Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Rock against Terrorism

OFFENSIVE WEAPON - "OFFENSIVE WEAPON" ("Pure Impact Records" / "Crowbar Records"; CD):
Here it is, the debut record of this great young American Oi! band from New York City. And you know what, no matter if it is about Hardcore or Oi!, New York City is always a good starting point, at least if you ask me. Some time ago I've already posted a very little introduction of them via a posting of the 'Videos' category, and so now here comes the review to their debut record. They took me by storm when I first listened to them, and I was really excited about to listen to their record finally and to see and hear if they could keep me convinced over the distance of a full length. And I tell ya one thing, the only problem with this record is that it is too short when it comes to the running time of not a complete half hour, but okay, that's nearly all. They are playing very hard American Oi!, but all cultivated with very strong melodies and 'goosepimple-atmosphere'. The songs storm hard and aggressive forward, full of power and energy, and all very militant and violent, patriotic and proud, fully filled with unforgiving roughness and harshness. That's how I want it!!! That's how I need it!!! When it comes to the pace of the songs then OFFENSIVE WEAPON do cover a good and clever distance of fast paced up and high tempo songs, and also brutal mid paced stompers. Angry and very pissed off, raw and violent vocals, a militantly rumbling bass playing and hard knocking and brutal drumming, as well as hard and fast guitar riffing, that are the cornerstones of the music of OFFENSIVE WEAPON. But what's marking and cultivating the songs to the finest and highest level is the extremly out-standing and damn well-versed lead and melody work of the guitars, that's so damn great and amazing, it will leave you holding your breath, just great!!! Also a little bit comparable to the guitar work of a the better Vikingrock bands out there, just to let you know which direction the leads and melodies do take. That's great!!! In total we do get eight songs, seven of their own breed and one cover of the track "ES POR TU NACION" by the band KLAN. Never heard anything of them, so I'm knowing nothing 'bout them. Hm, but damn it, am I ticking off right now or is the music not originally by the BÖHSE ONKELZ? So that it's something like a 'double-cover' or what? But how-ever, haha, you see it's leaving me confused, haha;-). You need some more description to the band and of their music? Very unique and stand-alone stuff, and all fucking great, hm, maybe better to describe as mixture of OXBLOOD, the YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE and ULTIMA THULE... but I'm not so sure about it anyway, haha;-). But how-ever, it doesn't really matter that much, just make sure you do get this great piece of American Oi! music, delivered to you by some tough and no shit taking NYC Skinheads and Bootboys. Lyrically is all very strongly patriotic and also truly not politically correct at all, like the music very militant and violent, offending nearly any side, full of unbroken pride and bitter anger about the state of the world and society of today. Against islamofascist terrorist scum, stupid yellow journalists, parasitic scumbags, about taking pride in yourself, standing opposed to this degenerated and retarded world, and much more, all done simply in a damn good way and worth much more than just one read and listening session. When it comes to the artwork, hm, just let me say it could be a little bit more (for example some more bandpictures and linernotes, and the lyrics could be printed a little bit bigger), but it looks awesome, and I truly love especially the great looking cover artwork. Ah, and just for the record, you'll do find the steelcapped boot crushing the symbol of the soviet union (and all it stands for) on the backcover. But no problems with that for me, haha;-). The production sound is just a great job done. So it's all just a great thing!!! Damn it, guys, it would be fantastic if there could be at least just two or three songs more on the record (... you do have some songs posted on your MySpace page that aren't on this record, so where are they here, haha;-)...), but like I've already mentioned above, that's the only negative point to it. Last words? Get this damn record!!! I hope that there will be coming more of them as soon as possible!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
After I've already posted four (or more... or less?) videos of OFFENSIVE WEAPON before, I just give you one more little video of them, of their song "FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE", that you do also find on their before reviewed debut record. So now comes the video, enjoy the it, enjoy the song:


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