Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Once lost, now found: American Oi! Core the way it's meant to be played!!!

Yeahr, that's a great job that "Dim Records" had done with releasing this rare gem finally. The YOUTHFUL OFFENERS were an American Oi! band founded sometime around 1996 in the U.S. state of Connecticut. They released two releases, one Demo Tape called "BLOODSHED EP" in 1997 via "Underpants Records" and one full length CD called "DOMINATION" in 1999 via "Vulture Rock Records" and later rereleased via "Pure Impact Records" (and I think that there had been also another Demo like the "BLOODSHED EP" recorded by the band, but I don't know of title or age...), before they called it a day. But before they defunct the band they recorded some songs that became know as 'the lost tapes' or "THE PAROLE TAPES" in 2000. They never saw the light of the day until "Dim Records" managed to convince the band members and finally put it out in the late spring of 2010. And thank god or whom maybe else ever, because if this 7" would have never see the light of day it would have really been a giant misfortune. The YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS played a harsh and aggressive, very, very tight played combination of bonecrushing and skullsmashing American Oi! with a huge note of streetfighting Backstreet Hooligan mentality and violent and terrorspreading American Old School Hardcore, marked very much by a good changing of the mood and the pace of the songs, as well as dirty, dry, raw and violent guitar playing, a very tight and brutal rhythm section, and grim and characterisic shouted vocals. And that's also what you get here to listen to by the guys. Militant, violent, very angry and pissed off American Oi! Core that will not only break your nose, but will leave your whole fucking face broken. To give you a good description, they do cover "IRON CHIN" of THE BRUISERS and "FACE UP TO IT" of WARZONE (both done in an excellent way), and if you combine THE BRUISERS and WARZONE with each other you do get a pretty good impression of the sound of the YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS. Great 7" of this patriotic, violent, 'tough guy-ish", and also very authentic and sympathic band. Beside the two mentioned covers we do also get two songs of them in their own way of style and sound, "FOR US" and "NEVER HURTS TO TRY", and both are just great tracks of American Oi!respectively American Oi! Core. The lyrics are very good stuff (but they really should have been printed, but okay, you get them while you listen to the songs), the production sound is just a really damn good job, and the artwork of that fine 7" looks just great. The 7" comes in white vinyl (looks great) and also in some other different colors, and make sure that you are quick that you get your copy of that great 7", because it's strictly limited to just only 500 copies worldwide. Great record, and I hope that the YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS will be also bringing one (soon) day more and new stuff out to us. But until then: Get this 7"!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
(I'm sorry, but I just couldn't find any video of them, so you just have to stay with my review and the link to their MySpace page.)

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