Montag, 26. Juli 2010

'Get pissed, talk shit, dance like an idiot?'

"PUNKROCK!" fanzine issue No. # 12
(Summer 2010)
(Price: 3,00 Euro)
Here it is the current and newest issue of the german "PUNKROCK!" printfanzine. As usual it is a really very good fanzine (to when it comes to how it's done), with a lot of very interesting content that fills the beautiful black/white pages of this nice little but blulky zine. Good writing, good tonguing, often good and interesting done interviews, regional bulletins, very grapping and sometimes even truly fantastic columns, very detailed and informative reviews of records, fanzines, concerts, and books, good done (hi-)stories, a big bunch of fresh news. All what you might expect from a printfanzine of your choice to catch, get and hold your inerest. No doubt about it. No problems with it. But what still totally sucks is this stupid "With us or against us!" attitude, this whole thinking that the guys of the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and their interviewed buddies do own the only key to the right wisdom, and this whole defaming of and this whole hustle against, this ridiculous witchhunt on everybody and anyone that isn't with the "PUNKROCK!" crew and their buddies on the same agenda, this whole crap is really so damn annoying that I can't find the words to describe it. First example: They give us a summary of an conversation with Sebi of STOMPER 98 (keep in mind, a summary, not an interview, a printed form of this conversation, no, just a summary, so you just get everything from out of the perspective of the writing guy... no comment, this is nearly yellow press standard...) and then a short interview with Phil of THE TEMPLARS as well as STOMPER 98. Phil is given very good and also very well prudent and very well thought out answers, proving them wrong when it comes to defaming him, THE TEMPLARS and STOMPER 98 as anyhow right wing, radical or even extremist, at all (keep in mind that here in Germany THE TEMPLARS get defamed as being NS, fascists, racists, etc. by the AFA faggot jackasses). And what's the outcome? Still STOMPER 98 and THE TEMPLARS, Sebi and Phil aren't not one of the 'good guys', still they are 'shady persons' at the end of this three little pages, only because they not jump on the AFA train, only because they not fit into the "PUNKROCK!" fanzine and friends site of this whole "With us or against us!" attitude bullshit thing. This is goddamn stupid and ridiculous arrogant and intolerant, but hey, let them still preach about tolerance, respect, and acceptance for people that are other than you and your people are... What a farce this all is, I don't have to point that out to you, right!!!???!!! Second example: Then they do an interview with the german blog "Oire Szene", the guys that are completly anonymous running this blog had given themselves the factory order to reveal any kind of infiltration of the Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Hardcore, and Psychobilly scene by the radical and extreme political right. What maybe sounds like a good idea is nothing but a defaming, ridiculous, through and through politically correct "With us or against us!" fascistic bullshit mentality, declaring everyone that's not on their agenda to be at least racist, sexist, if not White Power and NS. This all got not questioned by the "PUNKROCK!" guys, no, they just are at least a little bit distracted by some too annoying aspects of how the "Oire Szene" does work, but the founding principles and the self-declared "anti-fascist" attitude (*lol*) of this anonymous rushing cowards are rated more than just good and justified. It's a so damn incredible farce, and that's also counting for the conspiracy theory thinking of this "Oire Szene" jackasses (behind every corner the evil Nazis are waiting to infiltrate every scene and every (sub-) system... oh, come on...), and yes, again I simply don't find the fitting words to describe it. Third example: The "PUNKROCK!" guys as well as the "Oire Szene" blog are creating, building up the some bogeymen, like defaming for example labels like "KB Records", "Bandworm Records", "United Kids Records", and "Randale Records" as being right wing, radical if not extreme, being part of this whole conspiracy thing, and a band like the KRAWALLBRÜDER are from the standpoint of this guys something like the most evil NS Boneheads out there you just can meet. Again I simply can't find the right words to describe how stupid and ridiculous this all is. And yes, it just sucks!!! Guys, go out and search the places where the true Neo-Nazis use to hang around, take action, but stop this incredible fucked up crap!!! Okay, is there anything left to say?!? You also get interviews with bands like RIOT BRIGADE (PC Anarcho Punk, and this guys seem also to call the key to ultimate wisdom their own... strange world, when the self proclaimed open minded and tolerant and intelligent behave like arrogant and stupid elitists...), STRIKE ANYWHERE (crap band, good interview), ABFUKK (loud and dirty Hardcore Punk, and very good interview, but where's the third K gone, haha;-)...), a very good done so called 'Acoustic Punk Special' (still wondering what new genre names will also come up in the future...), good interviews with JOHNNY WOLGA and the LOCATORS, a annoying and unintersting story of LAIBACH, and a pure and 100% promotion interview with the new german Punk label "AGGRESSIVE PUNK PRODUKTIONEN" from Germany. What you also still find I've written all above, so just read there. Okay, that's all, like I've said a good fanzine, when it comes to the level on where it's done, but it's getting more and more nothing but a farce because of the mentioned reasons, this whole fucked up "With us or against us!" attitude or mentality crap!!! Decide for yourself if you think you have to call it your own or not... As usual, black/white pages with nice grey contrasts and pictures in very good quality, all wrapped by colored front- and backcover. Ah, and it was really very nice to see 'Tank Girl' finally again!!!

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