Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010


"OX FANZINE" Issue No. # 90
(Juni/Juli 2010 - June/July 2010)
(Fee: 4,90 Euro)
The still current issue of the german "OX FANZINE". Okay, we could discuss it if it's still a fanzine or not for a pretty long while now already a magazine, but that's not that important to me at all. Like all the the big and still so called fanzines from Germany also the "OX FANZINE" is quite a (bigger) bit politically correct and morally instructing, what's always pretty much annoying to me. But okay, how-ever, if they all think they own the solely key to true wisdom, then let them think so, if it's that what makes them sleep calm and save at night. But I always liked to read the "OX FANZINE" pretty much, in contrast to- for example- the terrible "PLASTIC BOMB" 'fanzine'. Okay, as usual the zine is so packed full with interviews, columns, reviews (records, books, comics, fanzines, movies, concerts, audio books), regional and political bulletins, short stories (the great story of 'Peter Pank', now-a-days called "Peter Pank and Hardcore", by Klaus N. Frick), news, punkrocking sporting specials, news, concert dates, vegetarian and vegan recipes (very delicious stuff, as usual, and just to let you know this), and comics. You really get a huge load of the mentioned content to read, if you just like to. Musically it's very, very wide spread and open, from Punkrock (of the different styles and kinds) over Streetpunk and Oi! (but still and always a little bit ridiculous stupid and defaming when it comes to this two genres... you know, it's this whole politically correct "With us or against us!" AFA mentality crap...) to Hardcore, from Rock & Roll over Rock and Hardrock to Metal, and also a lot of stuff more. Okay, my personal favorites are "PÖBEL & GESOCKS", "THE OTHER", "Oi POLLOi", "HEAVEN SHALL BURN", "KINGDOM OF SORROW", "COMMON ENEMY", "SARAH BLACKWOOD", "GIMP FIST" "AGAINST ME!", "DEADLINE", "RED SPARROWS", "CHUCK RAGAN", and "THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM". And there's even more that could be discovered by you, if you like to. As usual the "OX FANZINE" is coming completly written in german by a big bunch of mostly good gifted writers (good gifted when it comes to writing;-)...), coming to you in a very proffesional black/white but also sometimes partial colored layout, all in very good print quality. So, it's always more or less worth a read, so maybe you give it a try, especially if you're also interested in, hm, let us call it some more "Mainstream Music". It also comes with a free CD on top of it all, but nah, you really don't have to listen to this CD. The next issue shall be also coming out soon. You should be able to get it at every newsstand, kiosk, station bookshop, and some of the bigger Punkrock mailorders.

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