giving the songs their crown. Really damn good!!! It's Rock & Roll, okay, Street Rock & Roll, and no Oi! band after all, but I don't think that this is so important at all, and I also think that if you like THE CORPS, THE BRIDGEBURNERS, and MURDERER'S ROW, then also THE GUV'NORS should be a band for you, even they differ quite a bit from the mentioned bands (like also the mentioned bands to differ much from each other at the end of the day), because also THE GUV'NORS have their very own identity, but the mentioned bands can pretty good show ya which direction this danish Rock & Roll booze hounds do take with their music. A big, big, big bunch of (very) good old Rock & Roll music from AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, SLADE, STATUS QUO, and MOTÖRHEAD as well as NASHVILLE PUSSY combined with classical british Oi! music like COCK SPARRER and also THE BUSINESS, some traditional Punkrock like the (later) RAMONES, and all made round by some 'New' Scandinavian Rock bands like the BACKYARD BABIES, THE HELLCOPTERS, THE BONES, and TURBONEGRO, and all cultivated with some very few (old) GUNS'N'ROSES influences, that's what you get from THE GUV'NORS, and all done very well-versed and really, really good, this guys can play damn good and they also know how to write songs, thumbs up!!! There's not that much left to say at this point, hm, or at least I think so... Okay, maybe I should do some namedropping and tell ya that Don Powell of SLADE plays the guitar also on this record. Okay, I've told it to ya. What else? Ah, yes, on "ICH TANZE NUR FÜR SEKT" (great!!!) we can also hear an organ, and that's always just great!!! Something more left to say?!? It's a really damn good record, that just failed to convince me more because it's sometimes just to 'funny-sunny' happy for me, I miss some of life's harshness in it. But okay, we all have it much too much every fuckin' single day, so why not sometimes just listen to some happy Party Rock & Roll music, right?!? Sometimes it is a little bit to Rock & Roll, I would love more Oi! and Punk in it, but why not sometimes just listen to some happy Party Rock & Roll, right?!? Hm, I think I saiI asked this question already, right, haha;-)... It's a damn good record, of a damn good and very sympathic and authentic band, so give it a try, 'cause it will be more than just worth the time. The lyrics fit 100% to the mood of this record, and it comes as a LP (in a great artwork) with the CD on top of it, and all in a very powerful and clear production sound. Not much left to say but thumbs up!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
No you get the official (?) video clip to their great hymn "40, fat & finished", and that's really great, so have a drink, have a laugh, turn the music loud and have a cheers to the guys of THE GUV'NORS!!! Would love to see and hear more of such bands instead of this whole stupid self proclaimed tough guy jerks runnin' around and playing their retarded noise with their stereotypical clichè bands...



