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Hey folks,
here's the next shot aimed at you!!! Next interview is ready to be posted here for your enjoyment and information, and, of course, to give the interview partner the more than just justified support. Okay, that's something like the 'bottom line' with every interview I'm doing, but with this one here, yeahr, what shall I say, I'm really excited about it!!! I've done it with RYAN of CRUCIAL CHANGE and the "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog, so you see, he's also a 'blog-runner' like me, might call him a 'partner in crime', haha;-), and I'm proud and happy to give him at least some little support, 'cause he's doing afuckin' great job with his blog. And you know what, also "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" was one of the reasons why I decided to run a blog by myself after I've realized that I currently just can't get a new issue of my former "MANSLAUGHTER FANZINE BAD HARZBURG" done. I liked Ryan's blog right from the start, great work, and I thought that something like this would be a great way to keep up the work I've done with my fanzine, just in another form. So you see why this interview is also something a little bit special to me!!! But Iwon't tell ya more about the blog, 'cause that's exactly what Ryan can much, much better and what he will do with the following words, so just enjoy it, if you ask me, a very good interview and a big "THANX A LOT!" for it shall be shouted out loud to Ryan, check his work and band out, great and passionate work!!! He's also given us a big bunch of damn good and very 'deep' answers and 'inside-views', really a fuckin' good job he'd done here, making it a great interview to read!!! So, and now just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!

01.) Hey Ryan, first of all a big THANX for doing this interview. How are you doing these days?!?
Thanks dude! Things are going really well! I've been working a lot lately, not on the blog but for actual money, I work in landscape. My wife and I are trying to save money to buy a house sometime in the next year or so. The blog is going great! I've been getting a lot of good feed-back.

02.) Just to get better known to you at this starting point of the interview: Introduce yourself to the readers and me, so that we know with whom we are dealing here and that you are not a what-so-ever 'shady' person, haha;-).
Well, my name is Ryan; I run the blog "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" and play bass in the American Oi! band CRUCIAL CHANGE. Like I aready said, I have a wife, her name is Whitney. I have a one year old dog; he's a 'Pugle' (a Pug and Beagle mix). I'm a fan of all sorts of muic but my favorite is the genre we all know as Oi!

03.) Okay, the reason for this interview is the blog you're running, the great "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog. First of all, to start it all really off with, tell us what was your motivation to start it, and when did you start it? So, yeahr, where, when, why, and who?
I think all people have a thought of how they can contribute to their scene, wether it's making music, starting a zine, making T-Shirts, I just went with the easiest idea... a blog. Haha! But for real, Tyler (singer of CRUCIAL CHANGE) and I have been talking about do something like it for at least a year before it actually came to be. I had some time off work and got really bored, so I thought, what better time then now. My vision was to have a huge data-base for all Oi! and Skinhead bands, no matter what side of the fence they were on, or time period. I always wanted to find a site that I could check out bios on SKREWDRIVER and THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS. So I think it was November of last year (2009) when "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" came to life, and the rest is history. I still have a long way to go before it's a huge data-base for the scene, but I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. (I hope so, sounds great, keep it going on! - Manslaughter Andy)

04.) Are you running the blog all alone, or are there some guys more that are helping you in one form or another with your blog?
Tyler (singer of CRUCIAL CHANGE) contributes to it as well, but for the most part it's me. Tyler has done probably some of the best things on it, like the EVIL SKINS bio, the STÖRKRAFT bio, and the COMBAT 84 bio. Those are pretty much his favorite bands so I didn't want to miss anything that he would call me out on. He's an amazing writer though, and not to sound like too much of a jerk off, but probably one of the smartest , well spoken people I've met.

05.) You are also playing in the awesome American Oi! band CRUCIAL CHANGE. I don't want to get into it too deep, 'cause this interview should be solely about yur "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog, and I want also to do an exclusive interview with CRUCIAL CHANGE, but one single question: Is there any 'linking chain' between CRUCIAL CHANGE and "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" and how far would you go with using your blog as a base for promotion of the band? Any scruples at one point, and if so: Why and which?
CRUCIAL CHANGE is, for the most part, "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY". Tyler and I are the soul members of CRUCIAL CHANGE and we are the only two people to touch "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY". I do have a section for our band, but I try to just keep it at announcements, like when we are going play and recording, you know stuff like that. I have also posted interviews we have done in the past with other zines or blogs, but I would never interview myself or Tyler, that just seems weird and stupid.

