Sonntag, 13. November 2011

DISTERROR - "UPCOMING WARFARE (DEMO 2011)" (D.I.Y. Crustcore'n'D-Beat'n'Roll from Cancun, Mexico in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoa, for some if not many years not a single bit and now two times more or less in a row, and yes, sometimes lightning strikes twice or how they say so and I am talking about this one and what it is, is a damn massive pissed off Crustcore and D-Beat massacre with a strong impact of D-Beat born and bred by the almighty DISCHARGE like the name of the band: DISTERROR may already told ya all. For all what I know this is the 'newest' and so current release by DISTERROR, this five songs in nearly eleven minutes dear holding D.I.Y. treasure, but it's I think so not their first release to date. This is offered totally for free by the band itself and the link I will give you at the end of the review. Okay, five songs at all we get, played in eleven far too short minutes, carrying the titles of "FEARLESS", "UPCOMING WARFARE", "HUMAN GARBAGE", "PRAY FOR DEATH" and "D-BEAT ROLL". And what shall I say: Heavy, noisy, dirty, mean, disorted, aggressive and hard guitar work (marking the songs heavily for some good reasons and also offering some nice suprises like Old School Thrash Metal riffs- the old schoolish metallic Mosh'n'Crust part that closes down "HUMAN GARBAGE"- and dirty very old school styled Black/Death Metal shredding- the aggressive as well as damn cool and heavy rockin' "PRAY FOR DEATH"- as well as huge MOTÖRHEAD styled Rot'n'Roll impacts- the total anthem "D-BEAT ROLL"- beside the sheer heavy punky Crust style), brilliant charimatic aggressive shouted and throaty and heavy screamed lead vocals (I love it!!!), a very bulky and beefy massive and very present heavily distorted bass at work, and damn tight and forceful pounding and beating fast drumming, these are the ingredients of DISTERROR. Take DISCHARGE, DISGUST and EXTREME NOISE TERROR and mix it all up with some good doses of MOTÖRHEAD, VENOM, POSSESSED and DARK THRONE and you've reached your aim and goal and that's named in this case simply: DISTERROR. It's really a damn strong if not great release!!! Nice songwriting, good way how the guys know to play their instruments, no artsy-fartsy gaily bullshit, no trend crap or commerce shit, nah, instead of this ''just'' pure force, energy, power, aggression and attitude, without any oh so "tough" clichè crap, thumbs up for that. They are doing or reinventing nothing anyhow new here and oh so "progressive" experiements you also won't find, and ya know what, in the case of a band like DISTERROR at least me, myself and I couldn't care less anyhow, period. This music is protest and terror against the status quo in its purest form and thank the mighty Buddha for that this guys came all the way from Cancun, Mexico through to me. Hopefully more of them will follow soon and I think that they must be live on stage just a pure almighty inferno. My personal favorite is the almighty "HUMAN GARBAGE", but also every single song else totally rules, especially the mighty anthem "D-BEAT ROLL". Also we get some good lyrics delivered by them (more or less you typical Crustcore and D-Beat issues dealt with in the more or less typical way of how in this genre it's usually being dealt with, but done realy good and also truly speaking some good words of truth), a really great done artwork and a very dirty, noisy and raw and rough, yet heavy production sound. Thumbs up for this all, making this demo here to something like the complete package or so. Underground Punk and Core labels please just give this three D-Beat'n'Roll roughnecks very soon a proper and especially also a fair record deal!!! And you, my dear reader(s): Don't think twice, if you're into the mentioned bands and music you need to have this demo and you need to know DISTERROR. Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

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