Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Scottish Punkrock

That piece of scottish PunkRock Music is already a good while old, it came out in the year of 1997 and for what I know is that both bands are from Scottland and that this record is a tribute to their favorite soccer team, the "Kilmarnock F.C." that had won something back in the days. (I'm not sure if it had been the scottish league championship or the cup... but I think pretty much that it was the cup). So, I think that's all you need to know of the historical background of this- already also by itself maybe a little bit historical- release. Ah, one last think: I don't tell ya anything about the two bands, just because I know nothing else above them. Ha, you do see how simple things can be, haha;-). Never heard anything of them before or after, and I even don't know if the bands still exist. No idea! But however, 'cause is it really that important? Nah, I don't think so at all! The record is mostly always announced as an Oi! or at least Streetpunk record, but nah, don't believe it, that's just some bullshit talk. What you get from both bands is good played old school Punkrock with this typical british flair to it, and all truly very relaxed and laid back played, a little (or bigger) bit more of the pre-1977 Pub atmosphere than the 1977 Anarchy Punkrock character, all flavored with some good old soccer stadium spirit and all very melodic and even more hymnal and catchy. Beer fueled and Whiskey oiled vocals, a laid back but full rhythm section, and meldoic yet sharp and directly hitting guitar playing are the cornerstones of this music. And that description perfectly fits both band outfits. In total we do get two songs, one of each band. The LAST YEAR'S MEN are starting off with their song "PAPER ROSES", followed by THE CHOSEN with their song "GLORY GLORY AYSHIRE KILLIE". THE CHOSEN do take the victory, more hymnal and catchy, and also more powerful and harder and more direct hitting the goal, they would get eight points out of ten. The LAST YEAR'S MEN are weaker, a little bit to relaxed and laid back for me, they don't really hit the nail on it's head, but at least it's still a solid done job, so they would go taking six points out of ten with them. The record also comes in a nice artwork and in a good 'organic' production sound, and the lyrics are paying tribute to the above mentioned team and their triumph back in the days. Hm, by the way, split records especially of this kind should really be released on vinyl (not as an CD) as an 7" single, but okay, However, I'm not the man in the position to decide about that at all. If you get this record still today then normally for very low prices, just to let you know that, because it maybe could be interesting for you. So, if you have a faible for some good melodic and hymnal british old school Punkrock, paying tribute to Pubs as well as soccer, then try to get it, you won't make any mistake with it at all. (7 of 10 points)
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