"LIVERPOOL GANGSTER" ("Mediawith Classics"; DVD):
A little bit of premiere here, 'cause you now get the first movie review here on my blog with the first entry of the cateory 'Movie Reviews'. I have plenty of movies here around that are waiting to be reviewed, and I'll start it all off with the movie called "LIVERPOOL GANGSTER". What's strange about it is the fact that the movie primary came out in 2000 for all what I know, but here in Germany (as a german version) it was first released in 2008... WTF?!? And then I'm always asking myself why movies with an english original title have to come out in Germany wit a different title also in english... The movie title is originally "GOING OFF BIG TIME" and not "LIVERPOOL GANGSTER". And I think the original title is a much better one 'cause it shows much better what this movie is about instead of the fake ass title of "LIVERPOOL GANGSTER". So don't get any wrong impressions of the "LIVEPOOL GANGSTER" title, the cover picture with the guy with the shaven head and the "HOOLIGAN" jacket on (by the way, cheap photoshop work...), don't get here anything wrong, 'cause this is NOT a Hooligan movie and this is also NOT a Skinhead movie. Just to get this straight!!! This is, hm, let us call it a Gangster movie, and yes, it's a british movie.
MARK CLAYTON was always a shy guy who was always aware of staying away from trouble. Some bad luck struck him down and because of him one of the psychopathic violent criminals of Liverpool was caught by the police and was swearing to take revenge on CLAYTON. A nervous wreck was it was CLAYTON became and caught in a anxiety attack he was beating a police man down to the ground. The outcome of this story was that CLAYTON was send into prison. There a well-slick veteran helped him to get through it. Then OZZI also was sent into prison. He's introduced as a guy that loves to make jokes and that's a little bit mentally retarded. How-ever, CLAYTON and OZZI became good friends, but OZZI wasn't able to detect some borderlines and after pissing off the prison authorities he became the prison cell companion of an ultraviolent, psychotic, gay-assfucking piece of shit that nearly would have destroyed OZZI, if CLAYTON not stopped it by a violent assault on it's penetrator. Some more bloody and deadly violent assaults later CLAYTON is out of prison and trying hard to get a real, a regular job to work and to build himself a righteous life again. But, ha, you would not have expected this, right, this all failed, and CLAYTON started moving into the criminal life he wasn't into before his term of imprisonment. At that time he also met OZZI again, and with him and his gang he started working on his criminal career. Drugs, violence, women, gang mentality and warfare, violent assaults, thievery, robbery, and finally homicide and even more drugs. After having the first collision with the established crime scene of Liverpool things become more and more heated up, and especially OZZI shall become more and more to a big problem, 'cause being mentally retarded and taking drugs is maybe not the best combination at all, as you all might have thought already. CLAYTON himself also getting more and more into trouble. He's still working on getting a more or less righteous life done, but all in a 'schizophrenic way', being a couple with a upper class woman, she knows nothing of his criminal life with that he is doing his money, which he likes to 'use' as a steppingstone into a more or less righteous upper class life... but that all shall fail dramatically at the end. So, that's pretty much how the movie goes, culminating in a brutal ambush and a cowardly homicide, and what's then still following is just the 'outcome of the story' of this Gangster career. But watch it by yourself.
The movie is done in a 'flashback' style, 'cause CLAYTON, being on the escape after the murder, knocks at the door of his attorney and then tells her all of the story. And that's something what's a little bit strange, 'cause you get the idea that the two are at least something like good friends 'cause it all seems very intimate, but they never really knew each other before in the movie. The 'narrative density' is not that good at all at this starting point of the movie. Beside this also the german dubbing is just terrible (but you don't have to watch it in german, and the english version really rocks), and yes, the story isn't that innovative at all, okay, but it's done really pretty good and also pretty much grapping at all and the movie comes always with this special british humour that you have to love, and that's great. It's a pretty good british Gnagster movie and story, very funny without being a funny or happy movie anyhow. It's not as good as good as the fantastic "LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS" ("BUBE, DAME, KÖNIG, GRAS"), but it's still a really pretty good movie of that kind, that should really serve your needs if you like such movies and don't get any wrong impressions because of the cover of the movie (as above already said). Ah, of the actors I was knowing nearly none (just one of the "LORD OF THE RINGS" movies, but you will find out by yourself, haha;-)...) before this movie, but they do all a pretty good job. There is also some extra stuff on the disc but I am not a fan of this things, being usually just watching the movies, so don't ask me anything about it. Ah, but before I forget to point that out, the way the pictures of the movie are speaking to us, the viewers, is just really, really great and 100% fitting to the mood and the story of this movie. And good music you find also. If you like this whole british Gangster movies then make sure that you give this one here a good try. (8 of 10 points)
Now you get some short trailors and stuff like this of/to "GOING OFF BIG TIME" or "LIVERPOOL GANGSTER", so here we go:

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Damn it, I totally lost for quite a while the categoy of 'Sports' out of my sight here on this very blog. Damn, fuck it!!! I'm very sorry, so if you had been waiting for it, here it comes!!! Next on my 'Sports' roadmap is a tribute post to SEMMY SCHILT, the currently ruling force in the K-1 scene of today.


