Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

... god is with us, with whom else? ...

KRAWALLBRÜDER - "DAS 11. GEBOT" ("K.B. Records"; CD):
One of the pretty much discussed records of the last year over here in Germany. For one it was something like the album of the year of 2009, for other it was nothing else than 'just another' good record but nothing 'special' or even some kind of a dissapointment 'cause the Skinhead background and the Oi! roots are becoming more and more drifting away... And for some other stupid fucks the record is more worth than just a discussion, because for this bunch of jackasses the KRAWALLBRÜDER are something like the worst White Power NS Boneheads you just can meet, and they're working to infiltrate the Oi! and Punkrock subculture with ideas from the radical and extreme political right...I spare me further comments 'cause this talking and writing on the internet is nothing than a big, big piece of crap, defamation was and is and will always be also nothing else than crap, and yeahr, to the guys who are propagating this garbage (for example the cowards that are running the "Oire Szene" blog) I just have to say: That's the problem when you have too much time and too less brain and character, so fuck off and get a real life!!! Oh, and maybe this whole problems are 'caused by the fact that this can happen if your parents are also brother and sister!!! So just fuck off!!! So, okay, now finally to this record here: I've written before that I am not and never was and never will be such a big fan of German Oi! and Skinhead Rock & Roll, it's just not my really may favorite kind of music. (And maybe that's the reason why I just got this record now in the summer of 2010.) But some bands I use to listen to, and I like to listen to them, and that's also the case with the KRAWALLBRÜDER from out of the federal state called Saarland here in the banana republic of Germany. This record here is pretty much what you could expect after the precursor release "IN DUBIO PRO REO". Of course, this isn't Skinhead or Oi! anymore anyhow, but also "IN DUBIO PRO REO" wasn't this at all. Some Skinhead and Oi! roots are still to be recognized here and there, but after all it is very, very well-versed and really hard German Rock music with some strong Metal elements and influences to it, just listen to the guitar riffing and the drum playing. What's really impressive is how the guys have developed when it comes to songwriting and the abilities of playing their instrument, just compare for example their "DIE FÄUSTE HOCH" record with this one here, very, very impressive!!! Especially the guitar playing and the drumming is really damn good, respect, respect!!! If you're a fan of the BÖHSE ONKELZ, of FREI.WILD and also TROOPERS, or of bands like KÄRBHOLZ, BERSERKER, and DROP OUT CHAOS, then also this piece of music here should be yours. But, one thing, the KRAWALLBRÜDER bring a lot of more guts to the table, if you know what I mean, and that's giving them and their music a pretty unique character. Good stuff!!! So give it a try, if you like above mentioned bands and music and if you still don't call this record your own. On top of it we do get a bunch of good, yet not 'too special' lyrics, a very good production sound and an awesome artwork. Nothing left to say, if you also like to listen to German Rock and Metal coming with some few Skinhead roots instead of "real" (whatever this "real" may mean...) Oi! and Streetpunk, hm, then this should be one of your favorite bands and records. (8 of 10 points)
Now you get a 'video' (okay, okay, let us call it a 'video', it's just the song playing while a picture is shown, but yes, let us call it a 'video'...) of the KRAWALLBRÜDER and of their song "GOTT MIT UNS" (that you'll also find on the above reviewed record). It's a good song, so even if the sound of this 'video' isn't the best one, but a good song stays a good song after all. So just enjoy it!!! Here it comes for you:


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  1. This sounds pretty good but I still believe all german "skin" style bands have the same singer. haha. It sounds like they have one guy they hire to sing in every band and on every record.