Dienstag, 31. August 2010


BATTALION 86 - "AND THE SPIRIT SURVIVES..." ("Reality Clash Records"; CD):
Yes, this fine piece of American Oi! music is already a little bit older right now, I know. But the band decided to quit soon after the release of this record, but- praise the lord or whom or what-ever...- it seems that they are these days together again and also working on a new record, and that would really be more than just great!!! And yes, to introduce them to you and also this record I don't give a single damn about how old this record today now is, hm, maybe just take it as another little 'classical record' that's being reviewed here by me. This patriotic U.S. guys are playing dustdry and massive and heavy American Oi! on a pretty high level of quality. Basically inspired by old british Oi! legends like THE LAST RESORT (BATTALION 86 do also cover "VIOLENCE IN OUR MINDS" of them in a pretty cool way) and CONDEMNED 84, as well as by some few old tyme U.S. Hardcore roughnecks like WARZONE and SLAPSHOT and AGNOSTIC FRONT, and also by a lot of good ol' American Oi! music, and they do it all already pretty unique, and that's really cool and damn good!!! Especially the damn good and interesting songwriting as well as the very well-versed guitar work and the brutal yet smart vocals really knew and know to convince me (and that right from the start). And knowing how to play their instruments they also know for sure!!! If you like FEAR CITY, TOTAL ANNIHILATION, CRUCIAL CHANGE, and COUNTERATTACK, and if you imagine a pretty much alone standing mixture out of all these bands, then BATTALION 86 are really a 'listening-duty' to ya. It all comes in a great designed artwork, with first class (very militant) lyrics, and in pretty dirty and very good production sound. If you still don't have it, then waste no more time any longer and try to get it!!! Damn good stuff!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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