Montag, 16. August 2010

... we hear all this bullshit all the time, it's in one side and out the other ear, we just want to drink our fuckin' beer...

The (maybe) final post for today guys,

'cause then I have finally all the clips up for ya that should be already up for quite a while now. This one is a video of the great THE BARONS from Delaware/U.S.A. and I've already reviewed their "AMERICAN BEER DRINKING SONG" record some time ago, hm, I think it must have been during the last month or so. Anyhow, it's a great record and a damn great band that you really should need to know, I mean both, the awesome record as well as the very authentic and sympathic and just great band. I love this band and music, and also their great lyrics really rock and rule!!! I would love to see them live some day!!! So, yes, there's not much left to say here what-so-ever, you now get the clip for their hymn "SOCIAL DISEASE", that you can also find on the above mentioned record. It's straight up hard rockin' and edged rollin' American Working Class Beer Drinking Street Rock & Roll music that's just amazingly good!!! Buy their records and support this great band!!! The clip is a performance clip where you can see the band performing their song 'especially for the camera', and it's a pretty professional done clip at all. So, yeahr, that's it, now the lyrics, then the video, lean back, open up a can, and fuckin' damn enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!


We ain't trying to make nobody's scene
And we don't wear our hearts out on our sleeves
As a matter of fact I think it's a social disease
Don't blame me if you don't know what you need

We're heading fo disaster
With the way they run this place
They're banging on my front door
And lying to my face

Everything you're into is on their radar screen
And you ain't doing nothing they ain't already seen

We hear all this bullshit all the time
And we ain't going to tow their party line
It's in one side and out the other ear
We just want to drink our fuckin' beer!!!

(THE BARONS - "SOCIAL DISEASE"; taken from THE BARONS - "AMERICAN BEER DRINKING SONGS" released in 2008 by "Motherbox Records")


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