Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010


This isn't the current release of them anymore, I know it, since when this record in 2008 (?) came out a bunch of CD- as well as 7" vinyl singles and split releases saw the light of the day, but this is still their current full length record for what I know, so you see, there's still some justification to review it here... even if not, I mean, come on;-)... It's the first record that I call my own of them. What shall I say, I mean, you know it, it's the old story of far much too many bands and also good bands out there so that you just can't be aware of every single one of them. And by the way, yes, I know about the history of some of the members of this band, but here you'll find no what-so-ever White Power or NS crap, and for what was told me that's not only here on this record the case. So spare your words, time, and energy, if you don't feel comfortable with it than you just don't have to buy it, point and fact. So now to this record, the TATTOOED MOTHERFUCKERS are really a pretty damn good band. They play a delicious mixture out of some hard hitting british brickwall Oi!, a big bunch of what I use to call dutch Street-/Thugrock'n'Roll (DISCIPLINE, HARDSELL, etc.), as well as a huge load of good old Hardcore sound. Call it Thugcore or Hooligan Hardcore, or how-ever you might want to call it. I really like it, especially the brilliant done guitar work, very, very hard and brutal, without any clichès played, yet damn melodic, just listen to the great leads and melody lines. Damn good!!! Also the very hard and charismatic vocals really know to convince me, good job!!! The harsh bass playing and the devastating drum work also hit the nail on it's head. Really a good job, even if they really could have forgotten about some crappy songs like for example "TMF OK". On top of it we do get a bunch of very cool lyrics, violent, drunken, A.C.A.B., and through and through Hooligan as fuck. Fits perfectly to the music and the attitude of it!!! Then we do also get a fuckin' great looking artwork, as well as nice dirty and heavy production sound. We also get a cover of the IRON CROSS classic "CRUCIFIED", which is pretty well done by TMF. At all we get fourteen songs, and you should really take good listens to "VIOLENCE REIGNS SUPREME", "BROKEN", "LAW MAKER", "CRUCIFIED", "THE LAST MAN STANDING", "SITTING AT THE BAR", and the incredible great "VOID IN TIME" with that fantastic THE CURE like guitar lead. The rest of the songs is also solid and good, at least the majority of them. So yes, at least you should really give it a good round and a fair try. Good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

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