Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

... it's a balance of terror, keeps everyone in their place, count your blessings on sanity, because it just might save the whole human race...

Yeahr, here it is, the announced review of this re-release of the great WRECKING CREW (already featured with a 'Videos' post here on this very blog), done by "I Scream Records" now-a-days also already four years ago back in the days of the year of 2006. But that won't stop me from reviewing it here for you, just for the case that sme of you had missed out on this one. This one is a really great record, a important, necessary and very good re-release of this masterpiece of the Boston Hardcore scene of the late 1980's. The WRECKING CREW played something you might now-a-days call Metalcore of the first generation (also so it's correctly written in the linernotes, "THEY WERE METALCORE LONG BEFORE THAT SOUND BECAME THE PROVINCE OF CHRISTIAN KIDS WITH SMART HAIRCUTS."), or maybe you might like to call it Crossover (but not the 1990's way, here you'll find no Rap, Techno, or-what-the-hell-else-ever). Imagine a self-constrained mixture out of early New York Hardcore (WARZONE, early AGNOSTIC FRONT), Boston Hardcore (the SLAPSHOT way brewed), old school traditional Crustcore (just to name DISCHARGE), Hardcore- and Metalpunk (especially G.B.H. must be named), and a bunch of more or less clichè-free U.S. East Coast Thrash Metal (like ANTHRAX and OVERKILL), and you do have a really good impression of the music of the WRECKING CREW. And yes, if you also like S.O.D. and/or M.O.D. you'll also make no mistake with them. Damn great stuff!!! The guys knowed how to play, and they really wrote also real strong songs. Thumbs up!!! On top of it we do get a brilliant artwork, great lyrics, and a very rough and tough production sound. We do get also two very good Bonus songs, and of them is a very good cover of the great BATALLION OF SAINTS. Really a damn strong record, make sure that you call it your own!!! (9 of 10 points)

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