SEMMY SCHILT was born on the 23. October of the year of 1973 in the Dutch Republic respectively the Netherlands in the dutch city of Rotterdam. He weighs today something between 128 and 133 kilogram, and he is about 2,12 meters tall, and that's how he got his nickname or fighting name "HIGHTOWER" in K-1. He was european champion in karate and was fighting in the federations of "Pancrase" and "Pride" before he moved over to K-1. In the K-1 world his first really big success- and what a success it was- came to happen in 2005 when he won the K-1 World Grand Prix, carrying on the long and proud tradition of supreme dutch fighters in K-1. (Just to name PETER AERTS, ERNESTO HOOST, and REMY BONJASKY.) He defeated in the first round of the tournament the legendary RAY SEFO, the legend from New Zealand, going on to defeat the then two times, now three times dutch K-1 champion REMY BONJASKY (via Knock Out), and in the final beating the brazilian K-1 fighter GLAUBE FEITOSA just in a few seconds by Knock Out. And that was a really impressive Knock Out, and that's the reason why I decided to put the video of the fight online added to this post here, so you'll find it at the end of this posting. You can thank me for that later. At all up to this very present day he fought about 40 fights in K-1, he won 34 of them (17 times via Knock Out), and he lost just five times (two times via Knock Out), and two loss' were at least very controversial (I'll write aout them later during this very post here, calm down), and one fight turned out to be a standoff. And every single fight of him was rated, there was not a single fight that had been null and void. SEMMY SCHILT trains in and fights for the "Golden Glory Gym".
In 2005 he remained unbeaten, and also in 2006 he only lost to fights and this also in a (At least) (very) controversial way. He lost to the legendary 'dutch lumberjack' PETER AERTS in Auckland, New Zealand due to a controversial 'point-decision', and also he lost in the republic of Korea to the local hero HONG-MAN CHOI also due to a (very, very) controversial 'point-decision'. This fight was a rarity, HONG-MAN CHOI is already quite a little bit bigger than SEMMY SCHILT and it was really the first time that two fighters of this size had been fighting against each other, no matter which competitive sports you now may think of. (And that includes the WBA World Championship Fight in Boxing between NICOLAI VALUEV and JAMEEL MC CLINE.) Also in 2006 SEMMY SCHILT won the K-1 World Grand Prix, defeating the great JEROME LE BANNER in the first round of this tournament, and in the second round he won against the legendary four times K-1 World Champion ERNESTO HOOST, to defeat in the final fight then finally PETER AERTS, taking revenge for his controversially lost fight against him earlier this year of 2006. So, after he lost to him earlier in this very year of 2006, he had taken this victory back. He made it's triumph complete respectively reached this triumph by winning all this fights through getting the points for victory in each single fight.
In 2007 K-1 introduced a new weight class with a new championship title to the scene, the super heavyweight title that is for fighters that weigh more than 100 kilogram. SEMMY SCHILT won the title in a brutal fight against RAY SEFO, by knocking him down and out, and this was a premiere 'cause RAY SEFO had never been knocked out in K-1 before. RAY SEFO knocked SEMMY SCHILT down in the first round, but he failed to knock him out. In the secondround then it took SEMMY SCHILT exactly 20 seconds to knock RAY SEFO not just down, but out. At the 23. of June of the year of 2007 he SEMMY SCHILT had defended his title the first time against the great MIGHTY MO, the so called 'HARDEST PUNCHER' in K-1 (and that for some very good and justified reasons, trust me) that had defeated HONG-MAN CHOI by Knock Out earlier this year. In 20o7 he also won the K-1 World Grand Prix for the third time, defeating GLAUBE FEITOSA in the first round and- I hate to write it- again JEROME LE BANNER, but he was badly injured in this fight and the referee abandoned the fight due to this injury by the decision of a so called Technical Knock Out in the second round, and in the final he defated once again PETER AERTS, and he was also injured during this fight. 2008 the was a 'black year' for SEMMY "HIGHTOWER" SCHILT after he lost to PETER AERTS on the 28. of September of 2008 in the qualification tournament for the K-1 WorldGrand Prix Tournament. So the currently reigning champion was not competing in the grand final tournament. It was finally REMY BONJASKY who managed to win the K-1 World Grand Prix of 2008 after a scandal in the tournament final fight against the spitfire BADR "GOLDEN BOY" HADI. BADR HADI was beating and kicking the accidentially stumbled REMY BONJASKY, that was lying for a moment down on the ground. So BADR HADI was disqualified, and REMY BONJASKY won his third K-1 World Grand Prix Championship. This was very controversial and a true scandal, but don't think that REMY BONJASKY would not have been a 'real champ' in 2008, he defeated BADR HARI earlier this year and he also had knocked him down to the ground in the first round of this final fight. And BADR HARI again used to beat and kick a opponent that was down on the ground on the 29. May of 2010 when he assaulted HESDY GERGES in this way in the second round of his fight at the "It's Showtime Event" of K-1. But enough about REMY BONJASKY and BADR HARI, this one here is about SEMMY SCHILT. So, but in 2009 he returned stronger than before and he finally won the K-1 World Grand Prix Tournament for the fourth time again, remained unbeaten and becoming beside ERNESTO HOOST the only fighter to do this in the history of K-1 up to this present day. SEMMY SCHILT also holds two impresive winning streaks in K-1, the first reached from the 6. November of 2004 to the 31. December of 2005 when he won about ten K-1 fights, the second reached from the 30. September of 2006 to this 29. June of 2008 when used to succeed in about thirteen K-1 fights, and beside his martial arts career he also started moving into the movie businnes with playing a sidekick role in the blockbuster movie "THE TRANSPORTER III". Back to K-1, he's the currently (supreme) ruling force in the world of K-1 today, and if SEMMY SCHILT stays health (what we all do hope) then that won't change that much at all in the near future, because beside of his impressive size he also owns just the damn high technical skills as well as the sheer fighting spirits to do so, to remain that supreme!!!
Now you do get some video clips of fights of SEMMY SCHILT, so enjoy it!!!

