Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

BRIAN SETZER - "SETZER GOES INSTRUMENTAL" (The king of Rockabilly is back, and this mental as well as instrumental, on "SURFDOG" in 2011)

("Surfdog Records"; CD):
As a huge, huge fan of BRIAN SETZER as well as THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA and of course the STRAY CATS it was pretty clear right from the start that I would need to have this one here which means and is his new album, and thanks to a good friend of mine today I have it (since quite a while now already). As you may all have already anticipated by reading the title and judging by it this is a through and through instrumental album (and I think the first move of BRIAN SETZER in this direction). And with 'just' instruemntal albums and music it's always- at least for me- a, hm, let us say: a 'critical' affair, with me thinking that instrumental albums are more or less all uninteresting stuff because I'm normally desperately waiting and waiting and waiting for the lead vocals and stuff like this so on to finally kick off at some moments. So, hm, would BRIAN SETZER fail where at least 95% of 'the others' normally use to fail? Or will he succeed and conquer in the end (like he normally if not nearly always does) where so many others before him only knew how to fail? Ha, damn it, the answer is simple: He's coming off big as the triumphator, nothing else, nothing less, maybe even more, period!!! He knows like no one else to play guitar in so many rich variations and on a incredible high and truly giftedlevel of skills and also to write and arrange incredible interesting and more than 'only' grapping songs, and to give them to us in a hugely impressive and incredible fantastic way. He's working loads of Rock & Roll and Rockabilly, Country and (good old) Rhyhm'n'Blues, Surf music and also Blues in general, old time Worker's songs and Redneck-Hillbilly sounds, some influences of morbid mexican or maybe better 'iberoamerican' music and also a good healthy dose of 1960's nicely sick Garage Rock & Roll music, as well as nice Swing marks and Dixie music all together (also some Hard Rock and maybe also Heavy Metal notes are to be noticed, just listen to the solo guitar of "HOT LOVE"), with a lot of phenomenal and just sheer awesome varying arrangements and all on a far, far up high and away level of gifted skills, brilliant. A intense and tight 'goosepimples-atmosphere' is created all the way, all the time and all the way. The songwriting is interesting and grapping like nothing else, and, yes, and this is now meant totally serious, this is a pretty 'grown up' in a damn cool and positive way album, it makes you dance (just listen to "GO! GO! GODZILLA" and try to tell and also try to convince me that your feet aren't starting organically to move in the rhythm of the song), drink, swing heavy (hm, what-ever this now may mean), and party hard, but at the same time this is an album that needs and wants to be disovered by you with intense and focussed listening sessions, to sit back, relax, enjoy, drink a smooth round of Bourbon to and sink into the cosmos this album creates right from the start, directly from the beginning of it all. Phenomenal guitar work, and the guitars are really the focus of it all, they really do the talking respectively the singing on this one here, just listen to them and discover what they have to tell you, what BRIAN SETZER is telling to us through them. Brilliant, phenomenal and 'just' sheer fantastic. I love it!!! But, just to get this straight, 'only' that the guitars are totally the focuss-point of this one here this not means that all the other instruments are 'forget-about-things', nah, that's incredible big bullshit, all and everything on this one here is grapping, interesting and incredible damn strong, point and fact. This albums has so much to offer, you absoutely need to discover it all by yourself!!! And you better do it soon and damn quick!!! Ad tis means best: Now!!! What shall I say more, the artwork is a great done one and the production sound is amazing clear and transparent, yet warm and earthy at the same time, thumbs up. That's it for now, and now after this just go and get it all via buying this album. To point it ou: Outstanding!!! (10 of 10 points)

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