Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

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Hey folks,
things had been going on pretty well when it comes to the blogg here. Like you should already have noticed, the announced interview with the great SUCKERED IN is online, up and ready for quite a while now, and I hope you've all read and enjoyed it. Also a lot or more or less all of the also already longer announced record reviews are up and ready, and honestly I've put the last one online today with the record review of the current SICK OF IT ALL full length masterpiece release, just read below this entry here. So now I thought that it's about time to give you a quick update of what's going on here, what's next, etc. pp., so, wanted or not, now you get it:
(Ah, by the way, my new tattoo, that's what you see on the left... okay, okay, what shall I say, I'm happy about and proud of it so I just feel the need to show it to the world, haha, so take it like it is, haha;-).)
First of all also the interview with the great young American Oi!'n'R.A.C. band FIGHTING 84 from Souther California (from where directly you want to know, ha, wait until you get the interview to read, hehe;-)...) is finally ready and I'll start working on getting it online some time at this day. I've done it with Brandon of FIGHTING 84, and he's done a fuckin' damn good job, so thanx a lot mate!!! And yes, you can be prepared for some very good answers, giving a fuck about what is politically correct to say or not, and that's damn true!!! Like I've said, the interview is damn good, so be excited about it!!!
I have also some others good interviews currently in the work. Wanting to do some with the SORE LOSERS, with CRUCIAL CHANGE, and with Ryan (also the bass player of CRUCIAL CHANGE) who's running the great "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blogg. I hope it all works like it should, 'cause I've sent the interviews out via MySpace, and MySpace is currently ticking me off quite a bit because the functions of sending and receiving messages won't work correctly all the time and this is really somehow annoying me currently maybe a little bit, haha;-). If it all works, then hopefully you can get yourself prepared for three really interesting new interviews, with two outstanding bands and one great blogg, so wish me the best for it!!! The interview I always wanted to with TOTAL ANNIHILATION... damn, I think we can pretty much forget about it. I just can't get in contact with the band anymore and the band also isn't contacting me because of it by themselves. It's really sad, but okay, I guees you can't have anything or so. Next on my list to do interviews with are OFFENSIVE WEAPON (great American Oi! from New York City) and FOLSOM (Sin City Hardcore from out of the concrete jungle called Las Vegas), and I'll start working on them at some of the next days and then we all should wish the best for it. Or something else like this, haha;-). When the new split of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE is out I'm also hoping to do an interview with them. Time will tell!!! Ah, yes, and of course, their split release should be out still this year!!!
A friend of mine gave me some new records to listen to this days, and yeahr, thank the gods (or whom or what ever) that there are that beautiful and clever chicas out there that also have such a damn good taste when it comes to music, and I'm working myself through them. You wannt to know what records it are, okay, here you'll get it: GLORY BOYS - "SKINHEAD RESISTANCE", TATTOOED MOTHERFUCKERS - "THUG ANTHEMS", ENDSTUFE - "WO WIR SIND BRENNT DIE LUFT (LIVE)", NJORD - "MOT HIMLEN", ULTIMA THULE - "KORPKVÄDET", ULTIMA THULE - "THE BEST OF...", and the MARCHING ORDERS - "DAYS GONE BY". Good stuff, for sure!!! And also I have some more classic reviews for you to come, for example of the ones like SQUIGGY, RED, WHITE & BLUE and RUN LIKE HELL. Also will be coming some new fanzine reviews in the next time, and just in case that you don't already know it, if you need some new fanzines then get the newest issues of the "Oi! THE PRINT" and the "ZWERGPIRAT" fanzines, also the newest issue of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine is out and worth a read, just that you know it, more soon then the next days. Sad news are that it seems that the "VOICE OF THE STREETS" fanzine seems to be defunct these days, what's a real pity. Ah, and also next on this blogg will be newest entries of the 'American Oi! History Series', with THE ANTI-HEROS and THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH, more to come. Also the category of 'Sports' will soon see some more new entries, I've got plenty of things planned and already in the work, be sure of it!!!
Beside this it's very cool to get finally some feedback for this blogg, especially because when it's that positive. So guys, THANX A LOT and all the best greetings are going out to Ryan of "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blogg (and, of course, CRUCIAL CHANGE) and to Bernhard of "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blogg and the "BERNANDO FUCK YEAH!!!" blogg for their nice words, their support and their appreciation of the work on this blogg here!!! THANX mates!!! I'll now give you the links to their bloggs (of course you also find them in my blogg list here on the blogg), and maybe some little description. You can reach Ryan and "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blogg while clicking on the link, and you really should go there if you're heart beats to the rhythm of Bootboy musick from the 1980's up to the present day. More I don't want to say right now here at the moment because of the coming interview, so I hope you understand it. Bernhard and his just gret "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blogg you'll reach by using the link, and you really should go there, especially if you are like me an addict to American Oi! musick!!! He puts in a lot of work, bringing postings and downloads about bands from the 1980's, the 1990's, the 2000ends years, and also of today. Reviews, videos, bandintroductions, news, concert informations, interviews, all done with a lot of heart and passion, and it's just a damn great blogg that you really have to know. So go there!!! His second blogg is also damn good stuff, covering a wider distance of musc, from Punkrock/Streetpunk to Oi!, and from SKA to old school R.A.C., and much more, bringing us also a lot of scandinavian insider tips, all brought to us also with a lot of intense and passionate work, ah, bringing us basically downloads. So go there and check it out. Ah, how you can go there? By using the link and test it out!!! Great stuff!!! Another nice blogg I want you to get aware of is the new Hardcore blogg run on respectively via MySpace by two young german guys and it's featuring a lot of brutal Hardcore bands of today, done very sympathic and enthusiastic. The blogg is called "57' HARDCORE BLOG"!!! Go and check it out with using the link. All written in german.
So guys, that's currently all I have to tell ya, so stay tuned about more things to come on this blogg here and check the mentioned bloggs out, go and get it!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!

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