06.) You're featuring on your blog a good and well consumerate mixture out of old and/or 'historical' bands and young and/or 'brandnew' bands. Doing this you're covering a pretty wide distance of 'time and space', from the 1980's to the present day. And yeahr, that's a very good 'line of action'!!! What is more important to you to give to us the readers, knowledge for the young of the past or to help young and new and up and coming bands out to help them to promote themselves? Will you follow this 'line of action' also in the future?
Well, sense 'the huge Oi! data-base' isn't conquered (by a fuckin' long shot), I chose to do bands from the past that I feel got over looked or misunderstood. And the new bands are always something I think is really important. I've heard enough about THE BUSINESS, THE TEMPLARS, and THE 4 SKINS for a life time, but for some reasons that's all I hear other websites and people talk about. Not too many people seem to be caring where the scene is going, they just want to relive the past.

07.) Why do you choose to run a blog and not a 'classical' or 'traditional' webzines with a proper homepage or a printed fanzine? What would you say, what is today more important or would it not be better to not build artificial frontlines between 'digital medias' and 'analog medias' to support the bands and the music? What other blogs would you endorse, and what fanzines of today (if american or not is not important here...) are a must-read when it comes to your opinion?
As of right now I'm hope to turn "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" into something a whole lot bigger than what it is now. I hope to put out a fanzine this time next year, start making T-Shirts, and release albums. (Great! - Manslaughter Andy) The blog is just a stepping stone! As for the 'digital media' question, I have to love and hate both. I love owning actual records and CD's of my favorite bands, but with how young I am, I probably wouldn't have ever had the chance to listen to the bands that I can call my favorites if it wasn't for the internet and downloading. It is what it is! Some fanzines everyone should check out are "SUBCULTURE SPIRIT" my friend my friend Jeff from Canada does with his girlfriend Jenny Woo (She does also amazing acoustic Oi! music, check her out! - Manslaughter Andy), and of course "BREW & HONOUR", Erik Scott is a fucking psycho!

08.) Now coming more intense to the content of your blog: What are the categories that must be imbuesed by bands to get featured on "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY"?
Your band will usually just have to fit in to the Skinhead scene. That's about all. You'll probably have a better chance of getting on the blog if I like your music as well.

09.) You are featuring a lot of different bands, coming from differet parts of the world, first and foremost especially Europe and the States, and that's always a good thing, at least if you ask me. By reading your blog you can get the impression that Oi! and R.A.C. from the central to th southern european states of France, Spain, and Italy is playing a huge important role when it comes to music and your musical socialization, what I think is prety interesting. Can you tell us why, I mean, what is fasinating you so much when it comes to this style of Oi! and R.A.C. music?
Yes, I do tend to cover bands that most people wouldn't think a 25 year old from the States would be into. I'm not sure why that is? I think it's because I give bands a chance even though they don't speak my language. I think a lot of American Skinheads have a problem with listening to lyrics that are not in English. Bands like BÖHSE ONKELZ, KOMINTERN SECT., GOL NORD, YOUNGGANG, and ENDSTUFE should all be at the top of any Skinheads list of bands. But since they don't speak English, they don't get shit for respect in America.

10.) Also some swedish bands are featured on your blog. And yeahr, I think a lot of folks will run amok infront of their computer screens when they read MIDGARDS SÖNER and THE HEADHUNTERS, haha;-). Before we get a little bit deeper into this whole discussion (or how-ever you may like to call it...), what are your thoughts on scandinavian Skinhead/Bootboy music and it's specific character it's bringing to the world of steeltoed musick (for example with Vikingrock and stuff like this)? Beside the two mentioned bands, what are your favorites of the past and the present, and what/which scandinavian bands can we expect to be featured in the future on your blog?
I'm a huge fan of Vikingrock. I love MIDGARDS SÖNER, THE HEADHUNTERS, and ULTIMA THULE, I even like Vikingmetal like AMON AMARTH, and ENSIFERUM. Something about this high notes they do, just get me going, makes me feel like I can take on the world. I think Sweden has a lot of good Oi! bands, though, like STEELCAPPED STRENGTH, UNIT LOST, FORBIDDEN RAGE, PLUTON SVEA, all good bands.

