Samstag, 19. November 2011


Hey folks now comes a live video clip of a once great and very promising band that's now-a-days sadly enough defunct for childish bullshit reasons some certain memebers came up with that I won't comment up here, not here, not now. A band from Goslar Rock City that used to arise of the ashes of THE POPTONES (nice mixture out of Mod Rock, Brit Pop and 1977 Punkrock) and that played a great kind of unique Rock & Roll music witha good modern touch and a lot of other influences. They really held all the opportunities to probably coming off big. Sad story!!! There was also a promising interview with them in the work this summer before they called it a day, hm, anyway, I think you can imagine where and why it's gone... Anyway, time will tell how it goes on, I hope that Julian (former singer of THE WRECKED ENGINES) will have some better luck to reach his aims and goals with his new band (currently still 'nameless' yet - and mate, I'm damn curious about it and make sure you'll be around again soon, some brews are waiting to be knocked down by us, ah, and also all the best for your new position as a phototgrapher and anyone interested in his photowork should check out his "THE WAY OF THE PIXEL" site), and as well as Julian I wish also all the best for their upcoming bands and projects (and maybe Halber will finally kick off some nice Old School Oi! Punk project, come on chummer, I'm waiting for it). Now you get THE WRECKED ENGINES live on stage playing their great Rock & Roll Outlaw anthem "LOSE, LOSE, LOSE", a real bomb it was!!! Enjoy it!!! Cheers!!!


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