Samstag, 19. November 2011

ROGUES - "GET OUT ALIVE" (***Video***)

Hey folks, so okay, now's really and truly the last post up for today, and on this you can take my word. Now comes a video of an almighty and legendary band, the larger than life ROGUES from Detroit that were an offspring of the legendary ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH and they played a incredible intense and great and still today very damn fucking unique style of Oi!/Streetpunk/Punkrock music, just listen to the phenomenal lead guitar work as only one example to proof this thesis. I could write far more but I won't, because I'm pretty much getting tired and unconcentrated currently and I will also just let the music speak for itself. Last words go out to Bernando of the great "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog where I primarly found this (also damn cool) video. I hope it's okay that I've borrowed it because I want to have it up here by myself as well, haha;-). That's all for now, more some soon time the next days or so. Cheers!!!


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