Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Old School Hardcore Punk from Italy

GONNA FALL HARD - "EVERYBODY IS GONNA FALL HARD" ("Superhero Records" / "Swellcreek"; CD):
Nice stuff that we get to hear here. Okay, actually I've never heard anything of them before, and of course, I actually even didn't know that they excist or that they come from Italy. What do we think first of when we do think of and about Italy? Ha, right, spaghetti, pizza, delicate fish dishs, beautiful women (at least when they are young and not looking like fat old roast chicken on two legs out of the boondocks of some parochial vineyard), fast cars, hm, and since GONNA FALL HARD also of good old school Hardcore or Hardcore Punk, yeahr, that's right. They hammer out twelve tracks (eleven ones are yclepted on the backcover, and one is a 'secret hidden bonus track', that's, of course, now not anymore 'secret' or 'hidden' to you in any possible way, I'm very sorry...) in not altogether fifteen minutes. So you should get a good impression of what they are giving us here to listen to. It's like a bloody tempest coming over you, taking you with it, turning your entrails upside down, spitting you out again and leaving you down and out lying on the ground spitting blood and teeth out of your compunctious mouth in the middle of your damn fucking bloodied face. Very fast paced high speed guitar playing, damn nimbly drums, an angry hubble-bubble bass playing, hectic and breathless recitative style of singing the vocals, young blooded crew shouts, all what you expect from this kind of music and all done in a really good and fresh as well as freshening way. I like it. Okay, maybe not the stuff I can listen to all the time of the day, and of course sometimes they could slow down the pace and work with more stuff like grooves and so on, but if you like the very early CRO-MAGS, the old GANG GREEN, BLACK FLAG, and some early old school Boston Hardcore, then give this band from Italy a good round and a fair try of listening to it. Nice coverartwork, good production sound, and some good lyrics, from more personal issues to social criticism goes the lyrical journey, so you see, a nice distance of topics that they deal with in or through their lyrics. The record was primary recorded in 2005, then "Superhero Records" and "Swellcreek" rereleased it first in 2007, and nowadays the next edition is out to get and that nomally at no charge, so you see, there's not that much that's speaking against the 'bargain' of this record. Test them!!! (8 of 10 points)

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