Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

... it's friday night and i'm feeling fine. i tell you baby it ain't no crime. a little drink and then some rock'n'roll...

Damn it, sometimes you really need some sort of a little reminder 'bout the records you primarly still wanted to review, and what shall I say, sometimes MySpace works really good as a messanger of 'reminding stuff'. So thanx for doing it!!! Okay, I know today it's saturday and not friday, so tonight it will be saturday and not friday night, but that shall not make any difference at this point. And yes, doing some swimming sports this afternoon (to silence my conscience;-)...) and then tonight it will be finally basically all about a 'little drink', 'some' Rock & Roll and meeting the crew and having and celebating a good time with the girls and boys to solemnize the birthday of a good mate. What this has to do with this record? A lot, not at least because it's all about getting this fucking party started, baby!!! THE BARONS are a damn great band from the U.S.A. (I think they come from Delaware, right?!?), and just to let you know it, this guys aren't aristocratic in any way but more through and through Blue Collar in every way. They aren't an Oi! band in any 'traditional way', and of course not a Skinhead band in the 'originally sense of this word'. But tell me: Is this really important to you?!? Then go home you stupid fuck and give yourself some Barclay's on "The Spirit of '69" but just leave here!!! THE BARONS are playing formidable Streetrock or Streetrock & Roll (and here this genre category is finally 100% justified), beer and whiskey thirsty, party hungry and all very sympathic and authentic, and also the great lyrics do carry this spirit and feeling perfectly. Yeahr, I like it, and it suits me as well as a bottle of delicious "Corona Extra" on my lips!!! If you like what "Headache Records" had been releasing, the whole New Jersey Streetpunk style and especially if you like the ancestors of this sound the great and legendary THE WRETCHED ONES, then also THE BARONS really should be something more than just good for ya. A little bit comparable to the mentioned band and style, but more harder and very dirty rockin' and rollin' and more open when it comes to their music, so they are enriching their very nice and well-versed in their pace varying and rousing songs for example sometimes with a damn good (Hammond) Organ. Great!!! So, to say it short and point it out: THE BARONS really rule, just a great band, and if you're in love with some very good and free of typical- especially musical- (Oi!/Skinhead) scene clichès being, hard rockin' Streetmusick then just don't think about it any longer but just get this record here!!! Great band that's giving us here a great record, that's coming with perfectly fitting lyrics, in a great artwork and in a very good and very dirty production sound. So do yourself a favor and get it, and yes, that's not an advice but an order!!! Also live they just must be damn fuckin' good!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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