Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

... spreading so much fear, never know the end is near...

Hey folks,
I'm back with a new vey little post for this day. You know, I've started working again this week, my summer vacation is over and so time is slipping away currently. Also I've got plenty of stuff this days to do and so I'm currently missing right now a little bit the time to keep the 'posting pace' of the last weeks up, but don't worry too much, 'cause I'll keep the work up and a lot stuff will be coming soon, 'one' after 'another', no hurry, but stay tuned. I've already announced you some new interviews that are in the work (check the last 'News' postings) and will be coming, also will be some new 'Sports' postings coming very soon, and a bunch of new zines and records are waiting to be reviewed by me, the 'American Oi! History Series' will be continued very soon, and also some complete new stuff is in the making for the coming weeks or so, so you see, things are still 'under fire' when it comes to this very blog here. So yeahr, I'm back home today after I've spent a great day with my chica amante in Leipzig over in East Germany. We went to the once (?) or still (?) controversial exposition called "Körperwelten" (maybe to translate as "Bodyworlds" or so...) with this whole 'rehashed dead people' from where the hells knows where. I can tell ya, it's a great exposition!!! If you're interested in stuff like this, don't know, call it 'art' or 'culture' or 'science' or maybe 'arty culture-scienece' or 'anatomy-art' or how-ever, then you should really go 'cause you should have to see this great exhibition. But that's another story. So yes, back home, damn tired (not at least because of this whole 'drving cross the nation' tour to Leipzig and back again through Germany) I thought that I could post a nice new one for ya, and after listening to the WRECKING CREW very often the last time it's a 'Videos' goody of them for you.
(By the way, maybe with some bands introduced and records reviewed the next time things will maybe get a little bit more controversial for some guys the next time, but you know what, all you bleeding heart faggots, I just don't care about you, your problems, your crap cheap talk and your world, so fuck off, get your arse up and get a real life where you have to deal with real life issues!!!)
The WRECKING CREW had been a great Hardcore band from Boston of the late 1980's and early 1990's, they played a style of music you might call Metal Core the Old School way, no Emo and/or Screamo stuff in it, no Death Metal crap, no Black Metal circus, just a metallic Hardcore sound that you have to love if you also use to listen with pleasure to S.O.D., M.O.D., CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, and D.R.I., and stuff like that. But the WRECKING CREW really played a style very much of their own, be sure about that!!! I will also put an review of their re-release version of the "BALANCE OF TERROR" masterpiece (released some time ago by "I Scream Records") up and ready and online the next time, then you'll get to know more about them and their history and their music, but that's some 'futur-musick' or so, so now to the video here. It's a video of or to their great track "WHY MUST THEY?" that you can also find on the above already mentioned "BALANCE OF TERROR" masterpiece. Great band, great music, great song, great lyrics, and a great video, ha, guess that's making this one here also a great post, or what else, haha;-)!!! You'll get the video after this words here, but now fisrt straight on to the lyrics:

"Living in a world like this / looking for the answers inside / Searching for the truth / Never know when you win or lose /// People who tell lies / things are different in their eyes / Spreading so much fear / Never know the end is near /// WHY MUST THEY? (4x)"
So, and now here comes the video, and yeahr, it's a nice one, so enjoy it:


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