SEMMY SCHILT vs. GLAUBE FEITOSA (2005) (Damn impressive!!! Great win!!!)






Hey folks,
hope all of you had been coming good into this new week!!!???!!! I've got some new 'Videos' for you, some video clips of the American R.A.C. band BETTER DEAD THAN RED. I've reviewed also already their "MARX WAS WRONG" record some days or weeks ago, and now I thought to myself: "Why not posting some video clips of and to them?" And so I'll do it now. It's a pretty good band, not that typical R.A.C. anyhow (when it comes to the music), if you ask me, when it comes to the lyrics they are more or less very typical R.A.C. at all. Hm, they seem to be labeled Right Wing Punk instead of R.A.C. these days, don't know if this is true at all, and I also don't know if it's maybe a better genre description to describe them. About WP and/or NS faggot low life crap when it comes to BETTER DEAD THAN RED I know nothing, and so for what I know that's all pretty fine with me, but how-ever, I don't know it that precise and I also just don't care that much about it anyhow anyway anymore, I've written something 'bout them also in the above mentioned review and I've also no time to spend to write some 'justification-stuff' why you find them here on this very blog, I mean, come on, there are more important things in life and everyone who reads this blog should know how I think about R.A.C. music and who can't stand it: Fine!!! It's about the music that knows to convince me, about at least some lyrically issues that know to convince me, and it's not about a debate on politics after all. So, BETTER DEAD THAN RED, a pretty if not very good band playing some pretty if not very good R.A.C. music and singing also sometimes some damn good lyrics in their songs. So here now come some videos of them for ya all, paying a little tribute to them,and this are videos to their great songs "AMERICAN RADIO" (you find this song on their "MARX WAS WRONG" record, and it's one of my favorite songs, even this version is a little bit different and more rough and raw than the version you find on the mentioned record), "R.A.C. WARRIORS", "CAROLINA (THE LOCAL SOVEREIGNITY SONG)", "FIRE IN THEIR EYES" and their pretty cool MOTÖRHEAD cover of the classic "1916". Ah, by the way, it's correct that in 2009 a self-titled record of them came out, and in 2007 already the "R.A.C. Warriors" record of them came also out. Just that you know it. Ah, and all the songs are taken more or less from very different releases of them. So yeahr, just enjoy some Right Wing Punk or R.A.C. music from the United States of America. Cheers & Oi!





