Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! Espana

GLORY BOYS - "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE" ("Dim Records"; CD): Also a band that I've totally missed before. For what I know they've released a MLP called "GLORY NIGHTS" (or so...) before, also on "Dim Records". So here'e now their currently more or less brandnew full length record called "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE", again released by "Dim Records" and by now I think that there should be also the LP version of this record out, hm, and I pretty much think limited and on clored vinyl and so, just to let you know this. The GLORY BOYS are a three piece Skinhead outfit roaring out of the spanish city Valencia. Spain had always had a good load of good and better Skinhead music and bands to offer to us, and the GLORY BOYS are currently the leading force of the new breed of the spanish Skinhead force, at least if you ask me. Like I've said, this is the first record of them that I get to hear, and I was pretty excited about it 'cause what I've known from them from their MySpace site really convinced me a lot. And with this record they didn't led me down, that's for sure. Very hard and very ahead driving guitar playing, bonecracking and dustdry riffing and brilliant leads and melody lines, a with a huge load of power the music onward pumping bass playing, forceful and thundering drumming, powerful crew back ups and sing a long to parts, and charismatic and very brute vokillz, this are the cornerstones of the GLORY BOYS music, damn fuckin' hard, yet also pretty melodic, and pushed forward by some very cool rhythm structure work. You really get one anthem followed by another one. It's all very old school style, but without being retro in any way, so it's a really very good thing at all. I think they are playing a very stand-alone style of Oi! Oi! music, hm, but if you like what CONDEMNED 84 and maybe also RETALIATOR had been putting out, then use this as some pretty good starting points if you want to become better known to the GLORY BOYS and their dustdry Old School Skinhead Oi! music. Damn good stuff!!! Could just offer somtimes a little bit more variations when it comes to the lead singing as well as the drum playing. We also get a lot of very, very good lyrics, very gladiatorial, entrenched, and unbroken, so like the music the lyrics really justify the record title, thumbs up!!! Also we then get a very cool artwork, as well as a really good dirty and hard production sound. That's a very, very good record that you really should know and check out, very good stuff, for sure!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
(PS: Don't know why the hell the band is titled as R.A.C. or even White Power NS Rock here in Germany by a lot of stupid fucks, I really can't understand or get it, so just fuck it up and don't give a shit about it!!! You have to know that also the german Skinhead Oi! band VOLXSTURM got defamed and attacked 'cause they had been playing live shows with the GLORY BOYS in Spain this year on their Spain Tour. But good to see, that also VOLXSTURM finally decided to give fuck about it. Don't let them wash your brain!!! By the way, you are also able to find and read a very good interview with the GLORY BOYS by clicking on the link, just so you know about it.)

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