Sonntag, 27. November 2011


Okay folks, final posting or post (at least I think currently pretty much so) for today, again a little 'Videos' post, again real Hardcore, and again a incredible important band for me: AGNOSTIC FRONT!!! Featured not for the first time up here and so I think I could maybe spare me every writing more about them. Nah, okay, maybe just a few more words or so. To say it short: I love them!!! Since 1994 or so now I'm listening to them, after SICK OF IT ALL and BIOHAZARD they had been together with MADBALL, PRO-PAIN and WARZONE my very first all time faves that I've discovered back then, coming out of the Hardcore (and especially the New York Hardcore) movement and still today they are one of the top ten bands of all the great and important bands ever for and to me, I just love them. After sooner or later finally the review of their current masterpiece (a hot canddidate for the title of the record of the year for me) will be coming up here you now get as a little introduction for this happening the pretty cool video of their title track of this album, "MY LIFE, MY WAY", a cool mixture out of live footage and a performanc clip, and it's a fantastic song, no bullshit NYHC straight into your face. Awesome!!! Now just enjoy it, AGNOSTIC FRONT damn fucking rule(s) supreme!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


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