Dienstag, 29. November 2011


Hey folks today or better tonight just a very little 'Videos' post, it's all just a matter of time or so, you maybe know. You now get a nice clip of the band THE SILVER SHINE, pretty cool and surely damn good Punkabilly or so, and I reviewed their current album "SAINT OR SINNER" some days or so ago and now here's the official video clip of the title song of this album, and yes, you may already anticipated it, this song is named "SAINT OR SINNER". The video clip is a really cool performance clip and the band is showcasing quite an impessive amount of sympathic coolness, thumbs up for that somehow. Okay, now that's it already again for here and now, enjoy it and then we will read us maybe tomorrow again or so, we will see, time will tell as it goes by like we all do know. Now just you enjoy this clip and check this band out, they have really something more to offer than your ordinary generic What-so-fucking-ever-Billy band out there. For now today or tonight just good night or so and that's it. Cheers!!!


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