Sonntag, 13. November 2011

TRUTH INSIDE - "TRUTH INSIDE" (Straight Edge Posi Hardcore straight out of Panama City, Florida, U.S.A. on "UGLY & PROUD RECORDS" on 7'' in 2011)

("Ugly & Proud Records"; 7''):
This is a great one, for sure, and it is a damn cool release. TRUTH INSIDE hailing from Panama City in Florida, U.S.A. and they aren't the Straight Edge Hardcore roughnecks of TRUTH (I reviewed their demo some few weeks ago or so), don't make any mistakes here at this point in this case, even there are some similarities to be recognized, both bands are Straight Edge and play on the same page and stage, yes, for sure, both bands play real Hardcore music and both of them keep the spirit of legendary acts- like may they now be CHAIN OF STRENGTH or may they now be the almighty GORILLA BISCUITS- alive, and both bands work with pure and total ''badassery'' set into art when it's about the brilliant and cool coverartworks that they give to their releases. So, okay, before I loose some maybe existing focus on this one up here I will now go ahead and come directly to TRUTH INSIDE, that released their first demo back then in 2009 (they give us on their Facebook page the following official download link there to download it at and so why shouldn't you do it, right...) so they are still a pretty new and/or young band, thumbs up!!! They deliver us a very interesting and grapping dose of Straight Edge Hardcore with a heavy focus on Positive Hardcore and Youth Crew Hardcore styles but also manage to cover a wide distance from MINOR THREAT to the GORILLA BISCUITS as well as YOUTH OF TODAY and CHAIN OF STRENGTH to STRIFE (no, I am not talking about their- maybe too- metallic side and songs) and IN MY EYES, and all of this influences that they take from directly out of the beginning of the Straight Edge idea and movement up to the very present day they manage to work it all perfectly into their whole own style and sound of music, art and attitude and this all without copying anything or anyone and without being or becoming some boring tribute or retro clichè band crap or so something shitty like this. They deliver us five songs in something about four or five minutes and their songs are packed up full with fast and hard, sharp and truly cutting guitar playing, full of energy, dynamic, force and powerful punches non stopp, with great bass wok that's really fat and heavy and very well present and marking the songs strongly, fast pounding and harsh beating drums, full throated and fat and broad full throttle crew shouts, and all dominated by pretty clear and clean, yet really heavy and hard and totally charismatic lead singing and shouting vocals, all mixed up with a lot of grapping and interesting ideas, full of power and force, attitude and a through and through positive spirit and yes, the flame's still alive, awesome. Great songwriting (despite the short playing time of the songs and the short running time of the 7'' as a whole really a lot is happening and going on here, trust me, take some intense listening rounds and you will get aware of it all sooner or later, you can take my word on this), really and truly good musicians here at work, thumbs up, that's just a brilliant piece of true spirited real (Straight Edge) Hardcore music. TRUTH INSIDE claim a positive message and a positive outlook, with singing about respect and trust instead of gang mentality and macho violence, nice move. I love what TRUTH INSIDE are doing here!!! I love it!!! The lyrics are great and what they deal with I more or less told ya two pretty shorts sentences before and so I won't repeat myself right here right now, the artwork of this beautiful 7'' (that you should at least if no where else get here to buy) is just a brilliant and a truly great and also damn cool one, and the production sound is a pure bomb and fits perfectly to the music and the message, the style and the sound of TRUTH INSIDE. What shall I say more, this is an awesome band and release that truly EVERYONE (!!!) out there needs to call his/her own if he/she claims to be into (Straight Edge) Hardcore and I truly and really demand more of this awesome band, TRUTH INSIDE from Panama City, Florida, U.S.A., so yes, guys, give me/us soon far more!!! Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)

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