Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

"Where we are the air is burning!"

Oh, oh, oh, now a lot of folks will be running amok because of me reviewing this record of this band here. What shall I say, take it like it is. I've never listened to that much German Oi! and Skinhead Rock & Roll music, I just never liked it really that much and I'll never become such a big fan of it at all, and also ENDSTUFE had never been one of my favorite ones. When it comes to politics, nah, sure they had done some 'strange', 'weird', and maybe even 'stupid' songs and lyrics, and also they used to and still use to play concerts together with bands that use(d) to be at least White Power... but I'm just not into this band and it's history enough, and when I read that ENDSTUFE shall be a 'Hammerskin' band, nah, it really makes me wonder quite a bit... To say it that way, I hope you understand what I mean... To question something is always good, but defamation is always crap. ENDSTUFE have some really good records and songs settled together, for example their part of the "ALLZEIT BEREIT!" split record with VOLKSGEMURMEL or the classics "DER CLOU" and "GLATZENPARTY", also you should listen to some of their lyrics more intense 'cause it could be that you find some suprises that make it all to a more two- than onesided affair, and of course, to be right wing does not mean to be automatically White Power and/or NS, maybe you'll get it one day finally by yourself. So now, after this 'enough words' for the introduction, straight on to this record. It's, for what I know, the second live record of them (after their terrible "Live in Mallorca" record from 1998), and it's one of the newest releases by "Pure Impact Records". It contains at all twelve live tracks, recorded at two different concerts. No maybe 'evil' songs on this one, so calm down your PC mood, haha;-). Twelve times we get the typical German Skinhead Rock that ENDSTUFE use to play for much over twenty years now. Inciting guitar playing, heavy bass work, rumbling drums, and grim vocals, singing (here on this live recording) mostly about drinking, having fun, celebrating parties, some violence, being a Skinhead, and comradeship. It's still not my favorite band or genre of Skinhead/Bootboy music, but if you how-ever like the band and if you also have no problems with live recordings in general, then make sure that you're gonna test this release. It comes in a very good artwork, hm, and in a production/recording sound that's okay, but could be better done 'cause it's much too silent after all, at least if you ask me. My personal favorite is the great and larger than life anthem "ERINNERUNGEN" ("MEMORIES") (I really love this song), and then also "WIR KRIEGEN EUCH ALLE" ("WE'LL GET YOU ALL"), "GLATZENPARTY" ("SKINHEAD PARTY TIME"), "LASS DICH NICHT UNTERKRIEGEN" ("DON'T LET THEM GRIND YOU DOWN"), "FÜR EUCH" ("FOR YOU ALL"), and "DIE WELT GEHÖRTE UNS" ("THE WORLD WAS OURS"). What's ticking me off is the fact that often some of the songs are played appallingly un-tight. Guys, since when are you around now? Decide for yourself, I won't become a fan after it, just not that much my music, but to all the PC jackasses out there: If you have a problem with the band, then just don't buy the record, so simple can things sometimes be, at least if you're not thinking that you are the hub of the world. By the way, and get a real life then you'll have some real problems to solve!!! Ah, but guys, the ENDTSUFE version of THE EXPLOITED classick "SEX & VIOLENCE" really sucks!!! Better forget about it in the future, haha;-). To this record: Solid and better job!!! (7 of 10 points)


  1. Hey ho
    i,m from germany and i know endstufe and this band isnt a oi or skinhead r'n'roll band its a nazi band like störkraft or landser so please dont spend some mones for those fucking shit

  2. Aren't they the ones who recorded "Skinhead, du bist wunderbar" with female guest vocalists. Liked that tune a bit.

    1. I pretty much think so, but they have never really been that much high on a prominent position in my personal favorite list, so don't nail me on that;-).