Dienstag, 22. November 2011

OUTLAW HEROES STANDING - "FOR BLOOD AND OIL" (Far right wing Straight Edge Hardcore from Moscow City released via the D.I.Y. way in 2010)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
This here took me some time, to do the review of it. Normally I don't review MP3-Download stuff unless it has been officially released via this way. Here's the case a little bit different. A friend of mine send me this album as an MP3-Download by E-Mail quite a while ago and for all what I know and also see this here was released as an CD and not as an official MP3-Download and it was for all what I see released by the band itself via the D.I.Y. way and this last year back in 2010. So okay, after I was searching here for quite a while now for the CD without any success I decided to do a review of it anyhow, breaking my above described review rule, because this here is just far too great to let it go unreviewed up here. OUTLAW HEROES STANDING are an Straight Edge Hardcore band with some pretty strong and tough attitude. Something that causes me some foul taste in the mouth is the fact that they've played in Moscow a concert with the german NS Hardcore band of the name of DAILY BROKEN DREAM in 2008 and playing with the german NSHC bands BRAINWASH and MOSHPIT in 2011, but after I know all in all too less about the Hardcore and especially the Straight Edge Hardcore scene in Russia (and the involvement of stupid White Power NS nutjobs in it) and about what they know over there about their more or less counterpart from Germany I won't say anything more about it because I simply don't want to interpret something in this case that's totally a fault or so and so I will spare me every word more about it, but just by looking at different and quite a few sites they are featured among a lot of extreme right wing Hatecore as well as NSHC bands so that there's maybe no room for misinterpretations left and this here are above described nutjobs at work... I don't know it and maybe I also don't care about it that much because after all I don't know it personally for sure (and also I don't speak russian which means that I have not a single clou of what they sing about and in which way they deal with the issues they sing about... but I think- what ever this now may mean- the lyrics are pretty critical and political), so decide for yourself what to do about and with it, hm, but don't forget that this here is at the end of the day still a review on and of music and not (so much) a debate on politics (even this days in Germany for all the stupid appeaser cowards it should have become pretty clear again what the extreme and far right is really about and which role they truly play in a 'capitalistic democracy' like 'ours' over here). Anyhow... But, btw, so if I understood anything wrong or right here just let me know it via a comment, feel free to do so. So okay, enough of the introduction small talking words, here comes the review: OUTLAW HEROES STANDING (what a bandname... will keep it short from now on with just writing OHS) play some really damn cool and just great very tough and strong mosh-ing Beatdown Hardcore that knows really to convince you if you like this style of Hardcore music. What's pretty strong and just cool is the fact that they play it pretty much free of too much metallic influences and instead of this they play it with a pretty strong (sometimes more, sometimes less) Streetpunk impressions in it, that gives it a nice and fresh cool Old School spirit (music-wise), and also they don't forget about necessary melodies instead of just concentrating and focussing on sheer heavyness and force, as well as they know very well how to groove and the very much staccato like done vocals as well as guitars and the rhythm work create a lot of force and pressure also anyhow and this without just rowing a Beatdown part after the another one all and all over and over again. It's done really strong, point and fact. Heavy and forceful, hard and tough, yet melodic and punky and also truly really well-done guitar work, strongly rhythmic accented tough and harsh shouted and spitted for several voices styled lead vocals, and heavy stomping yet not too present rhythm section (so that it is all very strong dominated by the guitars and the vocals) are creating together hand in hand with strong and interesting songwriting with at least some pretty fresh ideas and well-skilled musicians here at work a really great album (if you just take the music, to point it out) that I would recommend to everyone out there searching for some more than just good Beatdown Hardcore (but decide for yourself how to handle this and what to do about their political and ideological utter garbage - and if you don't want to buy it from somewhere just look here  http://jukeboxfortheunstable.blogspot.com/2011/04/outlaw-heroes-standing.html to download it for free without supporting NSHC nutjobs). If you like bands like TEARS OF BLOOD (but TOB have nothing in common on the political-ideological side of things with OHS, to point it out) then this will be really something for you. To the lyrics I've told you all what I can somehow possibly tell you about it (read above for it), the artwork is also great done and the heavy and powerful production sound fits perfect to the music. So, that's all from me for now. Decide for yourself what to do about it, the music is great, the rest is a piece of crap, if you ask me and for all what I know. And don't forget: Fuck NSHC!!! (9 of 10 points)
(http://outlaw-hs.com/ - Here you get a lot of an overview about the Straight Edge Hardcore scene in Russia, at least visually because if you like me still don't speak russian you won't understand that much so your reading attempts won't lead you far and I also don't got much smarter about it at all, I mean, seeing OHS stuff up there and promotion for NSHC garbage- and it seems like OHS are really a part of this lowlife crap, sad thing, but for a last final sure proof for this just look here http://aryanmusic.net/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.795 and you should know it all, so again, decide for yourself what to do about and with it- you also see a lot of counterpart-like suff, like for example a flyer with a Hardcore Straight Edge Drug Free Grim Reaper slitting the throat of a Sieg heiling stiff arm saluting lowlife piece of shit wearing a shirt of OHS- you find this flyer as an example beneath the backcover of the here reviewed OHS release, so look there, and take it also as a statement to this issues up here: Fuck NSHC, period!!!- and also promotion for the great and also for all what I think to know clearly antifascist- and I think now-a-days sadly enough defunct- WHAT WE FEEL, so yes, tell me more about it and what it all is about, so if you know more then please stop by with dropping me a line or two or three about it, and thanks for that.)


