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'If you are politically motivated, save your stamp and get a life!'

SONS OF PRIDE - "THE GLORY & THE HORROR" ("Kickback Records"; 7"):
Hey folks, nothing oh so very special for this day, I just made it home and I'm really lacking the motivation and the time to do all the stuff on this blogg that needs to be done, I just wanna go to bed and fell asleep very soon, haha, but tomorrow I'll manage to get some certain things done. In the waiting are some great news and thanking shout outs to some of my blogg running mates out there for giving me some very positive feedback and a lot of support, thanks guys (!!!), but more tomorrow, then the current SICK OF IT ALL record will be reviewed and damn, I'm very happy to announce that- also MySpace nearly stabbed us in the back- the interview with the great young American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band FIGHTING 84 is ready and done and I'll start tomorrow with getting it online, up and ready, and yeahr, be prepared for some damn good stuff and a big bunch of damn true and honest words, speaking the truth and giving a fuck what any kind of thrash some thought police may talk anonymous after reading it. Be prepared, great stuff, the band, the music, the lyrics, the interview, I'm very happy with and proud of it!!! But more tomorrow!!! Now to this one here, I've got some goody for you, a new review of the great SONS OF PRIDE!!! Wanna know more? Fine, then just read: A more or less long forgotten band from Canada called SONS OF PRIDE, and if you are talking about the whole good old Canadian Oi! bands of the 1990's, then my experience is that these guys are mostly overlooked, underrated or sheer unknown to a lot of guys out there. And that's a shame!!! This nice black vinyl 7" was recorded during three days of May in 1995 up there in the canadian city of Montreal in the "Northern Piranha Studios". It was released also in 1995 via the canadian label "Kickback Records" based in Quèbec. I don't know of many more other stuff that these band had done, but I can tell ya that this 7" here is just pure and simple through and through gold and nothing else!!! It contains all in all three songs, one (the title) track on Side A, and the other two tracks on Side B. (I bet you did not think that, right;-)?!?) First of all to the two songs on Side B, named "STRONG & FREE" and "SNEAK ATTACK". Really good and far more than just solid or 'only' 'good' stuff. Hard stomping and well-paced knocking 1990's Oi! Oi! music with that typical aggressive, yet melodic and very anthemic spirit that a lot of the good American Oi! and Canadian Oi! bands during the 1990's came up with and established it as a style of their own, giving life back to Oi! after it was slowly dying. Also good lyrics, patriotic, anti-P.C., and being proud of who you're and where you're from!!! Thumbs up!!! Still today very, very good songs!!! Very good, but nothing that 'special'. But there's still the title track "THE HORROR & THE GLORY" on Side A. That's a great one and also a 'special' one!!! A very organic and feisty groove, great and grapping changes in pace and mood, heavy stop-and-go guitar riffing, great leads and melodies and a damn good solo, yeahr, and especially the guitar work is really awesome and damn well-versed, and it's creating a that strong atmosphere that it's really giving you goosepimples like not many Oi! bands had done it, maybe just comparable to the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE, and that's a statement of a kind!!! Then there's also the incredible fantastic bass work, very well present, making the groove work really 'fat' and heavy, without being artificial or oh so 'tough guy' at all, and the drum playing is very smart and hard hitting. Then there are also great Crew shouts ("THE GLORY & THE HORROR"!!!), and fantastic charismatic, angry and hard shouted, yet really sung vocals far away of any 'thug like chaving'. Just great, and truly from 1995 up to this present day a damn fuckin' larger than life and stand-alone song!!! Pure platinum!!! Great!!! Also the lyrics are really, really strong, about the allied struggle against the fuckin' lowlife Nazis and for the freedom of europe, to free the old worl from the fascist claws. Again: Just great!!! Then the production sound is also pure gold, and the artwork just looks fantastic, so you see, it's really the complete package that you get here!!! I don't know if you still can get it from somewhere (but I also got it some years ago with a little bit of something you might call luck, so just try it), but try everything to get it, 'cause just because you don't know that this is a real and necessary classic doesn't mean it's not. Great!!! Try everything to get it!!! (10 of 10 points)
(I found no links or what-so-ever, so you'll have to stick with this review of mine at all, sorry, but this must be enough!!! But if anyone out there knows more about the SONS OF PRIDE, then please get in contact with me, thanks a lot!!!)

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