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... we know where we stand and we won't budge a bit, we know the path we choose is right, hard as nails sharp as a knife...

RUN LIKE HELL - "GIVE 'EM HELL" ("Coretex Records"; CD):
Next one of the, hm, let us call it: 'classical' releases I announced to review some days ago. RUN LIKE HELL are a band from New York, formed by former members of bands like AWKWARD THOUGHT, THE MALADJUSTED, POSITRON, BOMBS AWAY, and SWISH. Formed by three tough guys (Skinhead, Hardcore Hooligan, Bootboy) and one beautiful Punk Chica. They formed at the end of the 1990's, released also an EP in 2001 on "Dead City Records", and then in 2005 their full length here called "GIVE 'EM HELL", thrown out on the subcultural musick market by the guys of "Coretex Records" based in the german capital city of Berlin. The songs of their 2001 EP are also to be found on this full length CD, that contains all in all tewlve tracks. So don't be suprised if you read that the songs on this record had been recorded over the long period from 1998 to 2003. RUN LIKE HELL were also on the official soundtrack of the 2009 Mickey Rourke movie masterpiece "The Wrestler", so maybe we can still hope that there will be finally coming something new from them some day. Okay, I think that this record and band are often overlooked or just not known by a lot of folks out there, so I just thought to myself that this needs to be changed and so this review here came finally to happen. So simple can things sometimes be, you see, haha;-). RUN LIKE HELL once were described as Streetrock, I think also by themselves. Hm, I don't know, nah, but really suiting them is this genre description not really. Of course they were a really hard rockin' Streetmusic band, blending some 'catchyness' of the Streetpunk with some good rockin' notes. But more than some good rockin' and forward pushing Streetpunk they used to play here a bonecracking mixture out of very hard American Oi! the N.Y.C. Bootboy way and brutal and very hard New York City Old School Hardcore, a very force- and powerful combination cultivated and blended with a load of great catchy Sing-A-Long Streetpunk parts. They change the pace very quick and clever, from fast paced and very much Hardcore like up tempo parts to groovy and heavy roarin' Oi! parts, melted together by some catchy Streetpunk 'chanting parts'. Marked by very hard and very well-versed guitar work, that's also not lacking great leads and melody lines, a very present and just great bass playing, forceful crew back-ups, gaudy drum playing, and very rough and just 100% charismatic vocals. Ah, and "MISFIRED" also is cultivated by a piano. Maybe comparable with MURDERER'S ROW, but much more serious and smart, and with much better lyrics. The lyrics that they've written are truly a damn great job. Dealing with several issues like the downfalling society, the pride as well as the strife (that comes with it) of being Working Class, against false unity bullshit, the Bootboy Way of Life, against the cowardly sick and perverted faceless mass, against child molesters/murderers, and much more very good and interesting issues, and all done just fucking damn good. Also we do get a very good, dirty and hard production sound, as well as a great artwork. My personal favorites are "IN THE TOSS", "HONEST MAN", "TIRED", "GUERILLA WARFARE", and "MISFIRED". And if there's a suckin' song anyhow on it, then it would be at all maybe just "WE WON'T TOLERATE IT ANYMORE", but that's easily to stow away at the end of this record. After all you should do yourself the hugh favor and get this record as long and from where you still can. Great stuff!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

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