11.) With DONARS GROLL and STÖRKRAFT there are also two german bands featured on your blog. And why you choose STÖRKRAFT? (Okay, I know, why not, haha;-)!?!...) Very controversial (or even more like this) here in Germany in the past, and I think also today for a lot of people a strict 'No Go!' at all. I think a lot of people should finally get aware of it that the band changed a lot in the time of their existence, and that right wing views are not equal with being a Nazi or what the hell ever else. What's your opinion to it, and did you know about the discussion that's going 'round this band, and is this well known in the American Oi! and/or U.S. Skinhead world of today?
I think DONARS GROLL just flat out rocks. STÖRKRAFT has to be probably one of the best bands of all time though. I really think they got a bad rap from back in the day. Yes, I know they were right wing and Nazis and shit. But they took that all back even before they went on trial for your guys stupid speech laws. (Yeahr, and they dare to still call it a democracy what we have over here in Germany!!! - Manslaughter Andy) I don't know too many Skins in America who know about the controversy that surrounds STÖRKRAFT, I actually doubt too many even know wo STÖRKRAFT is. I really don't care about what people think about me for putting them up on the blog. (And that for some good reasons!!! - Manslaughter Andy) Like it or not, they were a huge part of the Skinhead scene.

12.) What I was wondering about the first I read your blog was the fact, that you feature not that many bands from Britain at all. How does it come? I ask, because it's maybe not exactly this what you may expect from an Skinhead blog that's called "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY", if you know what I mean?!? By the way, especially over here in Germany the whole old british bands like for example THE 4 SKINS and INDECENT EXPOSURE do get a huge load of support today after their reunions. It's maybe (still) justified, but somehow I can't kill the thought that this is all more bullshit than anything else, 'cause all the energy, the time, the passion, the work, and the money that gets invested in them should better be invested in young promising bands. But okay, that's just my opinion, haha;-). What do you think about this subject?
The name "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" actually comes from a CRUCIAL CHANGE song that has yet to be recorded. The song has nothing to do with the scene; I just thought it sounded like a cool name for a music blog. The big reason for not too many British bands though is I think it's all been done before. Me writing about THE BUSINESS, THE 4 SKINS, or THE COCKNEY REJECTS would be a waste of people's time. I would rather write about bands only a few Skins from the States know about. That way I have something new to offer. Not to mention I think British Oi! is a little bit played out. Germany, and France had the best bands.

13.) Also some bands from South America made it on your blog. In the very last time I got the impression that especially Brazil has (still) a very strong going Oi! scene to offer these days. What do you think of this? Will there be coming more southern american bands on your blog? I hope so, 'cause a lot of this acts are still very 'exotic' over here, or at least to me, haha;-). Ah, yeahr, and how is the connection between the scenes of the U.S.A. and the scenes of South America in general? I ask because it's one continent, so is there somehing like a 'good link' between the different scenes?
South America seems to have a pretty good scene. Chile has some very dedicated Skinheads, as well as Brazil. BRASSIC just got back from Brazil which they told me was a great experience. They played some shows with BANDEIRA DE COMBATE, who is an amazing band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I really like the Brazilian bands THE SKULLS and FIST OF STEEL as well.

14.) A question that goes in a very similar direction: How do we have to imagine the connection between the Oi! movements in the U.S.A. and it's 'counterpart' up there in Canada? Something like the clichè rivalry that shall exist between the U.S.A. and Canada, something that is often somehow puported over here, or good friendly (maybe violent;-)...) fun? And what are your thoughts on the Skinhead, Bootboy, Oi! culture of Canada? I think they got a lot of great bands in the past like for example GASSENHAUER, THE GLORY STOMPERS, SUBWAY THUGS, THE NEW BREED, THE RABBLEROUSERS, and THE PROWLERS., and they still do have very good bands up there, just to name ALTERNATE ACTION, NO ALLIANCE, COUP DE MASSE, and BOOTPRINT. What's your opinion 'bout it? And: Any secret hints?
I been to Canada twice to play shows, and let me tell ya, their scene is great. They do their best to sing along even though they don't know the lyrics, and they show respect to everyone that gives respect. None of the gang and the higher Archie shit that has plagued the American scene. I'm a huge fan of COUP DE MASSE, and ALTERNATE ACTION. My BOOTPRINT records are coming in the mail as we speak and I can't wait to play the shit out of those albums. I also liked the band N.F.G. who is not around anymore.

