Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! Brazil

TROPEL - "PELA GLORIA DAS RUAS" ("Skins On Attack Records"; CD):
Okay, it's a little bit older, released some time back in 2007 I guess, but I just got it now. You know, too many bands out there so you can surely miss one or two and so with their records. TROPEL are a brazlian band and that's for what I know their first record at all after their demo, ah, and of the demo you can find three songs also here on this record. Ah, the label that's releasing it is a german one for what I know, but I don't know anything about it. Hm, but the logo is strange, two MP-40 Wehrmacht Machine Pistols crossed over an trojan helmet?!? WTF?!? But okay, how-ever, now to TROPEL: Brazilian band singing in brazilian language, playing very hard, yet melodic old school Oi!, marked by the brutal voice of the lead singer as well as the crushing guitar playing. All damn hard and aggressiv, yet melodic and very sing-a-long compatible, at least if you can speak the language, haha;-). It's nothing overly exciting or special or so, good solid stuff, maybe to be announced as a brazilian version of CONDEMNED 84 or maybe even RETALIATOR. So you should know what you get, very hard Skinhead Oi!, but that's also not lacking of good melodies and some really hymnal moments. Very aggressive, and the very violent lyrics really fit perfectly. It comes in a very good artwork, with linernotes and english translation of the lyrics, and a very rough and raw and dirty production sound. It's a short review, I know, but here's nothing left to say at this point anymore, so that's it. Pretty good stuff!!! Give it a try, if you like hard and angry rockin' old style Skinhead Oi! musick!!! (7 of 10 points)

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