Dienstag, 15. November 2011


Hey folks, after yesterday the almighty Mister DEAN MARTIN a.k.a. "THE KING OF COOL" was featured up here with a 'Videos' posting not at least to show some respect and give some tribute to him today the same will be the case with the also almighty ELVIS PRESLEY, the one and only true "KING OF ROCK & ROLL". You now get a video clip of my personal favorite song ever by ELVIS PRSLEY, the larger than life anthem "BURNING LOVE" (in a very damn cool rehearsal version, and all of you who know about it should also be able to catch all the nice "little big" differences between this version and the later LP version), and now that's just it for now, could write on and on and on and on but I rather leave you with this few words and the clip and the larger than life song and then I'll go to bed and wish ya a good night for now because tomorrow always comes too soon, I think most of you know about the deal. Yehp, that's it, I guess, so now just you enjoy it and we will read us sooner or later again, you can take my word on that. And for now: Cheers!!! ...And then good night for now and today!!!


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