Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

THRONES OF DECEIT - "THE CRAYOLA" (D.I.Y. Demo packed up full with sludgy and crusty No-Prisoners-Taking-Core from Harrisonburg, Virgina, U.S.A. released in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Okay, here's again something damn new and really pretty fresh coming to me and so with this review also to you and you and you, too (at least in case you don't know them by now). THRONES OF DECEIT are for all what I know a young, new, very promising and up and going damn extreme band from Harrisonburg, Virgina, U.S.A. and this here is their very first demo so far that they've released not too long ago this very year totally for free as a official download (the link comes at the end of this review, ah, and btw the picture you see is not really the album cover but just some sort of a bandlogo but after the download includes no artwork and this banner looks pretty cool I decided to put it up here) as well as a CD-R. I've stumbled thanks Facebook upon them and hopefully they will get a proper support (currently you can find them also being featured on the brilliant "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog on that you as usual should also check out regulary anyway) very soon. The demo is great, or respectively this band is phenomenal, one of the many great new bands out there I discovered this year. They are playing a damn intense, fucking extreme and heavily emotional mixture out of good doses of Sludge Core like EYE HATE GOD and even bigger doses of modern Crust Core like TRAGEDY or HIS HERO IS GONE and also blend it with some heavy loads of pure Hardcore fury and they cultivate it with some totally breath taking NEUROSIS inspired intense heavily slowed done and damn distorting parts. It's all done very well-versed, stand-alone and really rich on variations, delivered by more than 'just' well high skilled musicians that for fuck's sake damn know how to write grapping and interesting songs that will leave you desperatly crying for more. The foundament is a intense and hard and heavy as fuck Crust Core foundament, driven forward by hard, fast, loud, heavy and really intense and atmospheric (just check out the leads) as well as incredible strong raging guitar work, marked by extreme and throaty shouted and screamed lead vocals (totally filled up with expression of emotions, amazing), and backed up by a incredible and amazing massive and totally in time precise and tight ultra heavy and pure force like hard rhythm section (and I love this totally fat and heavy bass), and then there are the Sludge parts totally morbid, sick, twisted and psychotic and drug-influenced (further down the spiral it goes with huge southern discomfort), the mentioned NEUROSIS like ambient atmosphere parts and all made round by the mentioned few loud, fast and furious raging Hardcore parts. If ya ask me, this band here, THRONES OF DECEIT, could become one of the hottest and best 'things' in extreme music for the next years if they've just given the proper and fair chance to do so. The lyrics aren't part of the download but you get them while you are listening to the songs more and more and they are damn extreme, sick and intense shit, thumbs up very high for that, and also the production sound totally knocks and rules, too. So check them out and download this demo (click yourself through to their Facebook site), five awesome songs in all in just 12 minutes and this is also maybe the only weak point of this all anyway. I want more!!! I damn-it need fucking more!!! Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

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