BETTER DEAD THAN RED - "1916" (MOTÖRHEAD - cover song)

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Hey folks,

what's up?!? Here's coming now a new 'Videos' post for ya, and this one features some videos of the great GLORY BOYS from Valencia, Spain, one of the very best (european... and not only european) Oi! bands of our time, for sure, and the songs- okay, okay, and the video clips aren't 'real' video clips, you know what I mean anyhow...- are all from their last great record "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE", and they are video clips of the songs "MY LAND" (and that's lyrically and musically my absoultely favorite on this record), "NATURAL BORN DRINKERS" (just great and damn forceful), and "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE", the title track of the record. Some very strong songs taken from a very srong record of a great band, and so I hope you will enjoy them. And now enough of the talk, it's time to walk the walk, so here come the videos!!! Cheers & Oi!





Here's one of the newest releases of "Dim Records", came out in one of the last months of this very year named 2010. Again "Dim Records" went across the ocean and bringing us here some bands from America respectivel the U.S.A. Like the record title says, they're playing (American) Streetpunk, coming out of the so called 'rustbelt' area. That's the region in the north of the U.S.A. that once was known as being the 'manufacturing belt' and the 'increase-center' of the U.S.A., a time when economical increase was build upon heavy industry and real hard work and not upon shady financial speculation, manipulation, etc. on the stock market. The rustbelt was reaching from the area of the Great Lakes over to the atlantic coast and cities and regions like Boston, Washington D.C., and New York City. So you see, Working Class through and through, what's always a good thing!!! So what do we get from this two bands out of this rustbelt area?!? Hard and heavy Streetpunk, played very well paced and rough and raw and full of Sing-A-Longs, and not this happy-faggy 'Street'punk crap like it's often or maybe even usually played today. Both bands fit very good to each other. Both bands build their songs upon a bulky and harsh cracking rhythmsection by hard and noisy sawing guitars and hard and aggressive, beer steeled vocals, made round by a lot of Sing-A-Long parts and crew singing back ups, also working sometimes with some few Hardcore influencs. All good and fine, but both bands aren't really that exciting or 'special' anyhow. Both bands try to somehow combine THE ANTI-HEOS with THE LOOSE SKREWS, but really lacking the abilities at all to do this at least a little bit. Don't get me wrong, it's some solid and better, some good Streetpunk from the States that you can really lend one or two ears to check it out if you're into (American) Streetpunk music, but CL1 as well as FIRST OFFENSE aren't playing in the first league currently. Not to mention the champions league of Streetpunk music. If they keep working on it then it could be that the next time you see a record of one of them this one could really be a 'hot kick off', especially FIRST OFFENSE do really own this potential and also working hard and good on an own identity (for example they're working with a little blast speed drumming parts to start "THE OPENING BELL" off), so time will tell how the Rustbelt Streetpunk of tis two bands will be developing in the future. Like I've already said, time will tell. Currently it's not a must-have anyhow or anything like this, but an okay and sometimes also really better release. From both bands we get some good lyrics (the usual Streetpunk stuff), the record is coming in a truly good artwork (I really like the cover that you can also above see), as well as the production sound of this split reord is prety good when it comes to both bands. Ah, but damn it, I still think that split releases should really be coming out on vinyl, hm, and I think I've said it already before... so it's about time the labels finally start to do as I say, haha;-). So, if you're heavily into Streetpunk then you maybe just should get this record, if not you can still give it a fair chance by lisening to it. Solid, nah, good suff, so decide for yourself if you even also today need a 'just' good Streetpunk record. If you decide so, then here's your choice. This record gets after all and all in all... (7 of 10 points)

Stranger, do you believe in danger, do not be afraid of a bruiser? Pain is better than nothing to bare, do you accept my dare?

