Sonntag, 20. November 2011


Okay, now that's really the final post for today (at least I think currently so, haha;-)...), a nice little video clip of the to me before I saw this clip pretty if not completly unknown Hardcore band BAD LUCK 13 (at least that's what I guess what's their bandname and "RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA" is at least what's the title of this song, I guess so, that's at least what I got from YouTube where I found this stuff, and nah, don't ask me about any concepts or so behind this therefor I know by far too less about them... and hopefully the picture you see above at the left is showing somehow the band because that's a picture I got from Google when I was searching for pictures to BAD LUCK 13 and "RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA", hm, even it seems more like a picture of a Hardcore Underground Wrestling group of "COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING"/"CZW" or so, haha;-)...), and it's some really great Hardcore they do play to us, and it's damn hard, heavy, brutal and mean and angry and pissed off stomping forward breaking your jaw. I think I should get more to know about them and at least an album or so by them. Check it out, it's a great song and clip!!! Btw, like I've written before I start moving some day this week and so beside my chica amante, my family, dog, sports, friends, work, bass playing, my car and so on I have not a single clou how and when I find the necessary time to become acive up here again in the next days and maybe the next one or two weeks or so (so therefor I guess it was maybe pretty good or at least not that bad at all that I was forced to stay at home this weekend because my currently thankfully ''back going'' illness so that I could do quite a bit up here with a lot of free time that needed and wanted to be filled somehow) and so I don't know when finally the next post will be up here again, it can be already tomorrow, but it can also be just friday or so again, we will see. From next month on then I live in my new appartment and there I won't have an own internet access at first and I don't know how long this ''at first'' will finally truly last, just that you know already about it. Then that's it for today, we'll read us again, until then: Cheers!!!


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