Mittwoch, 30. November 2011


So folks, the last post for today or maybe bettr tonight, and after I recently just reviewed the current album of BRIAN SETZER (the post directly before this post), hm, and then so I thought (more or less...) to myself (more or less...) that it would be a great and nice and also pretty clever and especially logical if not- to sum it all up- a (at least nearly) perfect move to finish this day (and with it also this very month) also with no one else than the immortal and legendary BRIAN SETZER with giving you now a great live clip of him with his (?) big band live on stage infront of a pretty huge audience playing this through and through real classic, titled "AMERICANO!", to and also for us. Not much left to say here and now, just enjoy it and then for today/tonight (tomorrow and with it work always comes a day too soon, and the 'moving-actions' of me also cost a lot of time and energy and effort so that I really need and just want to fall in my bed and forget about the world and let god be a good man, or so they we say over here in Germoney) I wish you all a good night and then that's it for today. Cheers!!!



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