Samstag, 19. November 2011

IRON CURTAIN - "DEMO 2011" (London D.I.Y. Straight Edge Hardcore on the attack in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Pretty new young (for all what I know) Hardcore band from London, U.K. sworn and dedicated to the 'X' here with their this year's demo release. For all what I know they've also released since then a 7'' and here's their debut demo release coming to us via an officially by the band itself done MP3-Download (don't know if any physical copies- which format ever- had been or are around as well - btw, the donwload link you will find as usual at the end of this very review). I've stumbled upon them once again thanks to the "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog and its brilliant work ( and I didn't know them before. We get five songs in total by them, all more or less with a length ca. between one minute and hardly two minutes at all, more or less, like I've already said before. This band is a mean and angry, hard and battle-scarred Straight Edge Hardcore bastard filled with fast and harsh and incredible hard and tight beating guitar work, throaty and pissed off and bitter 'screamingly' shouted lead vocals, a bulldozer platoon like precise and tight and bulky beefy rhythm section, and packed up full with fast speed as well as tons of heavyness weighting grooves and mosh parts, all done pretty much Old School styled, yet damn fresh and heartfilled alive-lively, so that every boring retro shit is being left out alone in the cold. Imagine YOUTH OF TODAY mixed with BOLD and some JUDGE and all done really heavy and damn hard as well as pissed off (so add some KNUCKLEDUST like heavyness and authentic and so sympathic battle-scarred attitude to it) and then you should have a pretty good picture of what IRON CURTAIN are all about. Nothing new anyhow, but something truly good and fresh, and that's all what matters in the end. Roughnecked silverback Straight Edge Hardcore on a rampage-mission, crowned by harsh no-fancy lyrics, a fantastic old tyme artwork and a rough and raw, yet damn heavy production sound. Next time around give us just more and maybe some at least a little bit longer songs so that the totally destructive mosh parts can do their mighty work even better and the high speed outbursts are even more eruptive. Anyway, now damn fucking check it out, or better get it anyhow as soon as possible, period. (8 of 10 points)

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