Freitag, 6. August 2010

Bootboys der alten Schule aus DOi!tschland ... Old School Bootboys from Germoney!

I've already announced yesterday that for some folks things will start to become a little bit controversial (or how-ever you may like to call it) in the future here on this blog, and what shall I say, the future is now, haha;-). A friend of mine got this CD and he meant to me, after he stipulated again and again that I should finally shave my head again clean, haha;-): "Take a listen to this guys here, very good stuff, and don't think twice just because of the label that's releasing the CD." I decided that he was (and is) right, at least when it comes to taking some listeningsessionswith and to this CD;-). And yes, "O.P.O.S. Records" (= "One People One Struggle Records") is a what-so-ever right wing or maybe even neo-fascist label from Germany, and MPU are a new band with members of the "WHITE REBEL BOYS", "WHITE RESISTANCE", and also "RAC'n'Roll Teufel" (= "RAC'n'Roll Devil"), oh, oh, oh, and whoaa, you see which direction this all takes here, haha;-), just to judge by the name of the bands. But I know none of this bands and also not one single other release of the label beside this record. I don't know how far into some racist or what-so-ever crap bands and label are, but at the end of the day it's also jut not that important to me that much anymore, to be honest. If it's that important to you, then go and check this stuff by yourself, or even better, get a real life!!! This is a band from Germany playing Old School German Skinhead Rock, and when somebody who knows me thinks that a german band of this genre should know to convince me, then... yeahr, I was really excited what this band would had to offer. And what they do offer? Also the bandmembers looking not really that grown up and not really that much old school, more young and new school and with some strange hairdos on their heads, they are playing a really old school German Skinhead Rock sound, like it was bred in the 1990's and founded back in the 1980's. Mostly well quick paced songs, all marked strongly by some creaking rumbling drums, odd bubbling bass playing, some stubborn bolting guitar playing, a big bunch of full throaty back up shouts, and some blunt and gruff lead vocals, but the singer is lacking a lot of passion and energy and charakter, as well as the songwriting is very uniform and gets constantly over the distance of the eleven tracks (one intro and ten songs) more and more boring, hm, and the best ones 'on' their instruments are they also not really, to say it that way. So yes, it's old school, but not the good but the boring one. The record starts very strong after the nice little intro with "BOOTBOYS DER ALTEN SCHULE"and "ES IST AUCH DEIN LAND" (also good lyrics), two really good and very strong tracks, but then things start to become more and more boring with really terrible tracks like "POPSTAR", "NUR EIN BISSCHEN SPASS", "UNGEBROCHEN", and especially the horrible german Rechtsrock ballad "WERDEN WR UNS WIEDER SEHEN?", bah, but thank the gods (or whom or what ever) that with "KEINER VON UNS" finally comes a really strong song again. If just the singer wouldn't make that much kaput nearly every time. But okay, also the next song "BOOTBOi! FOR LIFE" is a really strong smasher, old school of the good kind, and that's also making me to forget about stupid crap lyrics like "MIT DEN DOC'S AN MEINEN FÜSSEN, JA DA FÜHLE ICH MICH GUT, REINES BLUT IN MEINEN ADERN, IN DEN FÄUSTEN DEUSCHE WUT! (...)" (= "WITH MY DOC MARTEN'S ON MY FEET I FEEL FINE, PURE BLOOD IS RUNNING THROUGH MY VEINS, AND IN MY FISTS THERE'S GERMAN FURY!"). After this two tracks there's coming "KRANKE WELT", oh, oh, oh, guys, if you work with pathos make sure you can work with it, which means you know how to play your instruments a lot better and how to write songs that are really grapping and not just involuntary funny, ah, and maybe your singer should take some lessons in singing after he seems to wish to sound like a guy that's singing in a Gothic Rock or Death Rock band, if you know what I mean. Also the last song, called "DAS LETZTE LIED", is a song that you just don't need to listen to, damn is this terrible and boring stuff, and who told them that they could play an acoustic song... and who told the singer he could sing the vocals of an acoustic song?!? Who ever that was, the guy should be send in the sand infront of an angry and with stones armed mob of islamofascist scum down there in the shithole called the Middle East. And yes, I save myelf every word when it comes to the hidden bonus track... When it comes to the lyrics we do get a bunch of what you may already expect to get: For the guys in MPU Skinhead = (at least) Nationalist and so we do get a lot of what is to them the Skinhead Way of Life (...), some stuff that's critical on society and the ruling fucked up policy, drinking songs, songs against casted T.V. plastic popstars, and more stuff like this. Nothing anyhow 'special' or what-so-ever at all, comparable to the music, if you know what I mean... The artwork looks really good and nice, also really old school, and the raw and rough production sound really is a good one. So, just let us their political agenda forget, or even if you don't want to forget about it (no matter because of which reasons ever...), be sure, you really don't have to earn this record. A nice intro and four good songs, that's all what they own here, and five times we do get total crap songs that really no one at all needs (even if you are on their side of the political agenda, and even if you like such music MPU are playing, even then I could bet that there are a lot of better bands out there then this stuff here...), and that should make clear that you also don't need that record. Hm, maybe they would like to sound like ENDSTUFE and bands like this, but they are really lacking any what-so-ever ability to reach this goal at all. So, all you PC idiots out there, calm your mood, you don't have to order this record from some obscure swell outs and hide it from your friends... No, guys, that's pretty much crap what you get here, so forget about this one here, and maybe MPU should also forget about it or, if they've planned to do a new record, they should work at least really strong on their abilities to make music at all, and yes, I'm damn lucks that I know nothing of their other bands out there after their skills and potentials aren't even enough for ths one singl band or project here... And I really have to have a serious talk with my dude who gave me this record, haha;-). (4 of 10 points)
(And now do you get the link to their MySpace site or did you've expect that I would not name it here... Oh come on guys...)
(By the way, the bandname MPU is coming from the german concept called 'MPU' and that is a german procedure that you have to go through if you've lost your driving license for example due to alcohol abuse and stuff like that, and it's colloqiually called 'Idiotentest' wht you may translate as 'Idiottest'... and if you now get it done to build a connection between this and the music that they're playing here on this record, then you're maybe right, haha;-)...)

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