Hell Yeahr, Belgium's finest are fuckin' back!!! Okay, okay, they were never really away and with this record they are already back since 2008, but it's still the newest record of them and so I do see no problems with reviewing it here still today!!! So, enough said to this topic, right now back to the review: ARKANGEL finally were back with this record, and when it comes to me this 'finally' had got some 'double meaning', 'cause: 1.) The last record of them, even this one isn't 'brandnew' anyhow by itself, came out before quite a long while (I'm talking about the evil smasher "I HOPE YOU DIE BY OVERDOSE"); and: 2.) I really lost them totally out of my personal focus when it comes to music, and I can't tell ya any reason at all why this happened, 'cause I always liked them very, very much. Maybe the reason was that I was totally fed up with this trendy teeny clichè Metal bullshit crap that's today usually called Metalcore, so that I decided not to listen to this genre anyway anyhow any longer. And what shall I say: This generalized opinion and decision was a huge mistake when it comes to the mighty ARKANGEL. Because they're still today what they always used to be right from the start or my start with them with "WITHIN THE WALLS OF BABYLON" and other outshining stuff of them, and so they are still just a FORCE, for sure!!! This one here is a bitter and really evil, through and through authentically and beautifully non-trendy Beast of very extreme, brutal, ugly (in a positive way, how-ever 'ugly' may can be a positive thing at all, haha;-)...) and harsh musick between nihilistic metallic Hardcore, how it was breed in the 1990's (just remember those brilliant acts like fantastic INTEGRITY and ALL OUT WAR), bonecracking and skullsmashing Thrash Metal, between Bay Area Tharsh Metal like TESTAMENT and of course the legendary SLAYER, and some plane roller Death Metal the BOLT THROWER way of style and sound. This are the main ingredients out of that this very sympathic guys from Belgium do compose their breath-taking musick, that they unleash like the biblical Apocalypse on this our putrifying soil. The intensity, the passion, and the emotionality are really reaching incredible altitudes, like you don't know them to be reached by many other bands (which genre ever). The record really comes alive because of the damn great abilities of the guys in ARKANGEL to play their instruments, of the sheer fantastic and very clever and damn grapping songwriting, the really great and very varying lyrics, and of course especially of the incredibly intense and extreme, croaky yet brute, very characteristic screamed vocals that are really pushing the songs- every single one as well as the whole record, to point that very clearly out at this point here- without mercy onwards to their individual emotional climax. Just breath-taking and that damn inspired, just great!!! And yes, of course, perfect brutality!!! Totally without any bullshit clichès, no matter what kind this clichès may be at all, totally free of any trends, just pure unique and fantastic gold in the form of hard and extreme brutal and emotional intense musick!!! Great!!! On top of it we do get a huge load of really damn great lyrics, a fantastic artwork, and all music is coming in a hard, noisy, and just damn good production sound, and yes, if you have the chance to watch ARKANGEL live then fuckin' do it, 'cause they are also just an outstanding live band. First class band, first class record, point and fact!!! Get it!!! "THIS IS HOW WE SEE THE WORLD, BURNING FOREVER!!!", and that's still damn true!!! (10 of 10 points)
Now you still get a video of them of their great song "DAMNED FOREVER", the opener of this reviewed record. You just see the cover of the album shown while the song is playing, but how-ever, so you should have the time to concentrate more on the great song!!! The lyrics are also pure gold, but it's pretty late already and I'm really fuckin' tired, so I won't give them to ya currently, but maybe I will add them to this post in the next time or so, if I don't forget about it, time will tell. So here comes the video, enjoy it!!!
Yes, and I'm a busy but also nice and friendly guy;-), yeahr, so here come the yesterday for you announced lyrics to the ARKANGEL song "DAMNED FOREVER". Yehp, so here we go:
The nation is ill
Rats running around
Men against each other
Crows flying in town
As the sun seems to move over sinland
Some still believe in a better day
Cold is the heart of earth, it's calling upon the end
Fair or unfair that's the way it is over here
Demise is in the air
I feel it in every breath
This air that makes me sick
It brings our people to be damned forever
Evil power is armed against us
Standing our back against the wall
Evil power is armed against us
Always unlucky but come back for more
It bring our people to be damned forever
Lust, envy, apathy, greed
It brings our people to be damned forever
This air that makes me sick
It brings our people to be damned forever
(ARKANGEL - "DAMNED FOREVER"; taken for the ARKANGEL record "IS YOUR ENEMY" released in 2008 by "G.S.R. Records")