15.) You've written to me that you also like the great THE ANTI-HEROS very much, and there are also some American Oi! bands featured on your blog. I think that there will be also coming more, right? Something in this direction already planned? What are your favorite bands when it comes to the old American Oi! bands from the 1980's and the 1990's, and what bands are just a must-know when it comes to the current breed of American Oi! music? Of course, beide CRUCIAL CHANGE!
America has always had great bands. My favorites are of course THE ANTI-HEROS, and STARS & STRIPES, but I think two of the most unaccredited bands in the American scene are THE KICKER BOYS, and MOONSTOMP. Both bands from Atlanta, both bands rock harder than most the bullshit you hear today. (That's right, and to you, the readers, if you don't know the bands then just check them out. Great bands! There's a compilation of them floating around that contains MONNSTOMPs "THEY NEVER SEE" record and the self-titled record of the THE KICKER BOYS on one disc, released by "Step One Music" going under the 'nick-name' of "28 American Oi! Anthems", so try everything gto get this one. Try it now! - Manslaughter Andy) I'm not a uge fan of American Oi! at the moment. I like the bands BRASSIC, SUCKERED IN, BLEACH BATTALION, and THE AMERISKINS. I think the band FIGHTING 84 has great potential but for now they need to work on their sound. Other than that I would like to take CRUCIAL CHANGE to the top of everyone's list of favorite American Oi! bands.

16.) Now coming to some serious topics, haha;-): Like I've already said above, you're featuring Oi! as well as R.A.C. bands from across the world. At least here in Germany a lot of jackasses would start bashing on you with 'Nazi!' mace and the 'Fascist!' mallet, just because you also introduce some R.A.C. bands. Is the situation in the U.S.A. someway different? And what do you think about it?
My opinion on R.A.C. is this: If you like it, cool! If you don't like it, cool! I don't go out and try to find the most racist or fascist thing I can wrap my head around, I try to find music that I think rocks. I like DIVISION 250 because they rock, I love SKULLHEAD because they rock, I hate NO REMORSE because I think they suck, musically and politically. Americans are weird when it comes to R.A.C. They only listen to early SKREWDRIVER, and BRUTAL ATTACK. If you like anything else it better be Japanese R.A.C. because they are not white. It's really stupid!

17.) Some problems guys do often have with R.A.C. are because of the racist and anti-Semitic stance that especially today a lot of the bands out of this genre do have, this whole White Power NS faggot crap. I have to admit that I can't stand this crap by myself, but at the same time I also have to admit that R.A.C. is not equaling R.A.C., 'cause like nearly everywhere in life also with R.A.C. there are two sides of the story, and a lot of the bands do differ very much from each other, no matter if it's because of the music or because of the lyrics, and this whole White Power NS crap isn't R.A.C. at all. So maybe a lot of guys should better get a real life and start to take care of some real problems of their own out there and stop the defaming hustle. Especially here in Germany it's these days very hard to stand this whole bullshit and anonymous cheap talk via the internet. And also CONDEMNED 84 are called NS, and THE TEMPLARS are defamed as hidden racists and fascists, OXBLOOD are defamed as Nazi Rock, and much more ridiculous stupid shit lik this. Yes, it's truly unbelievable! What's your standpoint when it comes to R.A.C. and the above mentioned problems? Ah, ha, and with this 'insight view' of the two-fisted investigation of the german AFA scene and their investigation results, do you really wanna tell me that it's the same way in the States, haha;-)!?! But, by the way, kick down this PC faggots wherever you meet and can get them!!!

