Sonntag, 27. November 2011

WARTHREAT - "DEMO" (Old school D-Beat styled Crust Core madness from Perth, Western Australia in 2010/2011)

("D.I.Y."; Tape):
Whooaaa!!! Thanks to a friend of mine I could get my hands on this tape by the australian Crust Core roughnecks of WARTHREAT from Perth in Western Australia. They released for all what I know this just "DEMO" titled tape first in 2010 all the DIY way and limited to an amount of only 50 copies or so and then they've done a second release or a second edition in 2011 and so this very year and today you can find at the damn cool and pretty good "CRUST-DEMOS" blog (under to find) a for all what I understand by the band authorized link to download it as an MP3-Download (don't ask me about the quality of it) and for all of you who know that this wouldn't be enough for them at least at the "BLACK SEEDS" blog ( under or at the "D-TAKT & RAPUNK" ( under you should or at least could be still able to buy a copy of it, which means the tape. WARTHREAT give us here seven tracks in total in something about thirteen to fourteen minutes and this are seven tracks of totally raw, rough and distorted as well as distorting, sick, crazed and incredible aggressive and forceful, and did I already mentioned raw Crust Core, build upon a fast raging brutal D-Beat old school styled foundament. Shredding and sawing heavily distorted guitars and sinister and heavy, aggressive and brutal, noisy and incredible strong distorted bass work, savage like raging thundering drums and totally sick and evil, aggressive and devastating throaty lead vocal screams that shake you down to your bones, totally ''crass'' and flesh'n'skin from bone shredding stuff. DISCHARGE, DISGUST, EXTREME NOIE TERROR, ANTI-CIMEX, DISCLOSE and maybe also the SKITLICKERS as well are coming to my mind listening to WARTHREAT. I like this australian roughnecks pretty much but I would just wish that the recording or production sound wouldn't be at least not that extremly raw because then I would enjoy it all even more. Nothing to say against a raw and rough production sound, especially not when we are talking about DIY releases, nah, no problem with it, but this is maybe already a t least a little bit too rough and raw. Anyhow, a good demo featuring the songs "LIES", "CONTROLLED BY FEAR", "BRAINWASHED", "FEED US SHIT", "MEDIA WORSHIP", "WAR MACHINES", and "CONSUME" and every song is worth checking out. Give it a at least a little bit better production/recording sound, and here and there some more fresh ideas and a songwriting that is at least a little it more varying and WARTHREAT could get a big suprise in the world of Crust Core (and with it also D-Beat), so thumbs up, and get this tape, really good stuff for sure. Also truly good lyrics and a really nice artwork we do get by WARTHREAT. Thumbs up, again. (8 of 10 points)

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