Freitag, 20. August 2010

*** Los Angeles Hardcore Punk live in Indonesia in 2009 ***


currently posted the "RIOT '77" video of TOTAL CHAOS,and then found a great live video of them playing their old tyme classic "SQUATTERS SONG" live in 2009 over there in Indonesia. It's a great live performance as well as a great song (with some not that creative or anyhow important lyrics, haha, but damn it, just let us forget about it at this moment in time;-)...). It's on the "PATRIOTIC SHOCK" record that this L.A. Punk legends released in 1995 (so one year before the "ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAY" hit the lights, and so you should be able to hear what I mean when I say that the "ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAY" songs are quite different then their usual songs) again on "Epitaph Records". Yes, again, there was a time when this label used to release good and real Punkrock music. The "PATRIOTIC SHOCK" record was and is more in the usual but also damn good Hardcore Punk style of TOTAL CHAOS, and lyrically it was beside a lot of other stuff very outspoken against Nazi faggots and White Power scum, with songs like "THE END OF WHITE SUPREMACY" and "KILL THE NAZIS", and that are some great songs with damn good lyrics. To lyrics like "PATRIOTIC SHOCK" and "UNITE TO FIGHT"... okay, that's what you basically can expect from a Hardcore Punk band of that type. No, that's not meant negative anyhow, but it's just not that good and exciting at all, so live with it. Ha, by the way, I think now I'm totally walking the fences for a lot of guys, with paying tribute to the ARRESTING OFFICERS as well as TOTAL CHAOS, haha;-), that's great!!! To all the guys who are now runnng amok infront of their screens, from the left to the right: Fuck off!!! That's how itis, real life!!! So, yes here it comes the announced live video of "SQUATTERS SONG". Great video, they really unleash a brutal tempest of Hardcore Punk!!! Ah, and as usual, first the lyrics (even you don't have to read them at all, haha;-)...), then the video!!! So, now just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!
(taken from the "PATRIOTIC SHOCK" release, released in 1995 via "Epitaph Records")
We are the Punks of L.A.
brought together in unity
We live in the squats or a shit-hole place
But that's the only home we know
Together we take the streets
For some little change
If shit comes down tonight
We must throw down and fight
We must bond together
Survival is the only key
We swill some beers tonight
And hit the streets in unity

Oi! Oi! We're the boys, we're the ones that make the noize! Oi! Oi!

Hey folks,

damn it, now it is Punkrock time, like it or not, haha;-)!!! You get now a video clip of the U.S. american Hardcore Punk band TOTAL CHAOS. Usually known for harsh and pissed off and aggressive Hardcore Punk that carries on the tradition of all the U.K. '82 Hardcore Punk bands and bringing this sound again and again into the present time- and I am a fan of them-, is my total favorite record of them the one that was a little bit different. I am talking about their fantastic "ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAY" full length, released by "Epitaph Records" back in the long, long gone days of the year of 1996. (Damn it, I am getting old, not enough that now-a-days I have a history by myelf, but I also have a history with records, damn it, haha;-)!!!) Yeahr, and this wasn't the first record of TOTAL CHAOS and yes, they are still around and very active today. Ah, and yes, 'once upon a time' also "Epitaph Records" use to release good bands and records and real Punkrock. Like I've already said was (and still is) the "ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAY" record a little bit different compared with their other releases back then and now. They set the Hardcore Punk aside and delivered us with this damn great record one hell of a hot and fiery Streetpunk record build upon a massive and very present 1977 Punkrock background. Great, and here and their also some classical Oi! influences were to hear. I always loved this record and I still love it today, it giving me really so much, and yes, if you can still get it then you should really get it if you're a fan of amazing Streetpunk and good old 1977 Punkrock, and it's still fresher and better than the very most of the Streetpunk stuff that is released today. Ah, and also a lot of damn good lyrics they have settled together back in the days, far away from this 'political' conspiracy buillshit they use to preach today. Now, the most important thing, you get the video of their great hymn "RIOT '77", and before you do get the video you do get the lyrics of this song. A great tribute to the birth days of Punkrock!!! Ah, and as usual, first the lyrics, then the video. That's all, so yes, watch the video, listen to this larger than life anthem, and just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!

