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Some general words about style, music, subculture and politics up here; and: CASPER (feat. GMC) - "VERFLOSSENE LIEBE" (***Video***)

Hey folks, now something a litle bit different, a incredibe great song coming to you by a 'Videos' post and this time I will give ya some german Rap/Hip-Hop music; beside some maybe necessary, maybe important, maybe both words in general up here. Back to the topic and the issue with Rap/Hip Hop music: Now I can see some guys out there thinking "WTF?" and maybe I loose all possible street-credibility now in their eyes, pfff, but who cares: I mean, after I got "attacked" (uh-uh-uh) and "defamed" (uh-uh-uh, too) over the last months up here about how I could dare to label this an Oi! blog and write about Oi! when I was just writing and posting R.A.C. and White Power Rock on the one side and Hardcore on the other side and- now comes the major mistake of them all- adding to all this that I would be looking just like a Hip Hop freak I should maybe be sent into an concentration camp for doing this blasphemy up here, and so it was maybe about time to do this here anyway soon...?!? Before the deportation commando comes knocking with jackboots on my door. Haha;-)!!! Oh, I'm very soory that I and my look don't fit into 'your' oh so necessary-to-live stereotypes to judge by and that I spoiled ''your'' clean music with me sub-human-guy looking like a weak Hip Hop guy writing about your tough Oi! music, I'm very sorry about it... and especially I feel sorry for you... get a life and start to complain about and work on real issues. Btw, that the critizism came form the so called or better self proclaimed ''political'' left you may already could think by yourself.
What a bunch of crap!
But some words to set it all straight about it before we come to the song and the clip; so here we go:
1.) Never written that this would be an Oi! blog anyhow or that I would (still today) be a Skinhead or WTF else ever. For more than a decade or something like this I was a Skinhead with my skin and shaved off hair and I was totally in it, but in 2009 I decided to say: "Fuck it all and FTW and especially fuck you all anyway!!!" Fed up with profane things like shaving my head one or two times a week clean and all the bullshit going on from the bitter bullshit that's called ''politics'' in this scene (as far as the Nazi boneheads are lower than sub when it's about humanity the so called and/or self-proclaimed left became over the last ten years or so also to nothing else than the bad and ridiculous joke that they are today and how we all can see them acting these days) and also fed up with this whole pseudo-'elitist(s)' subculture and scene crap I left it and decided to say a last goodbye to it, but still keeping what it all meant to me and still means true and dear to my heart and took with me what I need to live (music, attitude, message, pride, respect, etc. pp. how I understood it and what it meant to me, as it is always a very personal thing even the scene and style police will never admit or even get this) and then that's it. Don't get anything wrong: I love Oi! and it's still damn important for me (even this year was from my point of view a pretty weak year when it's about Oi! or Skinhead music beside Hardcore in general, but that's just my personal perception), but then that's it. And I've never said or written anything else, just that this is a blog featuring 'just' all the music I'm into, that I love and that's giving something to me, breathing life from a level of art into my excistence, no matter if this is now Hardcore, Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Metal, Rock & Roll, Country, Rockabilly, Folk music, Industrial, etc. pp. or maybe (don't know, maybe...) Trance or like in this case Rap/Hip Hop music. (Ah, and ICE-T as well as FORT MINOR are already featured up here anyhow for quite a while now.) So get used to it and if you're not able to get used to it then don't read the entries that feature music you can't deal with or stop reading this blog anyhow. That's it!!! Read the very first post ever up here and then you should know about the deal up here anyhow anyway. If you're searching for what-subculture/scene/music-ever-exclusive-blog this here is and always was and will remain to be the wrong place for you to search, period!!!
