Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Record Reviews: THE TERRACES - "THE SEASON SO FAR" ("Rebel Sound Music"; Gatefold LP)

(Record facts: 12 songs in around 34 minutes running time, released back at the 1st of March 2014.)
(Collector facts: Released as a Gatefold LP edition, limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies on red vinyl, and 100 copies on orange copies.)
(THANX very much to Brett Hole and "BLACKHOLE RECORDS" for sending this album via E-Mail my way, great of you, THANX a lot!!!)
Here's a really shining gem for all of us who hold real PunkROCK close and dear to the our hearts, brought to us by "REBEL SOUND MUSIC" in a for all what I see and can say just amazing package. This album (if I got it right it is sort of a retrospection album featuring 11 songs of precursor releases of THE TERRACES and one brand new one) was lieing around here for quite a while or two too long, and don't ask me why... Guess that's happening when you have a nearly to the max filled harddisk and a desktop screen that definitely needed to be cleaned up one or two times... ;-) Anyhow, now back to the topic: THE TERRACES - "THE SEASON SO FAR", so here we go!!! What do you think happens when former members of ONE WAY SYSTEM and ROSE TATTOO join forces and raise a new band? If you now thought somethin' like Punkrock or Rock & Roll with heavy doses of Punk or something like this, hell yes, than you were totally right!!! And what happened had been THE TERRACES, total bad ass Punkrock or PunkROCK/-Rock of the most hymnal kind and very, very high quality. This is melodic and snotty, catchy and anthemic, grooving and along singing, rocking and rolling Punkrock music that refuses any clichés (music- and also lyricwise, for all what I feel and think) and that is by any positive means damn open minded and rich on variations and full of inspirations, and in that way it reminds me quite a bit of THE CLASH with albums like "SUPER BLACK MARKET CLASH", "LONDON CALLING", and "COMBAT ROCK", even music wise THE TERRACES (a.) don't copy and paste anything or anyone, and (b.) they play it all with a strong football/soccer feeling and also with some nice pub charmé to it, and what I love is how fresh and young they do it, a totally alive-lively sound'n'style and also all very idependent. Here are maybe veterans at work, and you got it with all the quality of the music and the high standard of the delivery, but this are veterans with a total lust for doing what they do, no retro crap delivered, no lame tired boring cheap crappy old men's Rock being sold as "Punk", no, but fresh music full of great ideas, strong lyrics, a very own character, and all marked by strong musicianship. If you love THE CLASH, THE MADNESS (just listen to the amazing "CARE ABOUT NOTHING" and you will get what I mean), and COCK SPARRER, if you love strong snotty lead vocals, great sing a long flavor, catchy and melodic, yet forceful rocking guitars, crunching bass and stomping drums, as well as one hell of a great hymnal potential, yes, then you will love THE TERRACES. That's it, so get it, and this as fast as you can. Ah, strong lyrics, a great production sound, and a brilliant artwork just add up to it all. A great release, and especially one for now after it seems that finally the summer is here. So cheers and have a great time. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
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