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Hey folks,
some guys now will maybe start thinking: "What's now wrong?" but I'll post this one here anyhow. It's a 'Videos' posting paying a little tribute to the Philly Boys of the ARRESTING OFFICERS. They will be also featured as one of the next postings in the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this very blog, so I won't say that much about them here at this time and place, but some words I just have to say. So:
I won't try to defend or justify them, for that they had been a at least pro white and White Pride band... and to be honest, even I can't find any NS affiliation on their records, they were not only White Pride or pro white, but they were White Power, if you ask me. On their second record, "LAND & HERITAGE" (released in 1990 by "Rock O Rama Records" from Germany), you can even hear background chants that go "White Power!" so there's no need to discuss it anyhow. So why I feature them here on this blog anyhow? First, no NS crap there, and that's pretty much the bottom line here so that's okay. Second, they were a great if not fantastic band, playing some great music and singing some beside all 'weltanschauungs-issues' a lot of really damn good and still fucking true lyrics. They released two records, "PATRIOTIC VOICE" in 1988 and the already mentioned "LAND & HERITAGE" in 1990, both records released by the german label "Rock O Rama Records", and they moved from right wing American Oi! to outspoken American R.A.C. with some 'strong' lyrics, but you have to keep in mind the time they excisted. The final but still 'heated' phase of the Cold War (or maybe call it better World War III), so being anti-communist was nothing 'evil' anyhow (as if it would today be something 'evil' to stand opposed a system like the soviet union it was... if you think different about it, then go and fuck yourself and then think about some lessons that the history of the 20th century taught us all), especially not in the U.S.A. (the leading force in the global battle against the soviet union), being conservative was also nothing 'evil' (and why should it be now-a-days something anyhow 'evil'), being patriotic and proud of your heritage and creed wasn't a crime (and shouldn't be it today), so that's all okay, no matter if you share their opinions or not, and when it comes to their bullshit xenophobic-racist issues, then okay, stupid crap, but on the other hand you have to say that in times of social upheavals (like the final phase of the Cold War it was) this tendencies become always stronger and start to being expressed more and more radical (on the left as well as on the right), as fucked up this may be, but that's how it was, how it still is, and how it will be also in the future, no matter if you like or not, and that it's wrong, nah, there's no need to discuss it here anyway. So yeahr, like it or not, but if you keep all up to here said in mind, then the ARRESTING OFFICERS, even they were Skinheads, weren't more 'evil' like for example GUNS'N'ROSES back in the days ("... immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me, they come to our country and spread some fucking disease...", yes, it's taken from an old GUNS'N'ROSES song, maybe you'll find out wich song it is... it's a great song, and maybe the lyrics are 'evil' but think about it for a moment, and then tell me: Are they really so wrong at all?!?), and that's a band we all used to love to listen to once and that for a lot of good reasons. And also, back from GUNS'N'ROSES to the ARRESTING OFFICERS, the Philly boys had been a very important band when it comes to American Oi! music, 'cause if you listen to their guitar work and the style of singing, then you can get a pretty good impression of how important they had been and what great job they've done in developing the style of American Oi! music from the 1980's to the 1990's and even today. So, yes, that are the reasons why they will become a part of the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this blog, and that're also the reasons why I'm currently paying them already a little tribute with this 'Videos' posting here. If you like it: Cool! Lean back, enjoy it! If you don't like it: Cool! You don't have to listen to it, no problem with that at all!!! Ah, by the way, after the band called it a day former members went on and formed the American Oi! bands of LIMECELL (good stuff) and the SONS OF LIBERTY (great band), just that you know it!!!
I'll give you a video to their great anthem "WORKING CLASS PATRIOT". It's from their second record "LAND & HERITAGE" (1990), and yes, it's very, very, hm, let us call it 'pro white' at least, but if you can read about this xenophobic if not racist crap, then you will find out that the lyrics are really good and tell some really true things, it's a pity that they've been drawing the wrong conclusions from the described and critized circumstances with their outspoken racist or at least 'pro-white' stance, but that doesn't matter that much at all, 'cause beside this they were right after all, and they still are it, and yes, they really used to understand the meaning of 'imigration-policy' the 'rich man' respectively the ruling class still propagates!!! So now do come the lyrics, and then the video is coming... ah, the video it's not a 'real' video, just an old bandpicture of them shown while the song is playing, but it should be okay anyhow!!! Okay, now first the lyrics, then the video, so here we go:
"The hammer built this country and the working class still stands / We're one nation, one dominion, and one people should take command / Our roots are European and our foundation is strong / We don't need the banker and the Reds just don't belong / WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS PATRIOT -WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS WAY OF LIFE / We fight for the family and the culture that we love / But the rich man tries to mix up to keep his power pure / He wants to see the battle plans rising to the sky / Because he knows when we're at odds, his reign will be untried / WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS PATRIOT - WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS WAY OF LIFE / The factories are closing or they're sold to foreign lands / But what the rich man's selling out is the future working man / Throughout the generations with pride they used their hands / As our father built the family, our people built this land / WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS PATRIOT - WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS WAY OF LIFE / Because we know a third way, beyond the tried and failed / We'll live a life of sacrifice 'til the new way is unveiled / We'll take the crooked capitalists and we're gonna make them pay / And once again our destinies will be our own to make / WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS PATRIOT -WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS WAY OF LIFE / WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS PATRIOT - WHITE, WHITE, WHITE WORKING CLASS - WORKING CLASS WAY OF LIFE"
That had been the lyrics, and now comes the video, so enjoy it!!!


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