Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Streetpunk Rock & Roll from Austin, Texas

Yeahr, that's a very fine piece of music brought to us by this very sympathic band from the city of Austin in the U.S. american state of Texas. The band had send me the CD for free, so guys, THANX A LOT FOR IT!!! Knowing from MySpace their music I was really excited about to get to listen to their record, and what shall I say, if you like a mixture out of hard hitting Rock & Roll music with a big street charme and anthemic dirty and raw Streetpunk, yeahr, then don't think twice but just get known to the SORE LOSERS. Packed up full with energy, exciting down written songs that really know to grab you by your balls or your pussy and make you screaming heavily cum the one way or the other... ah, or something like this, hm, hopefully you know what I mean, haha;-). Clever arranged changes of the pace, no matter if it's between the different songs, or in the single songs, that's really keep your attention, and all played with a lot of power in and pressure behind it, so that it really drives you mercyless forward in your one man circle pit in your livingroom. Damn it, I would love to see these guys live on stage in action. All played strong and very, very well-versed, no matter if it comes to the songwriting or the playing, damn good, I can tell ya. The rhythmsection is pumping non stop power and excitement like the damaged oil station of "BP" in the gulf of Mexico, the singer has a just brilliant rough, raw, and charismatic singing voice, and the guitar work is so tight and rich of many variants that it's just great and really a strong trademark of the band and their music. Also great female vocals they use to add to their songs and music. All very anthemic and forceful, even they change very clever the mood of the different songs so that it won't get anyhow boring at all. Also very outstanding, maybe just a little bit comparable to the also damn great THE CORPS from Australia. This is a through and through D.I.Y. release, but the artwork is a really nice shot that hit it's target, and the production sound is really gold. The lyrics aren't printed, but you get them while you listen to the songs and also the lyrics are damn good stuff, covering a pretty wide distance at all and speaking me from deep out of my soul and heart, just listen to the giant larger than life and opener track "LOSERS" and you'll know what I mean if you know what hard struggles and even harder work in life do mean, so, to point it out: If you have and live a REAL life!!! Always on the edge of a catastrophic burn out, yeahr baby, that's the way it's meant to be for you and me, so we'll be making the best out of it each and every single fuckin' goddamn day in this fucked up world of left and right, of day and night, not allowing the bastards to grind us down!!! So, there's not much left to say right now at this point, but just get this record and check this great and sympathic and authentic band out and get in contact with them!!! I'm working on an interview with them that soon will be settled together completly and that then will be going out to the band, hopefully they are willing to do it, would be really just great, I keep you informed!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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