Freitag, 18. November 2011

COURTSHIPS - "THE FERAL SOUND OR THE WHOLE ART OF COURTSHIPS" (Metallic Hardcore unleashes the pure Chaos in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Still damn ill but who cares, so I do some stuff up here and with 'some stuff' I mean this, the review of the new and I think so debut album of COURTSHIPS from Suffolk, VA. It's a little bit pity but maybe it's just me not catching it all today correctly due to my current ill constitution or maybe it's just that the almighty Google gods aren't that almighty at all or let me astray and made some fun out of me but I found no really further going informations about this guys and their album here. I just read that there shall be also a LP version out of it beside this by the band for free officially to download uploaded MP3-Download version but I found no informations about it, so don't ask me for example which label put it out or something like that. So I have to stick with this download and the download link I will give you as you know it at the end of this review, it's a Bandcamp page and the link to their Facebook site you will then also find there at the end of this review. So, okay, now to this very album here and now: It's a damn good year when it's about Hardcore (no matter which specific style or particular subgenre of it) and also COURTSHIPS are a perfect proof for this thesis and perception. They do deliver us nine tracks in twenty-nine minutes at all of progressive, damn high skilled (technically as well as when it's about the songwriting), chaotic (in every possible positive sense of it) and metallic Hardcore like it was born and bred by masters like CONVERGE and also BOTCH mixed up with some doses of stuff that remind me somehow heavily of acts like TORCHBEARER and it all comes with a (but only very, very small) Post-what-the-fuck-ever-Core feeling on top of it and cultivated with a good rockin' approach as well, pushing the boundaries forth and ahead. Awesome charismatic and emotional screamed lead vocals, amazing damn fucking well-versed and incredible multi-layered guitar work that's covering a wide, wide broad distance from noisy escapades to metallic runs over rockin' riffs and nice PANTERA styled larger than life groove moments and totally downpaced atomizers to sheer forceful Hardcore chords, a exactly timed and very present and damn tight working rhythm section, and all is crowned by damn grapping and interesting songwriting that shows what a band can do if just the focus is set right to create something really great and gifted. That you get exciting and suprising and excellent changes of pace, rhythm and structure non stop should be already clear by now, just to underline it. I can't really tell ya more what they are doing I just can hope that you are able to draw yourself a as exact as possible picture of what they are about based on this review and you have to know this band and album, point a fact. I'm totally into this and if it all would be in some moments just a little bit more flowing they would get the crown but also so they are already set to conquer the throne and this maybe already some pretty soon day we will see. To the lyrics I can't tell you that much and so I won't tell you anything about it before I talk crap about it, we get also a brilliant production sound as well as a phenomenal (cover) artwork to make it all round. Last words to point it out what there's left to say about COURTSHIPS and their album: Great!!! Get it!!! (9 of 10 points)

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