Sonntag, 20. November 2011

WORLD OF PAIN - "WORLD OF PAIN" (Tough Guy Mosh Beatdown Hardcore from San Diego, U.S.A. on "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR RECORDS" in 2011)

("Beatdown Hardwear Records"; CD):
The sympathic and damn great working german label "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR RECORDS", already home of the phenomenal 2 DIAS DE SANGRE, got another big thing coming, and this band is none other else than the great WORLD OF PAIN from the city of San Diego. I know this band since 2009 or so thanks to MySpace where they are one of my mighty online 'friends' and they convinced me right away from the very start back then. Bully and massive, bulky and heavy, hard and brutal, aggressive and harsh metallic Beatdown Hardcore with some Tough Guy factor in it as well as a huge Mosh potential. Great shouted as well as staccato like into the mic spitted very gruff and grim, mean and angry, brutal and aggressive throaty lead vocals (plus some very good chosen cool guest vocal singer parts on top of it, that also know really good and pretty cool to rap in a very flowing performed way and that makes it all really round and interesting), a totally destructive and devastating if not atomizing massive and full guitar section at work that knows how to deliver grapping bulldozer like styled riffing and also a bunch of great nice little baubles (thumbs up for that, builds up a lot of tension and so also momentum with that), and a all guns out firing rhythm section that knows how to start a bombardement on you from out of your speakers, great crew back ups on top of it, and really strong songwriting, interesting and grapping as fuck, thumbs up, and damn good and highly skilled musicians they are also anyway. I also have their "DEMO 2009" at home here since quite a while (yes, you're right, since 2009, haha;-)...) and even this was already quite an impressive statement this here is just a huge impressive statement of one of a kind. They have what it takes to make out of the today still pretty damn 'hot' and so often totally 'dead-played' style of Betdown Hardcore (and don't forget about the Tough Guy attitude and the Mosh stuff) something really great and they come already pretty close to the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE (even this titans still remain unrivaled in the end yet). If you like 2 DIAS DE SANGRE, GIVE 'EM BLOOD, xTYRANTx, UNIT 731 and other great bands like this then you will also like if not love WORLD OF PAIN without only one single doubt. Really good lyrics, a great artwork and massive production sound on top of it, so don't think twice, go and buy it. Great!!! Also perfect to pump a lot of iron in the gym. (9 of 10 points)

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