Sonntag, 13. November 2011

BRAIN TUMORS - "DEMO 2011" (Psychotic and sick Hardcore Punk from Minneapolis, U.S.A. in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download + "Big Cartel"/"Pass Judgement Records"; Pro Tape):
So okay, here comes something pretty weird and something that I really can't compare with what the fuck ever else, at least currently, and it's coming straight outta Minneapolis at us all, a huge weird, sick and psychotic dose of Hardcore Punk (with the weight on the Punk not on the Hardcore) straight out of the subcultural underground of American Hardcore Punk music. So, okay, this here was primarly released as a pro tape by the band itself and in cooperation with or by "PASS JUDGEMENT RECORDS" and "BIG CARTEL" but it was also uploaded by the band itself for downloading it all and I by myself own just this MP3-Download version. This band, BRAIN TUMORS from Minneapolis, was totally unknown to me before listening to this demo and stumbling upon them at Facebook (yes, again, again...) and for all what I know they have also currently already released a new 7'' and now up to this one here: First of all, the tracklist tells us about twelve tracks but lacking tracks two and three that are put into one track with the track one and so the first track is titled "GROUP THERAPY/V NECK REJECT/WHAT A BUMMER" (because it are three in one) and then the tracklist is continued with the listed track four titled "NO FISH". Okay, anyhow anyway... BRAIN TUMORS give us a intense and loud, noisy and heavy, weird and sick load of pretty much totally out of mind and insane fast raging and distorted as well as distorting Hardcore Punk (with the focus clearly on the Punk than on the Hardcore) dominated by fast and and sick, noisy and dirty, very thrashy and very punky guitar work (that still manages to hold some suprises in store that you would have never bet to come by them), some totally twisted and fucked up, very cool and pretty charismatic and strong screamin' lead vocals, a very fast and tight and precise rhythm section, yes, and speed and sick shit everywhere. The guitars are very dominant for and in the music of BRAIN TUMORS, a great sound they own as well, and some if not already quite a lot of the guitar parts really stick out. The songwriting also already works out pretty well pretty often, some interesting, grapping and suprising stuff they hold from time to time if not already pretty often in store, and to play their instruments and their songs they also know pretty well. So, yes, I like it even it's after all not my ''daily cup of tea'', because this nervous and hectic if not psychotic sound, style and music makes me exactly this: Okay, not psychotic (at least I think so), but nervous and hectic if I listen to it anyhow too often. Anyway, like I've already said there aren't any comparision coming to my mind so that Ican't name you any bands to refer your ideas of what BRAIN TUMORS are doing to, sorry, maybe they are already too unique in style and sound, or maybe it's just me getting old and being not familiar enough with this kind of Hardcore Punk music, anyhow, if you like your Hardcore Punk far more Punk than Hardcore, very hectic, nervous, sick and pretty psychotic, dominated by strong and outsticking guitars and weird over the top screaming lead vocals than you should make sure that you check this band out as soon as possible. And why not start with this demo?!? Right!!! The lyrics aren't part of the download and I can't really tell you that much about it and before I would tell you some total non-sense I rather keep it all to myself, ahm, the artwork is a cool one and fits perfect to the music, style and sound of what BRAIN TUMORS are doing here and the production sound is making out of this songs a pure D.I.Y. Underground Punk inferno. So, okay, anway, check this guys out if you're into pretty unique and like above described Hardcore Punk music. I like it, good stuff!!! So I think that I have to check out their 7'' as well, and I would bet that it will be interesting to see and hear what will coming of them in the future, yes, and I would also bet that there will be coming a lot of them further on the way. Test 'em out! (7 of 10 points)
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