Well, I have my own politics, as I'm sure you have yours, and so on, and so on. I happen to be anti-racist, but I don't need a song to tell you how you think!!! I listen to bands like SKREWDRIVER, and DIVISION 250, because I like their music. When people go out of their way, they are only hurting themselves. They are tearing the scene apart and telling us to unite at the same time. I could give a fuck less about the scene, I'm a Skinhead for myself! (That's some good and true words! - Manslaughter Andy) I don't care who's racist and who's not. Just because I'm a Skinhead doesn't mean I'm friends with everyone else who's a Skinhead. (Damn right! - Manslaughter Andy) But for fuck sake, THE TEMPLARS!!! Phil's black!!! If someone is going to accuse Phil of being racist they are not only stupid but also blind!!! I personally find THE TEMPLARS to be a bad band, that I haven't willingly listened to sense I was 21, but to call them hidden racists is just beyond me.

18.) Beside this, what are your thoughts on SHARP and RASH? I think it's a pity and really sad that SHARP was first occupied by some stupid long haired Hippies wearing SHARP buttons and patches but having nothing to do with it, and also that nowadays SHARP is often taken away it's pure anti-racist stance by turning it into some toy for the AFA and other worthless jackasses like this. I think it's really sad and taking away the 'true' or 'original' or 'real' meaning behind it, if you ask me. And RASH... pretty much the same crap as on the other side the stupid White Power NS Bonehead lowlife scum!!! At least that's how I see it over here in Germany. How's the situation in the States today, and what's your standpoint to it?
I think the whole SHARP and RASH thing is stupid! Why would you want to go out of your way to put a patch on tha says you're anti-racist so that normal people see you and say: "Oh, I guess not all Skinheads are racists!"? If you want to be a Skinhead you should already know what the common person thinks of you. And if you have a problem with what they think, then don't be one!

19.) Okay, beside this all, back to your blog: When will there be finally coming some Skinhead Hardcore featured on it?!? I'm waiting desperatly, haha;-)!!!
I'm a big fan of all Hardcore. Old School, NYHC, Posi, and Straight Edge. You should have to wait long.

20.) Coming slowly to the end of this interview, but the last one or two questions are still waiting for ya, so here we go: The european scene is well known to you, so please tell us about your personal favorite bands from the 'old world', past and present, that you can't go on without?!?
I like too many bands to count. But I'll give you a couple from each country that I cannot live without. UK: SKULLHEAD, COMBAT 84, and VIOLENT STORM. Germany: ENDSTUFE, STÖRKRAFT, and BÖHSE ONKELZ. France: EVIL SKINS, KOMINTERN SECT., and BRUTAL COMBAT. Spain: DIVISION 250, and GLORY BOYS. Sweden: MIDGARDS SÖNER, and ULTIMA THULE. Italy: PLASTIC SURGERY. Belgium: KILL BABY, KILL. R.I.P. Dieter Samoy!!!

21.) Last or better final question of this interview: You are not offering downloads on your blog, why not, and what do you think of downloads in general and 'download blogs' in particular? Ah, and please tell us some of your near future plans with your blog! Would be great!
I don't put up downloads for two reasons. 1st is I don't know how, I'm not very good with computers, and 2nd is I don't really care to. I wanted more of an information blog. If you want to go download albums check out the "ROCK AND RIOT" blog. The next thing for "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" is T-Shirts. I hope to have them ready within three months. (Ryan, I need one! - Manslaughter Andy) I would also like to start releasing albums and comps in the next year. (That can really get great! - Manslaughter Andy)

22.) Yeahr, that's it, I'm through with all the questions on my writing pad, and I think it was already a pretty long interview for you to get worked through, haha;-)!!! So once again, THANX A LOT mate!!! Keep up the damn good work with your blog and stay true to the cause!!! The last words now remain to you!!! The best Greetings from Germany, keep in touch!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Thank you Andy for the interview, and thank you to all the people who read the blog!!! Stay tuned there is a lot gto come!!!

Yeahr guys, that's all, that was the interview with Ryan and "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY". Like I've already said, he'd done a great job with his answers, speaking the truth, so that it became a damn good and strong interview, THANKS Ryan and keep in touch!!! And you, the readers, now go and check out the "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog, one of the very best blogs on the web!!! And you can check the blog by clicking on the link!!! Cheers & Oi!

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