2.) Okay, in Germany we have a pretty weird discussion going on filled up with lies, defamation, hate, violence, bullshit-talking, hustle, witch-hunting, etc. pp. about what's Oi! and what's not, where Oi! ends and R.A.C. starts and goes over into White Power NS Rock music. Pfff, back into the 1990's, so it seems. The far right is back going strong, like in society in general, disguised and cloaked under a mist of pseudo-politically incorrect "you-should-be-allowed-to-say-this"-mentality, if you're not a total nutjob you should know about the deal; the left is totally running at least mentally and virtually total amok about it and everyone who's not totally and exactly on the same page as them is for them in their perception just a Nazi asshole or what ever... This is all so lame and so dumb (but not an Skinhead/(Street-)Punk/Oi! exclusive thing, look- for example- only at Metal and the state its in today) and so dull; nah, I'm glad that I'm totally out of it, taking care about my life, working to get up again and standing tall some day, living and working and struggling for my love, faith, trust, family, friends and doing it as hard and as good as I only possible can do, that's far more important than your bullshit and ridiculous and so unimportant scene and politics bullshit anyway; all of you, no matter if left or right, should get better a real life and taking care of real issues. Politics? I still care about it and I'm still pretty active, but not in the sense you and your bullshit scene is thinking about it. When it's about Nazis as well as the AFA I still spit both in the eye these days when it's necessary to do so. Wars come and go, but my soldiers stand forever... Manslaughter - Thug-Life!!! Ah, and back to the topic, I still think that all the bands that are meant when I got ''attacked'' (again: uh-uh-uh) because posting only R.A.C. if not White Power music instead of Oi! music are nothing else than Oi! and the bands that are up here that are R.A.C. (or maybe even 'more' than this) I've always labeled in the reviews as R.A.C. or wtf else ever; and that Hardcore is very strong present up here, haha, shall I really say or write sorry for or because of it;-)?!? Really, haha;-)... It's all so ridiculous and again I came to realize that my decision in 2009 was totally the right one. Anyway: Keep the faith and forever and ever Oi! Oi! Oi!, having a laugh and having a say!!!
3.) I'm very sorry that I'm looking like a Hip Hop fan/freak... but, damn it, you got me, don't know what I could write more about it... I mean this is SO incredible ridiculous and dumb that it's still shaking my whole body with laughter when I think about it, haha!!! Great!!! Sorry, but this is something that nearly forbids by itself every word more about or to it, ''attacked'' and ''defamed'' by this kind of thinking, haha: It tells everything and all and this on every level about the guys who think and talk so, and it tells and knows nothing about me and so it forbids by itself every single word more. Or are we still just only totally stupid dumb fourteen years old kids... At least: Not me.
So, that's it, with some general thoughts and words up here that had been maybe finally necessary and important and I'm very sorry (again: I hope you got all of the irony) for it all, again... If anyone wants to comment this, fell free to do so in which way ever, but don't expect any response, I've said all what there is to say about it and with being thirty years old by now I saw a lot and came a long way from my working class background and heritage (and so many thanks to my parents for all that they've done for me to help and support me, respect, honour and love forever: Viva la raza!!!) to where I stand today and I really grew out of the kindergarden long ago, so that's it.
And now finally directly onwards to the video:
It's a non-official ad not by me done video (so don't ask me who the fuck the at the end of this clip mentioned Anni is) of the incredible strong, powerful and great anthem "VERFLOSSENE LIEBE" (a love that's died is called in german so) by the awesome german Rap/Hip Hop artist CASPER (here feat. a guy named GMC - hm, isn't this an U.S.-american automobile brand, I think the "A-TEAM" van was one of these') and it's musically (the beat totally rules, the piano samples are brilliant, the rap is great, the flow is phenomenal, the rhythm totally rocks and the power totally strikes) as well as lyrically (it somehow totally fits damn good to what I came to realize finally lately over the last months and beside this personal meaning the words are also just damn strong) just total awesome stuff and I really need more of this soon, so I think I will go and buy his current album the next week or so, we will see. So long, anyhow, maybe you enjoy it at least a little bit or maybe you enjoy it somehow as much as I enjoy it, I'm totally in it!!! That I'm really heavily into some Rap/Hip Hop, yes, that's something that I maybe should say sorry for... Haha, nah, never, haha;-), and it's also pretty easy, it's music based heavily on a great bass and full beat and rhythm, so what could ya ask more for when it's about first elementary judges about good music?!? Exactly, nothing!!! More soon or so, and then that's it for now and again: Sorry guys, if this isn't anyhow exclusive about your subculture/scene/music but honestly I couldn't care less, there's far more in and to life than this social and mental microcosm you're all about. Ah, and maybe see it so: A Hip Hop guy is finally not posting Oi! and not even Hardcore but nothing else than Hip Hop, so he's not contaminating ''your' clean scene anymore with this post and so you can all sleep calm and save... Mission accomplished or how they say... ;-) Cheers, and all the best, your dear (Manslaughter-) Andy!!!


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