Mittwoch, 16. November 2011


Hey folks, last post for today. And again a 'Videos' posting coming for ya, and maybe again something you might not have expected... at least if ya don't know me personal or anyhow good, because as well as DEAN MARTIN, ELVIS PRESLEY, (as well as) BRIAN SETZER I am also an addict to and a huge, huge fan of "THE BOSS", the awesome and outshining BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. And now you get a live clip of him playing some time in the 1980's his goosepimples anthem "I'M ON FIRE" from his legendary "BORN IN THE U.S.A." full length album (I think live on stage in Italy or so) and this live version is also a very special and an incredible great and just sheer awesome and amazing one, period. You need to check it out!!! That's all for now, I'll go to watch some T.V. and then that's it for today anyway. More soon, and now, despise how hard and tough you want to be and play that you are, fuck it, just enjoy this outstanding music!!! Brilliant and phenomenal!!! Cheers!!!


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