Montag, 26. Juli 2010


RED, WHITE & BLUE - "BOOTS OF PRIDE" ("Rock O Rama Records"; MCD/CD):
First more or less 'classical' record that I've announced to review some days ago, and now here we do go with the review of this record!!! RED, WHITE & BLUE were an outstanding and just great American Oi! band from New Jersey that existed from around 1995 formed out of the ashes of the old American Oi! Punk band of the name 2404 and the band SPIRIT OF 88, an American Hardcore band of that time and not the NS faggots from Germany, released a demo called the "SKINHEAD CREW DEMO" in 1995, their fantastic and incredible good and over the top debut record "PATRIOTIC GLORY" in 1998, this MCD here back in 1999, and their final 7" single "DOWNFALL OF SOCIETY" in 2000, before deciding to call it a day and broke up. (Hm, I think in 1997 they've also released a demo called "PROUD TO BE WORKING CLASS".) The rumors go that it had been because of ongroing heating tensions because of different political standpoints in the band between the bandmembers. After RED, WHITE & BLUE some of the bandmembers went on to form ROAD TO RUIN and the LABOR DAY SAINTS. They released their records mostly on "Pure Impact Records" from Belgium and on "Dim Records" from Germany. But that shall be enough to introduce them on the short way to you, and more I don't want to say/write more right now, because some day in the future RED, WHITE & BLUE will be also featured in the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this very blog, you can be sure about it!!! So, now to this record here. It was released by the german label "Rock O Rama Records", what once became and still is a damn stupid farce of an NS faggot jackass label, so you maybe get a pretty good impression of what's meant with heating tensions because of becoming too different when it comes to politics. So this MCD is basically a collection of some of their old demo songs settled together with a better, remixed as well as remastered sound. We get all together seven songs, one intro track called "Oi! THE INTRO", a cover of the precursor band 2404 called "YOU CAN'T GET US DOWN", and five originally RED, WHITE & BLUE tracks called "Oi! SKINHEAD", "STREETS", "WAY OF LIFE", "BOOTS OF PRIDE" and "RED, WHITE & BLUE", and some of them were also on their "PATRIOTIC GLORY" debut full length to be found. RED, WHITE & BLUE played a very well-paced, stampede-like, hard and violent stomping style of American Oi!, taking pride in people, culture, class, nation, and land. Angry and pissed off, forceful and violent driven forward by sharp and hard edged guitar playing, a raw and roaring bass work, brutal pounding drumming, powerful crew shouts, and some of the hardest, best, and charismatic and smart vocals to be ever heard on any kind of Oi!, Streetpunk, or Punkrock release. They really knew how to play their instruments and even a hell a lot more how to write not just only very good songs but anthems followed by anthems!!! One of my all-time favorite bands, no need to say more!!! You like it hard, raw, rough, grim, violent, militant, and fuckin' pissed off, yet being sing-a-long as fuck?!? Yeahr, then give this guys a try!!! On top of it there's a great artwork (I love motifs like this one that you see above, it's the frontcover of the record... okay, what else, haha;-)...), a very good, organic and non-polished production sound, as well as damn brilliant done lyrics, no matter if it's about the Bootboy/Skinhead/Oi! Way of Life, Working Class, Patriotism, Troop Support, big "Fuck off's!!!" to the ruling policy (that's always nothing else than the policy of the ruling class, never forget about it), and all done so damn good and stand-alone like the music to this lyrics. Great!!! I still love this band, and also this record!!! You should really try to get it from where-ever, but try it, and yeahr, even more important, fucking get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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