Montag, 2. August 2010


THE OLD SOULS - "ROCK & ROLL CURSE" ("Pure Impact Records"; CD): Oh, this could get tough, trouble's ahead, haha;-)!!! After already 'evil' bands like ENDSTUFE, TMF, ULTIMA THULE, GLORY BOYS, SKINFULL, oh, and not to forget the 'more evil than the devil himself' worst german WP NS Boneheads of the KRAWALLBRÜDER here comes a review of THE OLD SOULS. And here some folks will really will run amok infront of their computer screens. Why this here is so, hm, let us call it controversial? This is the new band of the two folks Roy and Tom, both are or maybe had been (?) members of the White Power NS Punk band FINAL WAR... Okay, did you started breathing again?!? Well, then ahead!!! THE OLD SOULS are their new band, like already mentioned before, and they recruited a guy named Ben who's doing the singing here in this band and on this record. It came out at the end of 2008 via "Pure Impact Records". Ben, who's doing the singing, shall be without any White Power attitude and sympathies, for what I've read on the web. Also I've read that the both, Roy and Tom, shall be walking somewhat like away from the White Power music, Nazi Punk scenery. But I don't know it... and I also don't give a damn about it at all at the end of the day!!! And also this record here is basically free of politics, and it's free of this WP NS faggot crap. Okay, I think it's not totally free of politics or some 'weltanschauung-issues' at all, 'cause tracks like "OLD SOULS REBORN", "TAKE ME", and "UN ITALIA!" are very, hm, very 'proud of your heritage', but for what I do think in no any 'evil' way at all, haha;-), so it's more than okay with me!!! Of this WP NS 14/88 Hate Rock music I never was a fan, never worked into it, never will, too much stupidity and mentally and intellectual incest (if only that...) in it. So I was not that attracted by this release at first, and that's the reason why I just got it more or less now a days. Okay, so what do we get here after all this 'serious political stuff'?!? We get really good Punkrock music, that I can tell ya for sure, very, very well-done (these guys really know how to play their instruments, and you know what, they know even better how to write grapping music and such songs). It's a very stand-alone hard, yet very melodic Punkrock musick cocktail that you get to hear here. Maybe just somehow to locate between the energetic and more Punk than Rock songs of SOCIAL DISTORTION and the better BAD RELIGION records, but all in all with a huge load of Streetpunk charm to it. And it's all done very stand-alone and marked by the great and somtimes even brilliant guitar work. Also we do get cool lyrics, good done, piracy, nordic mythology, rebellion, some kind of 'patriotism', and more stuff like this. Ha, and since RUNNING WILD back in the long, long ago days I pretty much think that no other 'Pirate' band knew to convince me that much, haha;-). My favorites? Okay, here we go, the forward pushing opener "GRIM REAPER FLIES", the hard stomper "OLD SOULS REBORN", the very melodic and 'stormy' "TAKE ME", the groovy anthem "UNDER JOLLY ROGER", the very catchy and hymnal "UN ITALIA!", the brilliant "LOST AT SEA" (that's a great one, just take a listen to the fantastic guitar leads, and yes, haha, this leads could also be written by the above mentioned RUNNING WILD, whatever this may mean, haha;-)...), and also the angry smasher "BORN IN DECADENCE". If there weren't crap songs like "VOKS GONE INSANE" (WTF?!?), "FUCK DECENCY", and "PITCHFORK MOB" they would get an even better rating. But how-ever, if you're looking for some really good and pretty unique Punkrock record to listen to, make sure that you give this band and record a really fair and good try, no matter what the 'fence watchers' preach and may say. Really good stuff!!! Hopefully there will be coming more of them!!! (8 of 10 points)
(Sorry guys, damn it, but somehow I couldn't find an homepage or MySpace profile of them, and also even not one single video... don't ask me what the hell is going on here after you can usually find everything you may search for on the web... damn it, so you just have to stay with my review... like in a real fanzine, haha;-)!!!)


  1. You should look up Roy and Toms project after The Old Souls called Powerhaus.

  2. @ Anonym/Anonymous: Yeahr, POWERHÄUS are a great band and thank you for reminding me to finally get the review of their "...NE" ERA" album written down asap. If you (or anyone else out there) know(s) something about some THE OLD SOULS news then please just let me know about it!!!