Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

... i'm a stranger to the new world, i'm a stranger to myself... but i'll never let you down again...

Here it is, finally, the full length a lot of guys- incuding me- used to wait for. Since some years Australia is going damn fucking strong when it comes to Bootboy music, just to name MOUTHGUARD (check also the interview with them here on this very blog), BULLDOG SPIRIT, SLICK 46, THE CORPS, PLAN OF ATTACK, *R*U*S*T*, THUG, and this guys here, the great MARCHING ORDERS. After several 7", 10", sampler appearances and split releases they finally give us here their full length bomb called "DAYS GONE BY". And what shall I say, I was expecting much, my expectations couldn't be much higher... and MARCHING ORDERS couldn't done more to justify them completly and totally. Hard hitting, very sharp played, traditional not retro Oi! Oi! music of the premium class. Pushing, hard, yet very melodic (great leads) and relaxed (in a good way, for sure) rockin' guitar playing, powerful and beautiful present popping bass work, the drums are given the songs an irresistible Skinhead Rock & Roll beat, cool sing a long parts and crew shouts, and damn charismatic melodic and smart vocals with an awesome and fuckin' cool broad accent. Just great, traditional brewed Oi! music with some very nice Pub spirit to it, given a fuck about your oh so loved clichès, and yeahr, given a fuck about being retro, that's really fresh and new music, so fuck all the old fat english men who still think they would be playing the only legal version of Oi! Oi! music even in 2010. Instead give this Down Under Roughnecks a good round and you'll see and hear what traditional british bred Oi! in 2010 could be if you just allow him to be it, fuckin' great music!!! Full of energy, passion, devotion, dynamic, and real and authentic attitude, and that's making it all so goddamn sympathic on top of it all, no artificial crap and no bullshit what-so-ever, just pure and great music that you shouldn't miss. The pure impact!!! Point and fact!!! Ah, and with the phenomenal "YEARS PASS ME BY" we do also get close to the end of this great record also something really unique. You always asked yourself how U.S. Westcoast Melodic Punk would sound played by an traditional Oi! band?!? Yeahr, listen here, it sounds great!!! (Even if you don't had asked yourself this question, what may could be, take a good listen to the song, it rulez!!!) This is a record that you really 'NEED!' to call your own if you're in anyway involved in Skinhead music at all!!! Ah, the record came out as good old holy vinyl coming in an awesome and just beautiful big package of artwork (hm, 'big package of artwork'... hm, I think you know what I mean... or at least I do hope so, haha;-)...), and the CD vesion you do get for free on top of this 'mega package'. And yes, the artwork just looks great, especially the cover. Also the dirty and organic production sound is just pure solid gold, thumbs up!!! On top pf it all we do also gt a big bunch of just great lyrics that are covering also some good and different topics and dealing with several issues, again: Thumbs up!!! Just a complete package!!! Guys, get this record!!! Now!!! It's an order!!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
It's been quite a while now since I've posted for you the last video clip to watch, just because I was a little bit fed up with 'mistakes-messages' making the whole upload process here to a farce and just eaten my time away... but oky, I've tried it once again and this time it had worked out like it should (or at least I do think currently right so;-)...), and so now you'll get a nice video of the great MARCHING ORDERS playing their 'old' classic "NIHILISTIC", and yeahr, it's just great!!! So enjoy it!!! Here it comes:


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