  1. OHS is a nazi band. They say that there are no political message in their music, but that's fuckin' bullshit. They are 1488% nazis.

  2. damn, seems like you justifying, for feel you guilty for what you listen to OHS? that is really sadly... clear antifascists don't pat you on the head for such review here in russia, be sure. To those who divide world on two camps are not interested in any arguments, but to you it's not apply, so thank you anyway...
    cheers OHS and forget about nshc

  3. It is very sad. It is impossible to forget culture, features and traditions Russia, but to write this review. I would like to trust that when "antifashists" ideas will cease to be such public \massavymi. OHS this is 100 % of antiracist and 100 % NSHC a band.

  4. Every day the world surrounding us becomes more and more another's and dead. Money became a happiness criterion, alcohol and drugs – pleasures, sex – love. The Earth is raped and spoilt, air – is poisoned, once pure beautiful woods are littered or cut down, the agriculture goes under a knife... Oil instead of a science, ethnic garbage instead of workers, armies of stupid selling policemen instead …of the law and justice, Babkina instead of the national culture, becoming an inveterate drunkard cowardly cattle instead of the people... "The Babylon" confusion of languages, races, cultures. Legalisation of harm and a good interdiction... Poisonous dung has flooded our streets, our stomachs and our souls.

    We do not accept such world. And you?

    Who it – "we"? On this question there is a set of answers. Quite probably that you already "one of us", after all we not the organisation, not sect and not club on interests. We different people with the different political views, united by the general outlook and a hard line to poisons of the modern world. We – idea. Not simply idea, and the idea turned into action, struggle of independent, independent people for radical, revolutionary change of an existing order of things. This "revolution" has not something in common with snivels about "cветлом the future" and "general happiness and a mankind brotherhood". All is much easier: a survival. We wish to survive – to keep the house, the people, the earth, the language, the country, the human shape.
    OHS http://outlaw-hs.com/


    In the modern world, laws of musical business and market economy build
    a wall between the listener and the musician in the name of money. The
    huge profit creates the industry, the machine which purpose is the
    product, satisfying to inquiries of the overwhelming majority of
    listeners. In these conditions the spirit, of fair creativity which is
    critical reflection of a reality and which essence is directed on
    change of an existing state of affairs, is destroyed. In the modern
    world, observance of copyrights is a crime against fair creativity, as
    result of judgement of spiritual experiences and realizing the truth.
    It is impossible to reach the potential listener, by developing on the
    imposed laws based on the general commodity-money attitude. It is
    impossible to win against the machine, by playing on their rules. We
    completely refuse reception of profit and we call to all for illegal
    copying and distribution of our disks, first of all through мп3 a
    piracy. Leave this mercantile fuss. It is important to us to be heard,
    support band which supports you. Please copy this CD and give it to
    your friends!


    OHS http://outlaw-hs.com/

  6. OHS - fucking Nazis. In Moscow and in Russia as a whole lack of good bands without the right shit.

  7. http://youtu.be/f7AuYsqz0AM?hd=1
    All that we have…
    They promise? to us that’s heaven awaits us
    If we are will be obedient cattle
    But every time they divide and rule
    They don’t really care what we become then
    It’s vain attempt to find all the answers
    Youth on the streets set test for itself
    in searching the truth, we breaking the rules
    The main goal it’s get together for all times

    Be a hero of story of life when everything went wrong from the very beginning
    The mistake, the fall, the rebirth, and? every bastard and traitor was the enemy
    And in every worthless life always had something to lose, be together but in trouble or save oneself
    I’m trying to brake the vicious circle, and all that we have - it’s hold on each other!
    it's all that we have!

    I? did not believed that world is so indifferent
    All the while, hoping for a happy ending
    But the cry of despair was strangled
    Blind in the dark looking for the answer
    Domain of knowledge, the boundaries of ignorance
    the reason for strife is always easy to find
    They throw us a pittance, they breaking and pushing
    And never forgive us uprising for living

  8. If the above reviewer of the band's music is really an English teacher, then he really has to do something about his horrible English: it's full of mistakes. His students are pitiable.

    1. Sorry man, for all my terrible mistakes... but better read, where have I written that I would be an english teacher?!? Read first, oh my great intellectual homo superior, and then ran your mouth. Could laugh my ass off right now, thanks for this fun time at this evening my little ''gifted-in-the-english-language'' anonymous poster!!!