Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

ROT IN HELL - "AS PEARLS BEFORE SWINE" (Awesome Holy Terror Hardcore on "DEATHWISH RECORDS" in 2011)

("Deathwish Records"; LP):
Okay, the T.V. is just broadcasting more or less utter garbage today and so I decided to hack some more words into my keys and here I am now back on track again this evening and now comes another record review for ya of a record that pulverized any doubts that may have ever existed that what was once born an bred by the once and still almighty INTEGRITY is still alive and well also in 2011: Holy Terror Hardcore is pushing the limits and setting the standards new, showcasing the greatness of this music I love so much: Hardcore!!! ROT IN HELL are well-known and even better reputated veterans in this specific genre and for already years now they are by themselves icons of this style sitting near and close to the throne of it (on which still unbeaten and maybe always unbeaten remaining the immortal INTEGRITY do sit) with creating and developing a very strong and own identity of their very own and bringing always something very own and very new to the table without contaminating and spoiling the 'divine' formula and here's their current release, "AS PEARLS BEFORE SWINE" released on vinyl (great!!!) via "DEATHWISH RECORDS" (but a CD version is also out and released). We get eleven songs in total in nearly thirty or thirty-one minutes, filled with interesting and grapping multi-layered philosophical and metaphysical pretty heavy and extreme just great lyrics, covered and wrapped in a phenomenal artwork and clothed into a very heavy and clear, yet still earthy and warm production sound that manages to be transparent and dirty at the same time, thumbs very high up for that. So, okay, now straight on and a little bit more intense and deeper into this record and the music it contains and holds dear and ready for all of us: Crushing guitars with a crispy and churning edge and damn heavy and humourless hard and brutal done, yet incredible melodic and really breath-taking symphonic are without a doubt the foundament of the music of ROT IN HELL. They lay down the foundament of it all but they won't remain there, nah, from this on they rise above and grow bigger and bigger, creating on the one side a damn tight and larger-than-life mercyless and cold heavyness and harshness that gives a cheap fuck about all the stereotypes and clichès you might now think about, a brutal and gladiatorial, elitist and harsh, mercyless and damn intense, just awesome  bastard out of Hardcore and metallic notes rises above to hammer all resistance into the ground right straight down into the dephts of Hades. On the other side a tight and your neck down creeping, phenomenal intense and alive-lively atmosphere is created as well and won't let you out of its grasp and hold again. Brilliant!!! That's awesome!!! Then there is a forceful and mighty bass playing it down to the core with all the might and the force and the power to push it all to the next level of intense atmosphere and sheer ultra-heavyness, and the drumming is just a tight and precise working machinery marching without regrets or remorse forward into war, beefy and bulky and massive as fuck. The charismatic throaty as well as damn aggressive and nicely varying screamed lead vocals stick out of it all, giving it all its crown. Great suprises like (just for example) a sortiment of well-versed strings they have also worked into it and pieced it all very clever and interesting together, as well as all the arrangements are just clever and interesting and brilliant done by the band. The songwriting is very interesting, grapping, overtaking and just brilliant, and the musicians are far more than 'just' well-versed. This is really incredible awesome, period!!! So, yes, what shall I say respectively write here and now anything more, this album owns truly the potential to become a classic pretty soon and you desperately need to call it your own...: Now!!! Awesome!!! I love it!!! Just get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

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