Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

british workers being tossed aside, Gordon Brown nowhere for you to hide, so tell us again what you told us before, british jobs for british workers

Puh, after running my 'foot-race' today I'm back home and I can tell ya, it was a hard but also a nice 'ride', maybe I'm just a little bit tired already, hm, but who cares, the next run for the glory and the fame (... ;-) ...) will come again. So I decided to put up the final posting for this current month (or the first posting of the new month, haha;-)...), and it's another (new) review of a (new) record, and which this is you'll be able to read above, it's the debut record of SKINFULL called "DRINKING CLASS HEROES" released by the belgian "Pure Impact Records" label not so long ago. SKINFULL are a young and strong going english or british Oi! band that started some years ago under the name THE AIDS and played already back then live gigs together with CONDEMNED 84, so you'll see, it can't be a band that bad. Ah, but good that they've decided that their primarly bandname somehow kinda sucked, haha;-). Now to this review here: Yeahr, that's a record I was really looking forward to, to finally listen to it. And they didn't dissapoint me. Hard as nails, tough and damn angry typical british brickwall Oi! Oi! music the traditional way brewed. Dry and hard guitar riffing, a very deep and powerful bass work, bonecracking drumming, forceful crew back ups, and very deep and throaty, angry and harsh vocals. All very militant and offending, biting and rowdyish, martial and inconvenient, proud and unbroken, so you can describe the mostly mid paced music pretty well, hard hitting and massive forward rolling like a freighttrain making it's way on the rails of an insane world. Brickwall Oi!?!? Yes, it's right!!! Bulldozer Oi!?!? Yeahr, even more right!!! You like CONDEMNED 84 and other bands of this kind?!? Perfect!!! Get this record and support this great young band!!! Also great lyrics, very outspoken and political, and if you love it or if the AFA fags love or even understand them, ha, nah, I tell ya, these young roughnecks here don't give a fucking cheap damn about it, they're here to tell the truth, tell their side of the more and more fucked up story, not wanting or needing to make any friends!!! That's how it's meant to me!!! Respect, guys!!! Patriotic, pissed off, damn angry, Working Class, and giving the ruling class and it's policy and bought politicians some strong kicks in the ass!!! Damn right!!! Damn good!!! My personal favorites, musically and lyrically, are "LOVE IT LEAVE IT" (that's pretty much right at all!!!) and "(FUCK THE) E.U. LAW" (yeahr, that's so damn right, and keep your national sovereignity, not selling out to the fuckin' crap European Banana Union, take a stand, fight the fight before all is lost... would be great if here in Germany all the stupid fucks would think pretty much the same, and of course, not only 'FUCK THE E.U. LAW' but 'FUCK THE E.U.'!!!), and also they give us some very good Hooligan, Skinhead, Bootboy, Oi! Way of Life lyrics, as well as stories about drinking and fighting and also of rage on the road, also top job!!! Ah, and "SUICIDE BOMBER", great, damn good lyrics!!! Great artwork and a perfectly to the music fitting dry and dirty production sound. All you need, and if they vary a little bit the songwriting (for example when it comes to the pace of the songs) and the drum playing more the next time, to keep up the attention really over the whole distance, then we will get a real bomb from them, for sure!!! Really good debut record that you should not miss if ya just have a faible for really good and pure hard british Oi! music. Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
And here you now get a nice little clip of SKINFULL and you'll be able to listen to their anthem "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT", so just enjoy it and then support this guys!!! Time will tell, maybe there will be also coming an interview with them here on this very blog, I'm really thinking about it, and damn it, to support this guys is more than just justified!!! Great band!!! Ah, and you also get such a little clip to their damn true and so great track "(FUCK THE) E.U. LAW", and damn it, these guys are telling the truth without giving a damn about anything, that's what I call the real deal, that's what I call Oi!, and damn it, that's what I love!!! Like I said: Great band!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!



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