(taken from the TOTAL CHAOS record "ANTHEMS FROM THE ALLEYWAY", released in 1996 via "Epitaph Records")

1977 - when Punk first came alive
Part of the Class Rebellion - of the Misfits of that time
People needed solutions - from the boredom of their lives
We still feel the brilliance - of the Punk scene of that time


Now it's 1996 - and things are outta control
Punk has come alive - in a way we couldn't know
I can't say how it survived - but I knew it always would
Rocking out in a Punkrock band - singing songs, we always loved



After I am already reviewing some a little bit older releases of "Dim Records" I will also review this one here. It was released by "Dim Records" back in 2008, and it's still the current release of this band. Once again "Dim Records" managed to release on hell of a great American Oi! band and you really have to thank this label for doing it, 'cause while other labels are putting out bullshit BÖHSE ONKELZ German Rock acts, bands that are afraid to call themselves still Oi! and go now-a-days under the Streetpunk banner to maybe sell some more records, bullshit Metal bands that call themselves Oi!, or Skinhead bands that have nothing else to do then to justify themselves for anyone and say sorry to anyone for things they aren't, here we do get again the real deal when it comes to the music and the lyrics!!! That's, like I've already said, the still current release of THE BRIDGEBURNERS, and I really hope that there will be coming more of them very soon finally!!! Hm, I think THE BRIDGEBURNERS are coming from the South of the States, but how-ever, they play a really awesome American Oi! music that is filled with a huge load of Rock & Roll and Hardrock, so that for example AC/DC and ROSE TATTOO are sometimes greeting you through the music of THE BRIDGEBURNERS. Very well paced, forward driven and forward pushing, filled with hot and steaming asphalt American Street Oi! Rock & Roll of the highest class. Hard and tough as nails, very diverse and creative, just pure first class guitar work (it's entirely convincing, no matter if it comes to the guitar riffing, or to the fantastic guitar solos and the larger than life guitar leads), a strong, steely and grumpy rhythmsection, and also an incredible great lead singing voice, energetic, currish, and also damn good intelligible, maybe also with a very little Hardcoe touch to it, just fantastic, that are the major ingredients of the just pure gold music of THE BRIDGEBURNERS.One anthem follows after the other!!! If you like THE CORPS and MUREDERER'S ROW, than you should also listen to THE BRIDGEBURNERS, not at least because they are even better. And, that's important, they do own a very unique and stand-alone identity, and that's something that won't never hurt anyone if it's done good, and here it's more than just good done, trust me!!! On top of it then do also come great lyrics, very unique and headstrong ("VETERANS OF THE COLD WAR") and also very creative and multi-layered and wide-spread, also pretty much political and critical on society, just listen to the phenomenal "LESSON LEARNED", musically and lyrically my total favorite, truly larger than life, or sure!!! Then there's also coming an fantastic artwork, and a devastating and beautifully dirty production sound. This here is a fantastic record, that you really have to call your own!!! Point and fact!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
Now you get a video for the great smasher "FINE LINE", the opener track of this record. It's a truly great one, hard rockin' and mean rollin', dirty and tough as nails American Oi! of the premium class!!! Lean back, pull the music loud, maybe have a drink or two, and just enjoy it!!! Great stuf!!!