Samstag, 12. November 2011

RUDE AWAKENING - "RA DEMO 2011" (Tough Mosh Hardcore for the Crew in the Circle Pits and the Wall of Death from Boston, M.A. in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Don't really know if this one here was released also as a physical copy or if it just was released as a MP3-Download (officially done by the band itself, the link will follow at the end of this review), but anyhow, this here is a damn great D.I.Y. Demo Release that really sticks out of the crowd of the rest even they aren't changing the rules and aren't writing a magic formular to "re-new" this certain style of Hardcore music that is maybe a little bit slidly metallic Tough Guy Mosh Hardcore but this isn't also that important at all if a band knows to do what they want to do that good like RUDE AWAKENING fucking do it and also they do it pretty fresh and lively, no stereotypical crap to be recognized here, point and fact. RUDE AWAKENING are a new band from Boston, M.A., U.S.A. and for all what I know this four track demo is their first output by now and tehy are leaving me desperatly demanding more of this shit, thumbs up guys, great stuff!!! Fast and ultra heavy guitar work, sharp and precise and deadly like a Reaper drone at work, outshining full and hard, yet pretty clean and anyway damn charismatic lead vocals, fat and broad crew back up chants, and a demolishing harsh and heavy bulldozer like rhythm section at work, that's the music of RUDE AWAKENING, crowned by grapping and damn effective songwriting, by mercyless raging fast to high speed parts and total devastating and all resistance down forcing violent Slam Dance Mosh parts, all packed up full with energy, dynamic, force and attitude, done very well-versed in every sense and nicely multi-layered, great!!! I want more!!! And if you're into for example the great DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR and/or the almighty FOLSOM you will be also totally into RUDE AWAKENING and this without any loss of the high standard of quality of the both mentioned bands. This is already an awesome release by a great, great band and you desperatly need to check this band out and damn fucking get this demo. Ah, and yes, we also get a nice artwork, some damn good lyrics and a great production sound. Yes, that's it. And, like I've already said, this four track demo is leaving me desperatly crying for more. Great!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Update: Seems like this demo was also released via the label "ARREST RECORDS" so I would guess that there must be some physical copies of this one floating somewhere around, so yes, keep your eyes and ears open for it.)

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